Embaixadores de Brasil e Holanda são convocados após execuções na Indonésia

Bandeira do Brasil

Brasil e Holanda convocaram seus embaixadores na Indonésia após o país asiático ignorar os apelos de clemência e executar seis presos por delitos ligados a drogas, as primeiras execuções sob o comando do presidente Joko Widodo. Cinco estrangeiros e um indonésio foram mortos por um pelotão de fuzilamento pouco depois da meia-noite, disse o gabinete do Procurador Geral. Os estrangeiros eram da Nigéria, Malauí, Vietnã, Holanda e Brasil.
O Brasil retirou seu embaixador em Jacarta para consultas e disse que as execuções afetariam as relações bilaterais. Em nota, o Palácio do Planalto afirmou que “o recurso à pena de morte, que a sociedade mundial crescentemente condena, afeta gravemente as relações entre nossos países”.
O brasileiro Marco Archer, de 53 anos, foi condenado por ter tentado entrar na Indonésia em 2003 com 13 quilos de cocaína escondidos dentro dos tubos de uma asa delta.
A Holanda, antiga potência colonial na Indonésia, também retirou seu embaixador e condenou a execução de seu cidadão Ang Kiem Soei. “É um castigo cruel e desumano que equivale a umanegação inaceitável da dignidade humana e integridade“, disse o ministro das Relações Exteriores holandês, Bert Koenders. Antes da execução, o advogado de Soei publicou no Twitter que Soei estava agradecido pelos esforços do governo holandês e que ele estaria diante do pelotão de fuzilamento sem uma venda nos olhos.
O presidente da Indonésia, que assinou as execuções no mês passado, tem tomado uma posição dura sobre a aplicação da lei e prometeu não ter nenhuma clemência com infratores da legislação antidrogas.
A Indonésia retomou as execuções em 2013 depois de um hiato de cinco anos. “Este é um país que, apenas alguns anos atrás, tinha tomado medidas positivas para afastar-se da pena de morte, mas as autoridades estão agora dirigindo o país na direção oposta”, disse Rupert Abbott, diretor de pesquisa do sudeste asiático para a Anistia Internacional.
Diário do Nordeste – Internacional – 18/01/2015

North Korean defector apologizes for inaccuracy in gulag survival story

North Korean defector and human rights activist Shin Dong-hyuk said Sunday he was “very sorry” for having altered certain details in a book about his former life at a notorious prison camp in the secluded country.
“To those who have supported me, trusted me and believed in me all this time, I am so very grateful and at the same time so very sorry to each and every single one of you,” Shin said via a posting on his Facebook page.
Shin, 32, hinted that he “may or may not be able to continue in (his) work and efforts in trying to eliminate the political prison camps and bring justice to the oppressed.”
The U.S. daily Washington Post reported Saturday that Shin had admitted to Blaine Harden, who authored the book “Escape from Camp 14,” that he had lied about some of the timeline and locations of his survival in the gulags.
Although he does not specify in the Facebook posting about which parts of his story had been modified, Shin said he had “forever wanted to conceal and hide part of (his) past.”
Since his escape from the communist regime in 2005, Shin has been a vocal critic of North Korea, disclosing his own experiences of brutal torture and starvation in Camp 14, a notorious political prison located north of Pyongyang.
In the process, he was met with strong opposition from North Korea, which tried to dismiss what has been revealed about the country’s human rights violations and even released a video showing his father testifying that the younger Shin had never lived in a political prison camp.
Shin urged others to continue their fight against the ongoing human rights violations in North Korea.
“On our behalf you must continue to spread what you know. The world still needs to know of the horrendous and unspeakable horrors that are taking place,” he said. (Yonhap)


Source : The Korea Herald

Korea DPR repeats calls to cancel allies’ drills

North Korea has repeated its calls for the United States to cancel the annual South Korea-U.S. military drills in return for its nuclear moratorium in an apparent show of its desire for talks with Washington amid toughened U.S. economic sanctions against the isolated regime.

In a rare media interview on Friday, Hyon Hak-bong, the North’s ambassador to Britain, reiterated Pyongyang’s stance against the Key Resolve/Foal Eagle exercises to begin next month, saying the North was ready to take “responsible steps” to temporarily suspend its nuclear tests.

Washington has already dismissed Pyongyang’s proposal as an “implicit threat,” as it is exploring the full range of tools at its disposal ― as Sung Kim, a top U.S. envoy on North Korea policy, said, to get the North to change its course and stop its “destructive” policy choices.

Seoul and Washington said they would press ahead with the “defense” drills. Seoul stressed that the issues of holding dialogue with Pyongyang and staging the annual drills should be “separate.” The North has long argued the drills are a rehearsal for a “nuclear war of invasion” against it.

Raising the pressure on the U.S. to accept the North’s proposal, Hyon also warned that no progress in any dialogue would be made and there would only be a threat of a nuclear war should there be military drills against an “interlocutor.”

