Sunrise and Sunset in Shizuoka – 02/01/2015 – ライジングサン、静岡で日を設定する – 02/01/2015

2 de Jan 06:54 16:46 9:51:31 +0:33 11:50 (32,1°) 147,095
Night 00:00 – 05:24
Astro. Twilight 05:24 – 05:54
Nautical Twilight 05:54 – 06:26
Civil Twilight 06:26 – 06:54
Daylight 06:54 – 16:45
Civil Twilight 16:45 – 17:13
Nautical Twilight 17:13 – 17:44
Astro. Twilight 17:44 – 18:15
Night 18:15 – 23:59

Sunrise and Sunset in Fukuoka – 02/01/2015 – ライジングサンと福岡で日を設定する – 02/01/2015

2 de Jan 07:23 17:22 9:58:15 +0:32 12:22 (33,4°) 147,095
Night 00:00 – 05:54
Astro. Twilight 05:54 – 06:24
Nautical Twilight 06:24 – 06:55
Civil Twilight 06:55 – 07:23
Daylight 07:23 – 17:20
Civil Twilight 17:20 – 17:48
Nautical Twilight 17:48 – 18:19
Astro. Twilight 18:19 – 18:49
Night 18:49 – 23:59

Sol Nascente e Sol Poente em Manaus – 02/01/2015

2 de Jan 05:55 18:13 12:18:00 −0:03 12:04 (70,2°) 147,091

Night – 00:00 – 04:38

Astro. Twilight – 04:38 – 05:05

Nautical Twilight – 05:05 – 05:31

Civil Twilight – 05:31 – 05:54

Daylight -05:54 – 18:12

Civil Twilight – 18:12 – 18:34

Nautical Twilight – 18:34 – 19:01

Astro. Twilight – 19:01 – 19:27

Night -19:27 – 23:59

AirAsia flight QZ8501: what the crash investigation will focus on

December 31, 2014 – 10:41AM

Siva Govindasamy

Rescue workers carry debris recovered from the ocean, presumed to be part of the AirAsia plane.

Rescue workers carry debris recovered from the ocean, presumed to be part of the AirAsia plane. Photo: Reuters

Surabaya: Investigators into the AirAsia flight which crashed into the sea off Indonesia are focusing on the timing of the crew’s request to climb to a higher altitude to avoid bad weather as a possible factor behind the tragedy, a source close to the probe said.

As Indonesian ships and aircraft recovered debris and bodies from AirAsia Flight QZ8501, the investigation into what happened on Sunday, when the aircraft carrying 162 people disappeared from radars, has only just begun.

The recovery of the plane and bodies was due to begin again at first light.

The recovery of the plane and bodies was due to begin again at first light. Photo: Getty Images

Among the early lines of inquiry is whether the crew could have asked to ascend, or climbed on their own initiative in case of emergency, at an earlier stage, and what role storms in the area might have played.

“We know that the weather was very bad in this area, there was a storm,” said the official, who declined to be named as he was not authorised to speak to the press. “Why did he [the pilot] request to climb at that stage? Should he have climbed earlier? Other aircraft were flying at a higher altitude in that area. How did the two pilots react to the weather? We are asking those questions.”

Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee will lead the investigation into the crash of the Airbus A320, together with representatives from the United States, France and Britain, according to the source.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo addresses the media on Tuesday night.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo addresses the media on Tuesday night. Photo: AFP

He said evidence such as radar data, weather reports, and the communication between the pilots and air traffic control has been gathered and is being studied.

The “black box” flight recorders have yet to be located, however, and the source cautioned that it was too early to draw firm conclusions as to what went wrong.

The plane’s captain, Iriyanto, 53, spent more than 10 years as a pilot trainer before flying with airlines including Merpati Airlines, Adam Air and, for the last three years, AirAsia. The former fighter pilot also flew with the Indonesian Air Force, according to friends and family.

AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes said there were “some very unique weather conditions” in the area at the time. While saying it would be “improper” to speculate on a cause, Mr Fernandes said he had spoken with Indonesian President Joko Widodo “about some of the information that we [AirAsia] have about what could have gone wrong”.

