Caprice NUA após levar um fora do namorado

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“Ele me deixou. Me trocou por outra. Paciência! A vida segue. Vou focar a minha vida na minha carreira: aceitei esse ensaio e outros 2 na Austrália.Não sou mulher de ficar chorando por homem e nem fico correndo atrás. Os homens é que correm atrás de mim! Adoro enlouquecer os homens com o meu charme.”

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Vitória 24/02/2015

Katia afirma que William é o
informante de Iago

Bárbara se recusa a colaborar com a fuga de Netto. Katia tenta, sem sucesso, convencer Sabrina a acreditar na inocência do delegado. Artur se entristece ao pensar que Diana não confia mais nele. Catarina se recusa a deixar Laíza sozinha na casa de Jorge. Diana veste a roupa de joqueta para treinar e Artur se sente incomodado. Luciene diz para Zé Ferrador que o coração dela pertence a Nelito e Ricardinho. Jorge tenta empurrar Catarina para Ricardinho e Gilson, mas eles recusam.

Artur se aborrece por Clarice e Javier não concordarem com ele. Sabrina chama William em sua sala e pede desculpas. Katia e Bárbara dizem que precisam provar a inocência de Netto. A delegada fecha o sorriso e olha misteriosamente depois de William deixar sua sala. Diana encontra Bernardo e se mostra animada para voltar a treinar. Clarice manda Oliveira e Max se retirarem da escola. Dante aconselha Cicinho a ter paciência com Gabi.

Clarice diz que Anastácia não precisa da ajuda de Max e oliveira. Rosa diz que não perdoará PH caso ele esteja dando trela para Maria Aparecida. Paulo Henrique aceita almoçar com sua fã. Dante defende Clarice e Yone ameaça expulsá-lo de casa. Rosa e Clarice lamentam a educação que Max deu para Oliveira. Cicinho conta para Vinícius que tentou beijar Gabi. Nelito diz que Luciene não é pro bico de Zé Ferrador.

Oliveira afirma ter certeza que não ficará preso. Anastácia diz que não pode deixar Maria Zilda vencer. Artur pergunta para Diana como foi o treino. Ansiosa, Diana diz que quer trazer Arturzinho para casa. Katia afirma que William é o informante. Enzo se recusa a dar informações para Bárbara. Sabrina vai até o hospital e surpreende Netto avisando que vai ajuda-lo a fugir.

Cyclone Marcia response turns to recovery phase

February 22, 2015

Ron Goodman

Australian Defence Force personnel help clean-up in Yeppoon after Cyclone Marcia.

Australian Defence Force personnel help clean-up in Yeppoon after Cyclone Marcia. Photo: Nine News

With Cyclone Marcia a memory and floodwaters of her aftermath receding, Queenslanders have turned to the hard grind of recovery and clean-up.

Tens of thousands of properties were still waiting for electricity supplies to be restored, including 37,000 in the Rockhampton region, while authorities issued regular warnings for people to stay away from floodwaters.

Yeppoon resident Demelza Bischoff walks onto the roofless veranda of her home on Saturday, after it was damaged during Cyclone Marcia.

Cyclone Marcia

Hitting the North Queensland coast near Yeppoon as a category five cyclone early on Friday morning, Cyclone Marcia left a trail of destruction and dumped hundreds of millimetres of rain as far away as Brisbane in the state’s south east. Photo: Reuters

In Gympie floodwaters peaked at 16.6m early Sunday afternoon. Mayor Mick Curran said the town’s flood planning had worked well but cautioned locals about ongoing dangers after reports of people using jetskis and kayaks in floodwaters.

Sunshine Coast mayor Mark Jamieson praised coast residents for their common sense in staying off the roads in the aftermath of the cyclone.

Meanwhile, the small Central Queensland community of Eidsvold is enjoying some calmer days during the clean-up, after experiencing an earthquake and a cyclone in the same week.

Flooding at Elphinstone Street, Rockhampton, in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Marcia.

Flooding at Elphinstone Street, Rockhampton, in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Marcia. Photo: Higgins Storm Chasing/Claire Mas

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk visited Rockhampton and Yeppoon this morning, announcing that 100 families that had been left without homes would be the state government’s first priority for assistance.

Livingstone Shire mayor Bill Ludwig said the recovery phase was in full swing in Rockhampton and Yeppoon, the communities where Marcia did most damage when she crossed the coast as a Category 5 cyclone.

Main arterial roads in the region have reopened. The main hospital has been running on generators but they were not enough to power the air-conditioning. The first power substation was back online on Sunday afternoon.

There were long queues for petrol, but supplies were “up and running”.

Cr Ludwig said Cyclone Marcia was a devastating event but the community was very resilient.

The extent of damage caused to homes was starting to become apparent today.

Cr Ludwig said 871 homes had been through structural assessments and up to 36 per cent had sustained either severe or moderate damage.

He said 51 of those residences were totally uninhabitable and some would have to be demolished.

Asbestos was an issue in older homes but the council was keeping it damp and consulting with experts.

“We’ve put in some hard yards,” said Cr Ludwig, who stressed it would potentially take several months for the region to fully recover.

Cr Ludwig said Cyclone Marcia had rewritten the history books by escalating from a Category 1 to a Category 5 in just a few hours.

It was a compact system that “hit hard and savagely”, according to Cr Ludwig, who said “the only thing that saved us from the … storm tide” was that the cyclone crossed to the north.

– with Danielle Cronin and Tony Moore

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Source : The Canberra Times

Army chief David Morrison to stand down in May

February 23, 2015 – 7:23PM

Lieutenant General David Morrison will step down as Army chief in May.

Lieutenant General David Morrison will step down as Army chief in May. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Army chief David Morrison will step down in mid-May.