Noting that in 1992, the U.S. stopped the allies’ “Team Spirit” exercise following North Korea’s demand, Hyon also said, “It is time for the U.S. to make a bold decision for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.”

On Sunday, the Rodong Sinmum, the daily of the North’s ruling Workers’ Party, also demanded that the U.S. cancel the drills. It argued that without suspending the plan for the drills, actual dialogue between the two Koreas and between the U.S. and North Korea were impossible.

“Should the U.S. cancel the drills as we proposed, there will be remarkable progress on the efforts to secure peace and stability not only on the Korean Peninsula, but also in Northeast Asia,” the daily said in a commentary.

Ahn Chan-il, the head of the World North Korea Research Center, raised the possibility that through the proposal for its nuclear moratorium, Pyongyang indicated that it was willing to bargain away its nuclear program and come out to the international community.

“My analysis may sound too naive, but the North ― after having watched the improvement in relations between the U.S. and Cuba ― appeared to have decided to negotiate with the U.S. and wanted to come forward to the outside world to ease its isolation,” he said.

“It could be a change in the North’s foreign policy course. The North could think that rather than sticking to its policy of nuclear armament, it would be better to negotiate with the U.S. over its nukes and move out to the world.”

However, the proposal could also be part of the North’s efforts to show that it has been making efforts toward dialogue with the U.S., said Kim Yong-hyu, North Korea expert at Dongguk University.

“The North seems to show that it is leading the situation in the current standoff with the U.S. rather than showing the world that it is being dragged by the U.S.,” he said. “It could also be attempting to accumulate evidence that it did try to improve relations with the U.S. through dialogue.”

By Song Sang-ho (sshluck@heraldcorp.com)


Source : The Korea Herald

Brisbane weather: City records warmest night since 2004

January 19, 2015 – 6:32AM

Natalie Bochenski


Brisbane residents could look particularly bedraggled on Monday morning, after the city sweltered through its warmest night in more than a decade.

Forecaster Chris Joseph from the Bureau of Meteorology said Brisbane recorded a low of 26.5C on Sunday night.

“That’s the warmest since 2004, and it also felt much warmer,” he said.

Brisbane residents have sweated through the warmest night in a decade.

Brisbane residents have sweated through the warmest night in a decade.

“The apparent temperature was around 34 degrees with that almost 90 per cent humidity.”

The apparent temperature didn’t drop below 32 degrees all night.

Mr Joseph said the dew point temperature, which measures the stickiness in the air, was a very high 25 degrees, contributing to sweaty skin and puffy faces.

“You could say the tropics have come to town and stayed for a while,” he said.

“You get those dew points mostly in the tropics.”

But the good news was that Monday would be cooler, with a top of 31 and likely showers.

“There’s a surface trough pushing through Brisbane right now, and quite a bit of storm activity offshore,” Mr Joseph said.

“We don’t expect those storms until later this afternoon.”

Those slightly cooler conditions are set to continue through the week, with tops in the high 20s from Tuesday to Thursday, then 31 from Friday across the long weekend.

According to BOM records, the last warmest night was 27.5C in February 2004, and before that, one night in 1940 reached 28C.


Source : The Brisbane Times

Vanessa Gerbelli fala de volta às novelas e namoro com ex-“Malhação”

Vanessa Gerbelli fala de volta às novelas e namoro com ex-"Malhação"


Fora das novelas desde o fim de “Em Família”, a atriz Vanessa Gerbelli não ficará muito mais tempo longe da telinha. Ela está confirmada na próxima trama das 18h, “Sete Vidas”.

Na novela escrita por Lícia Manzo, a mesma de “A Vida da Gente”, Vanessa interpretará Marina, uma mulher que viajará o mundo a trabalho, como colaboradora de um guia de turismo francês.

Em entrevista para o jornal O Globo, Gerbelli comentou sobre o papel: “O que sei é que Marina terá uma casa em Paris, sua base, mas ela viverá de um lugar para o outro, sendo uma espécie de nômade”.

A atriz de 41 anos falou também sobre sua relação com Gabriel Falcão, de 24 anos, que interpretou Ben na temporada passada de “Malhação” e atualmente se apresenta como músico com a banda UBA!. Os dois assumiram o relacionamento há cerca de um ano.

“Não contamos há quanto tempo estamos juntos, mas faz mais de um ano. E está bacana. Não pensamos em morar junto, está bom assim, cada um na sua casa. Eu já fui casada, sei como é. Agora, estou experimentando um namoro clássico”.

Vanessa tem contrato com a Globo até 2017 e está valorizada, depois de uma passagem marcante e importante na dramaturgia da Record.



