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Sinal BrasilBrasil 567
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Sinal União EuropeiaUnião Europeia 2
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Fernanda Lima chama Paulo Ricardo de “fútil” no “SuperStar”

Fernanda Lima chama Paulo Ricardo de "fútil" no "SuperStar"; entenda

A apresentadora Fernanda Lima chamou o juradoPaul Ricardo de “fútil” ao vivo durante o “SuperStar” deste domingo (24). A apresentadora brincou com o cantor após ele elogiar o cabelo de um integrante da banda Kita.

Depois da apresentação do grupo, Paulo disse que o cabelo da vocalista da banda também era interessante: “Cabelo bom também”. Depois disso, Fernanda deu uma cutucada no ex-vocalista da RPM. “Como você é fútil, Paulo”, disse ela, aos risos.

Paulo Ricardo tentou se explicar dizendo que o cabelo é importante na história do rock. “Mas cabelo também é importante na história do rock in roll. Você pode traçar a história do rock através dos cabelos”, justificou. “Outro dia eu estava vendo o ‘Chacrinha’, no Viva, e vi você com uma ombreira impressionante e um cabelo inacreditável. Estava lindo”, brincou Fernanda Lima.

A brincadeira com Paulo Ricardo logo foi parar nas redes sociais. “Fernanda Lima chamando o Paulo Ricardo de fútil em rede nacional”, comentou um internauta no Twitter. “Fernanda Lima e suas pérolas”, disse outra pessoa.

Inspirada, Fernanda Lima ainda brincou com Léo Jaime, que estava na plateia. O cantor era companheiro de Fernanda no programa “Amor & Sexo”. “Leozinho, quanta saudade. Eu olho para você e já penso em sexo. Não sei por quê”, disse a apresentadora, arrancando gargalhadas no estúdio.

O “SuperStar” vai ao ar semanalmente aos domingos, às 23h15, na Globo.



China says its ambassador doing ‘normal’ jobs in Korea DPR

BEIJING, May 25 (Yonhap) — The Chinese ambassador to North Korea, Li Jinjun, has been doing his “normal diplomatic activities” in Pyongyang, China’s foreign ministry said Monday, despite the absence of a meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Li.

Li, who took up the post in March and presented his credentials to North Korea’s ceremonial leader, Kim Yong-nam, has not yet met with the North Korean leader amid strained ties over the North’s defiant pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Li’s predecessor, Liu Hongcai, met then-North Korean leader Kim Jong-il less than a month after assuming the post. China is North Korea’s economic lifeline and diplomatic backer.

Asked about the absence of a meeting between the North Korean leader and the Chinese ambassador, Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying replied that, “As far as I have learned, the Chinese ambassador to North Korea presented his credentials to the North Korean leader on March 30.”

“It means that the ambassador can carry out normal diplomatic activities” in North Korea, Hua said.

North Korean leader Kim has yet to visit China since taking the helm of the reclusive state in late 2011.

The alliance between North Korea and China has often been described as being “forged in blood” during the 1950-53 Korean War, but it has been wearing thin recently as China’s economic and military clout have been growing in Asia.




Yonhap News

China’s military warns of ‘instability’ on Korean Peninsula


BEIJING, May 26 (Yonhap) — China’s defense ministry said Tuesday that the Korean Peninsula is facing “instability and uncertainty” as it issued a White Paper on its military strategy.

“The Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia are shrouded in instability and uncertainty,” the Chinese ministry said in the paper about its national security situation.

The paper comes as North Korea claimed it has advanced its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities.




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Korea Republic firms to pay wages for North Koreans at joint factory park

SEOUL, May 25 (Yonhap) — South Korean firms in an inter-Korean factory park in North Korea plan to pay wages to their North Korean employees this week, a government official said Monday.

The move came days after Pyongyang accepted Seoul’s tentative offer of wage payments for North Korean workers at the factory park in North Korea’s border city of Kaesong at a previously agreed level until separate consultations are held.

The deal on Friday would allow South Korean firms to pay the wage based on the US$70.35 per month that was originally set. But it called for the 124 South Korean firms to provide retroactive pay based on the outcome of separate consultations.

The official said North Korea demanded that South Korean firms in Kaesong pay March and April wages by the end of this month. The official asked not to be identified, citing policy.

The sides have yet to produce a deal over the more sensitive issue of a wage cap, which has been set at 5 percent per year.

In February, North Korea unilaterally decided to hike the minimum wage by 5.18 percent to US$74 per month for about 53,000 North Korean workers in the factory park.