The federal government hasn’t yet announced his successor, although Operation Border Protection commander Angus Campbell has been mentioned as a likely candidate.

Lieutenant General  Morrison, who was appointed army chief in mid-2011, extended his three-year term at the request of Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

He attracted global attention in 2013 with a blunt warning to his troops there was no place in the army for degrading behaviour towards women.

“If that does not suit you, then get out,” he said at the time.

Subsequently, he shared the stage with actress Angelina Jolie at the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence in London last year.


Source : The Canberra Times

Slower delivery and dearer stamps under planned Australia Post reforms

February 23, 2015 – 9:00PM

Matthew Knott, Gareth Hutchens

Ahmed Fahour says Australia Post is at crisis point.

Ahmed Fahour says Australia Post is at crisis point. Photo: Luis Enrique Ascui

Regular mail will take an extra day to arrive and basic stamps will cost up to $1 under a two-tiered pricing system expected to be announced within weeks by the Abbott government.

The government’s reform package is designed to help arrest the falling financial performance of Australia Post, which on Monday announced a 56 per drop in half-yearly profit.

Australia Post recorded a first-half profit of just $98 million, with the dive driven by mounting losses of $151 million in its letters business.

The government is preparing to loosen the regulations governing Australia Post so that it can introduce a “priority” and “regular” letters service. An official announcement is said to be “imminent” with an announcement expected as early as next week.

Fairfax Media understands that, under the reforms, Australia Post will be able to charge what it likes for a priority stamp, which would guarantee next-day delivery for metropolitan areas.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission would retain oversight over stamp prices for regular mail, which would arrive a day later than the current timetable. The Communications Minister would be able to disallow any excessive price rises for regular stamps.

Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour has said that Australia Post should be able to fully recover the costs of delivering a letter – estimated to be $1.

“We’re at a crisis point,” Mr Fahour told Fairfax Radio on Monday.

“What we need to do is to fix the regulation on letters to stem the losses, and that [will allow] us then to take our resources from subsidising the losses [on letters] to continuing to invest in the parcels business.”

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the financial result for Australia Post’s letters business was “not a pretty one”.

“Without change the company is heading to an overall loss,” he said.

Fairfax Media revealed in December that, under a range of scenarios outlined in Australia Post’s latest Corporate Plan, a “priority” stamp would cost $1.25 to $2 while a “regular” stamp would cost 70 cents to $1. The plan has not been released publicly.

Under the government’s reform package, concession card holders – including pensioners – would continue to pay only 60 cents for a basic stamp and stamps would remain cheaper during the Christmas period.

The government will justify the reforms by pointing out that businesses and governments send 97 per cent of mail and that a two-tiered business service has already been introduced for letters. There have been concerns at high levels of the government of a backlash to increased stamp prices, including from small businesses.

A coalition of printers, mail houses, licensed post offices and unions – called the Coalition of Mail Service Stakeholders – accused Mr Fahour of making a “cynical attempt” to build support for major cuts by releasing the half-year financial results one day before a scheduled appearance at Senate estimates.

“Australia Post’s claim that the organisation is on track to record a loss is not supported by the organisation’s recent performance,” Bill Healy from the coalition said.

“The underlying profit reported by [the company], before one-off costs such as restructuring, was actually up by over 10 per cent to $518 million last year.”

The Post Office Agents Association Limited, representing licensed post offices, said it supports the concept of mail reform.

“It is obvious that without changes to the letters service Australia Post will incur greater and greater losses,” the group said.


Source : The Canberra Times

Peter Garrett returns to Canberra on climate change mission

February 23, 2015 – 11:30PM

Henry Belot

Canberra Times Reporter

Peter Garrett says there are steps people can take to make sure Australia "plays a positive role in averting climate chaos".

Peter Garrett says there are steps people can take to make sure Australia “plays a positive role in averting climate chaos”. Photo: Sahlan Hayes

Former federal environment minister Peter Garrett slammed the Abbott government’s environmental policies as negligent and called for young Australians to show a renewed interest in shaping the future of political parties.

The former Midnight Oil front man, who will present the annual Krebs Lecture at the University of Canberra on Tuesday night, said political parties should be platforms for reform and not hollow shells of apparatchiks.

“We need a renewal of the structure of politics – you’ve got to come off the sidelines and into the field of play,” he said.

Mr Garrett said it was clear many young Australians were frustrated with political leadership on climate change but there was never a more important time to engage than now.

“Quite often the substantive work of elected politicians goes unnoticed but at the same time, who wouldn’t be dismayed by some of the behaviour you see not only in the Parliament but broader afield”

Mr Garrett said an ongoing policy review process within the Labor Party was an opportunity for members to question whether they were being ambitious enough with the emissions targets.

“Whyalla is still here and it hasn’t disappeared off the map and a leg of lamb is not triple the price,” he said.

Mr Garrett said the scientific evidence of climate change revealed a clear threat to the health of the planet  despite a lack of action from some politicians and corporations.

“Powerful institutions like governments, and corporations that contribute greenhouse emissions, refuse to act to significantly reduce the impact of dangerous climate change. It’s time they were held to account,” he said.

“There are a number of steps people can take to make sure Australia plays a positive role in averting climate chaos, but we need to act now.”

Mr Garrett said there was a need for Australians to represent their feelings and views not only once every three years, but by more active civic engagement.

“That is a really essential function for us to start to see the changes that we need,” he said.

The annual lecture dedicated to Professor Charles Krebs, which has already sold out, will be broadcast on the University of Canberra website.

Previous Krebs lecture presenters include former Greens leader Bob Brown, Professor Tim Flannery and Dr Brian Walker.


Source : The Canberra Times