Qantas swaps Airbus A380s for Boeing 747s on some Los Angeles flights

The Queen of the Skies fills the gaps left by the A380Want to stretch out in first class? You may need to change your flight.


EXCLUSIVE | Qantas will replace its flagship Airbus A380s with Boeing 747s on several flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Los Angeles over the next six weeks, with one of the airline’s twelve superjumbos currently out of action.

A Boeing 747 will take the A380’s place through to mid-June. The jumbo is reconfigured with the same fully-flat Skybeds in business class and A380-style seats in premium economy and economy, although comes without first class.

Passengers booked in first class on services affected by an aircraft change – that’s QF11, QF12, QF93 and QF94 on selected dates – will be notified by Qantas and can choose to fly on an alternate date where first class is available, or can connect via Sydney or Melbourne (as applicable) to another A380 service in first class.

There’s also the option of re-routing via Sydney and Dallas/Fort Worth on the A380 at no charge, downgrading to business class or requesting a refund as many flexible first class fares allow.

After the A380 was damaged during maintenance, Qantas has “engaged Airbus technical support to get the aircraft repaired as soon as possible,” a spokesperson for the airline told Australian Business Traveller.

“Due to the complex technical nature of the repair, we expect the aircraft will be out of service for about six weeks,” with the spokesperson adding that the near-identical reconfigured Boeing 747 will be utilised “to ensure there is minimal impact to our customers (travelling in business class, premium economy and economy).”

Qantas’ other Airbus A380 routes are unaffected and continue to utilise the superjumbo on all flights, including both Sydney and Melbourne to Dubai and London, plus Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth.


Australian Business Traveller

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