14 February in Korean history

Centered taegeuk on a white rectangle inclusive of four black trigrams

1910 — Korean independence fighter An Jung-geun is sentenced to death for the assassination of Japanese Governor-General Hirobumi Ito in October of the preceding year.

1970 — Thirty-nine passengers from a Korean Air aircraft hijacked by North Korea some two months earlier return to South Korea via the truce village of Panmunjom. North Korea still holds 12 crew members, including the pilot.

2003 — President Kim Dae-jung makes a public statement admitting his administration helped arrange illegal loans to Hyundai for remittance to North Korea, believing expediting cooperation with the North is in the country’s interest.

2014 — South and North Korea hold high-level talks and agree to go ahead with reunions of separated families as scheduled, stop slandering each other, promote mutual understanding and trust, and hold more senior-level talks at a later date.



Source : The Korea Herald

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