Leandro Hassum aparece mais magro em foto após cirurgia bariátrica

Depois de perder 17kg, o ator Leandro Hassum voltou a aparecer nas redes sociais exibindo os bons frutos da cirurgia de redução do estômago.
Na tarde deste sábado (17), Hassum publicou uma foto no Instagram, onde aparece de óculos escuro e mais magro. Na lengenda da imagem ele escreveu: “Pagando de sério. #oculosnovo”.
Leandro Hassum realizou a cirurgia em novembro, no Rio de Janeiro.
Em tempo
Depois de algumas cogitações, a Globo definiu qual série substituirá o longevo “A Grande Família”, que se encerrou em setembro de 2014.
A emissora carioca aprovou um seriado, que será protagonizado por Leandro Hassum e Ingrid Guimarães, chamado provisoriamente de “Barba, Cabelo e Bigode”.
O roteiro final será de Claudio Paiva, um dos mais experientes roteiristas de humor da televisão brasileira. Entre os seus trabalhos, estão a própria “A Grande Família”, além de “TV Pirata” e “Sai de Baixo”.
Paiva, que escreve “Tapas e Beijos”, encerra o programa este ano, mas deixa os roteiros já prontos, para tocar o novo projeto.

Handful of North Korean fans drowned out by a sea of red at the Asian Cup

January 18, 2015 – 11:45PM

Jil Hogan

Entertainment and lifestyle reporter

Oliver Garland,16, at Canberra Stadium in Bruce to see China take on North Korea in the AFC Asia Cup.

Oliver Garland,16, at Canberra Stadium in Bruce to see China take on North Korea in the AFC Asia Cup. Photo: Melissa Adams

Oliver Garland well and truly stuck out as one of only a handful of people supporting North Korea when they played China at a sold-out Asian Cup match at Canberra Stadium on Sunday night.

“Somebody’s got to do it. It would kind of suck if you travelled to a different country and there was not one single supporter,” he said.

With red and blue stripes painted across his nose, Oliver, 16, wrapped himself in a beach towel with the North Korean colours.

“It’s kind of hard to find a North Korean flag,” he said.

Oliver was accompanied by his parents, and Dad Neville Garland also sported a red backpack and blue shirt.

“I’m very proud of Oliver. I thought make a statement, be seen, support the game. Good on him,” he said.

“We thought we’d feel really uncomfortable but no one’s said anything, no one’s unhappy with him wearing it.”

One North Korean supporter, who would only give his name as AC for fear of retribution by the supreme leader, had a giant banner supporting his adoptive team.

“These guys have no support, so we thought let’s give these guys a little bit of support,” he said.

“They need to get through their group stage and see where they go from there.”

Another group took it even further, kitted out in full military uniforms with one dressed as the supreme leader himself, complete with a cardboard Kim Jong-un face mask.

But it was the diehard China fans, thousands of whom have made the trip over just for the Asian Cup, who turned Canberra stadium to a sea of red and cheered their team to victory.

Before the gates even opened at 6pm, more than 300 people gathered out the front, waving China flags and chanting.

After most of the crowd had streamed in, there was an announcement over the loudspeaker about 8.10pm saying all tickets had been sold, with the final crowd count at 18,457. At that time, there were still big queues outside the stadium.

Jun Feng Fei and Zhige Wang and their nine-year-old daughter Qun Wang came to Australia specifically to follow China, and have so far been to Brisbane and Sydney to watch their home team play.

“Unfortunately next time China will play Australia,” said Wang.

“Of course we hope China will win but I think the strength of the Australian fans is strong. Australia is stronger.”


Source : The Canberra Times

Rejeitado por Enrico, Felipe o ameaça de morte; saiba como será a cena

Rejeitado por Enrico, Felipe o ameaça de morte; saiba como será a cena

Fotos: Divulgação/ TV Globo

Felipe (Laércio Fonseca) está obcecado por Enrico (Joaquim Lopes) e ousará ainda mais nas investidas nos próximos capítulos de “Império“.
O cozinheiro aparece no hotel do chef, que fica furioso: “Eu quase te mato asfixiado e tu ainda tem coragem de vir atrás de mim? Perdeu a noção do perigo?”. Felipe provoca e diz que adora correr perigo, acha excitante. Enrico quer saber o que é preciso fazer para ele sumir de sua vida.
Felipe responde: “várias coisas”. O filho de Cláudio (José Mayer) ameaça agredi-lo e o cozinheiro dispara: “Se pensa que eu não vou gostar, está enganado… Essa mãozona, cheia de veias saltadas, na minha cara? Quero já! Vai, me bate! Bem forte”.
O chef recua e Felipe avança: “Já me molhou na ducha, apertou o meu pescoço… Se não quer me bater, então rasga a minha roupa! Só saio daqui… Se for para deitar ali “, afirma, apontando para a cama.
Enrico chama o segurança e o cozinheiro decide ir embora.
Mas ele não se dá por convencido e da rua fica observando Enrico malhar. Quando o rapaz vê, sai atrás dele: “Vou te dar só mais este aviso: some da minha vida… Pra sempre… Senão…”. E completa logo depois: “Eu te mato!”.
Felipe rebate: “Mata nada! Antes, sou eu quem faço isso contigo!”. Enrico desdenha, mas o cozinheiro quer saber se ele vai pagar para ver.
Preocupado, Enrico baixa a guarda e Felipe vai embora.
“Império” vai ao ar logo após o “Jornal Nacional”.
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