Britain: Hotel fire in Korea DPR shows poor safety standards

SEOUL, June 13 (Yonhap) — The British government has advised its people to be more cautious when traveling to North Korea, citing a recent fire at a major hotel in the communist nation’s capital.

Updating a travel advisory on North Korea, the British foreign ministry added a “safety and security section.”

“Recent incident at a hotel in Pyongyang has highlighted a culture of low safety awareness,” it said on its Website. “Tourists may wish to check hotel fire procedures or consult tour operators.

The 43-story Koryo Hotel in Pyongyang is reported to have caught fire recently. A landmark of the city, the hotel is a haunt of foreign visitors to the secretive nation.

The North has kept mum on the reported fire, however, amid speculation over its cause and scale.

Earlier, the ministry pointed out that the level of tension on the Korean Peninsula can change with little notice.



Yonhap News

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