2015/2016 Champions League: All you need to know

Published: Monday 8 June 2015, 19.10CET
Who are the 22 teams already confirmed in the group stage? When are the draws and matches? Where is the final? Get the lowdown on the 2015/16 UEFA Champions League.
2015/16 Champions League: All you need to know

Who has qualified?
Of the 32 sides that will contest the group stage this autumn, 22 are already known:
ESP: FC Barcelona*, Real Madrid CF, Club Atlético de Madrid
ENG: Chelsea FC*, Manchester City FC, Arsenal FC
GER: FC Bayern München*, VfL Wolfsburg, VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach
ITA: Juventus*, AS Roma
POR: SL Benfica*, FC Porto
FRA: Paris Saint-Germain*, Olympique Lyonnais
RUS: FC Zenit*
NED: PSV Eindhoven*
UKR: FC Dynamo Kyiv
TUR: Galatasaray AŞ
GRE: Olympiacos FC
UEFA Europa League winners: Sevilla FC

The remaining ten will come from qualifying, which begins at the end of June and culminates in August’s play-offs. The access list has not been finalised but you can see where teams from each country enter here.

Can Barcelona and Juventus meet in the group stage?
No. Following a change in the regulations, Pot 1 for the draw will now be formed by the champions of the top eight associations: Spain, England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, France, Russia and the Netherlands. So next season’s top seeds (based on 2015/16 access list) are: Barcelona, Chelsea, Bayern, Juventus, Benfica, Paris, Zenit and PSV. There will be one side from Pot 1 in each group.

Where is the final?
In September, Milan’s Stadio Giuseppe Meazza was selected to host the 2016 UEFA Champions League final. It is the fourth time the European Cup will be decided at San Siro.

San Siro 2009 2.jpg

When are the draws?

2015/16 UEFA Champions League draw schedule
Dates subject to change
Date Location Draw details
22/06/15 Nyon First and second qualifying round
17/07/15 Nyon Third qualifying round
07/08/15 Nyon Play-off round
27/08/15 Monaco Group stage
14/12/15 Nyon Round of 16
18/03/16 Nyon Quarter-finals
15/04/16 Nyon Semi-finals and final

When are the matches?

2015/16 UEFA Champions League match calendar
Stage Dates
First qualifying round, first leg 30/06–01/07/15
First qualifying round, second leg 07–08/07/15
Second qualifying round, first leg 14–15/07/15
Second qualifying round, second leg 21–22/07/15
Third qualifying round, first leg 28–29/07/15
Third qualifying round, second leg 04–05/08/15
Play-off round, first leg 18–19/08/15
Play-off round, second leg 25–26/08/15
Group stage, matchday one 15–16/09/15
Group stage, matchday two 29–30/09/15
Group stage, matchday three 20–21/10/15
Group stage, matchday four 03–04/11/15
Group stage, matchday five 24–25/11/15
Group stage, matchday six 08–09/12/15
Round of 16, first leg 16–17/02/16 and 23–24/02/16
Round of 16, second leg 08–09/03/16 and 15–16/03/16
Quarter-finals, first leg 05–06/04/16
Quarter-finals, second leg 12–13/04/16
Semi-finals, first leg 26–27/04/16
Semi-finals, second leg 03–04/05/16
Final (San Siro, Milan) 28/05/16
Last updated: 08/06/15 19.22CET

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