The factory park, an outcome of the first-ever inter-Korean summit of leaders in 2000, is a major symbol of reconciliation between the rival Koreas.

It combines South Korean capital and technology with cheap North Korean labor to produce clothes, utensils, watches and other labor-intensive goods.

The factory park is a major source of hard-currency for the impoverished north.




Yonhap News

Korea DPR building military camps on border island: Seoul

SEOUL, May 26 (Yonhap) — North Korea is building military camps for shore batteries on a tensely guarded Yellow Sea border island, the South’s military authorities said Tuesday.

“Five bunker-shaped camps have been built on the island of Gal,” a military officer said, requesting anonymity, citing the North Korean island just above the de-facto inter-Korean western sea border of the Northern Limit Line (NLL).

“The North is expected to either deploy 122-millimeter multiple rocket launchers there or to use them as guard posts,” he said, adding the military is closely monitoring the movements there.

This file photo, dated May 28, 2009, shows a Chinese fishing vessel sailing past the island of Gal just above the de-facto inter-Korean western sea border of the Northern Limit Line in the Yellow Sea. South Korea`s military officials said on May 26, 2015. (YONHAP) (END)This file photo, dated May 28, 2009, shows a Chinese fishing vessel sailing past the island of Gal just above the de-facto inter-Korean western sea border of the Northern Limit Line in the Yellow Sea. South Korea`s military officials said on May 26, 2015. (YONHAP) (END)

The island is located just 4.5 kilometers away from South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island, where the communist country launched an artillery attack in November 2010, killing two Marines and two civilians, and wounding more than a dozen others.

If completed, the facilities will further heighten tensions in the areas, which have seen bloody inter-Korean naval clashes over the decades.

“Our military has positioned Spike missiles on the northwestern islands in the Yellow Sea, which are capable of precisely striking the North’s coastal artillery pieces, including the 122-millimeter ones,” another military officer said.

Pyongyang does not recognize the NLL and has demanded the line be drawn farther south. After the 1950-53 Korean War ended in a ceasefire, the U.S.-led United Nations Command drew the border.




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Kim Jong-un hails scientists involved in SLBM test-firing

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un praised scientists who were involved in what the North claimed was a successful test-firing of a submarine-launched ballistic missile, the North’s media said Tuesday.

Kim held a photo session with scientists, technicians and workers who made contributions to its recent test-firing of the SLBM, according to the North’s Korean Central News Agency.

“The acquisition of the SLBM firing technique is another historical event which fully displayed the dignity and might of Kim Il-sung’s and Kim Jong-il’s Korea over the world,” Kim was quoted as saying by the KNCA.

Kim Il-sung is the North’s founder and the current leader’s grandfather and Kim Jong-il is the young leader’s father. The KCNA did not specify when Kim held the photo session.

The report came as North Korea said last week that it has already made nuclear warheads small enough to fit on missiles.

Experts said that if Pyongyang’s claim of launching an SLBM is confirmed, the move could serve as a fresh threat to security on the Korean Peninsula as it would be difficult to detect the source of a ballistic missile launched by the North from underwater. (Yonhap)

The Korea Herald


Federação Cearense de Futebol exclui Uniclinic e Maracanã herda vaga para Série A do Cearense

Águia da Precabura atuou com um jogador irregular e acabou perdendo o acesso


Portaria da FCF excluiu o Uniclinic da final da Série B do Cearense

O Uniclinic, que conseguiu ascender para a Série A do Campeonato Cearense dentro de campo, no último domingo (24), ao golear o América por 4 a 1, não atuará mais na elite do futebol estadual em 2016. Isso porque, o clube da Lagoa Redonda, escalou um jogador irregular, contra o Nova Russas, em jogo válido pela 13ª rodada da competição. Denunciado pelo Maracanã, equipe que também lutava para subir, o time amarelo e roxo perdeu sua vaga.

Baseada na portaria n° 13, a Diretoria de Competições da Federação Cearense de Futebol (FCF) acabou por excluir a Águia. A denúncia foi feita em cima da escalação irregular do atleta Esiel Cardoso Moreira, que deveria ter cumprido suspensão automática, após receber cartões amarelos nos dias 01/04 na derrota para o Tiradentes por 1 a 0, em empate com o Barbalha por 2 a 2 no dia 19/04 e após vitória contra o Tiradentes por 3 a 1 no dia 25/04.

Com a exclusão do Uniclinic, Tiradentes e Maracanã farão a grande final da Série B Cearense. A partida acontece no próximo sábado (30), às 16h, no estádio Presidente Vargas.


Jogada – Diário do Nordeste – 25/05/2015