“We cannot make any assumptions about what went wrong,” he said on Tuesday. “All I can say is that the weather in south-east Asia is bad at the moment,” he said.

According to Indonesian authorities, at 6.12am on Sunday, 36 minutes after taking off from Surabaya’s Juanda Airport on a flight to Singapore, the pilot of the doomed aircraft asked for permission from Jakarta air traffic control to climb 6000 feet to 38,000 feet and deviate to the left to avoid bad weather.

Two minutes later, Jakarta responded by asking QZ8501 to go left seven miles and climb to 34000 feet. There was no response from the cockpit. The aircraft was still detected by the ATC’s radar for another three minutes before disappearing at 6.18am.

According to, a website that uses radar data to track aircraft live, other aircraft in the area were flying between 34,000 and 39,000 feet when QZ8501 disappeared.

Investigators are looking at the crash of Air France flight AF447 in 2009 for possible clues to what happened on Sunday. The investigation into that flight showed the co-pilot lost speed readings due to icing, and his panic reaction put the plane into a stall which the rest of the crew failed to recognise, sending the aircraft plunging into Atlantic.

“No two accidents are the same. But there are similar conditions like the weather, and we must look into it very closely,” said a second source, a former air crash investigator in Indonesia.



Source : The Canberra Times

Mutilation ‘impossible’ to prevent: Julie Bishop

December 31, 2014 – 9:11AM

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Photo: Reuters

Foreign minister Julie Bishop has urged relatives or friends to blow the whistle on anyone taking children abroad to undergo female genital mutilation.

The Australian Federal Police is investigating reports of a Brisbane girl being taken from her home to undergo genital mutilation in Africa.

Female genital mutilation is illegal in Australia, as is removing children to undergo the procedure.

But it is virtually impossible for authorities to step in without evidence of somebody’s intentions, Ms Bishop says.

“If somebody just presents with a passport and they’re heading off overseas and we have no evidence to provide us with any cause to prevent the person leaving, then of course that happens,” she told Fairfax radio on Tuesday.

“People are free to travel on an Australian passport if they have a valid passport.”

Ms Bishop said it was vital that family members or friends who were in the know about such plans let authorities know.

“This equally applies to foreign terrorist fighters,” she said.

“It’s the families that we need to hear from if there are such matters occurring.”

Relatives were the ones most likely to notice changes in behaviour or the beginning of radicalisation, Ms Bishop said.

“(Whether it’s) a girl leaving for overseas for this brutal, barbaric practice, or whether it’s people leaving for overseas to take up with terrorist organisations.”

An AFP spokeswoman said they were unable to reveal details of the case at this stage.

They could not confirm reports from The Guardian Australia that the girl was believed to have travelled to Gambia with her father to undergo the procedure.



Source : The Brisbane Times

Search pilot saw victims of AirAsia crash holding hands in water

6:15 AM Wednesday Dec 31, 2014

The pilot who discovered the debris from AirAsia Flight QZ8501 has said he saw that three of the bodies recovered were holding hands.

Lieutenant Airman Tri Wobowo, who co-piloted the C130 Hercules aircraft that first saw the items of the aircraft off the coast of Borneo earlier today, described the scene that greeted rescuers in the water.

“There are seven to eight people. Three [of them] again hold hands,” he told Indonesian national newspaper Kompas.

As well as the bodies, the pilot reported seeing luggage, buoys and pieces of the aircraft itself – painted the distinctive red, black and white of AirAsia.

Flight QZ8501 disappeared on Sunday en route to Singapore from Surabaya, Indonesia. The passenger plane was carrying 162 people at the time of its disappearance, including one Briton.

Indonesian authorities and AirAsia have both confirmed that the wreckage is Flight QZ8501.

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes said in a statement: “I am absolutely devastated. This is a very difficult moment for all of us at AirAsia as we await further developments of the search and rescue operations but our first priority now is the wellbeing of the family members of those onboard QZ8501.”

The search is expected to continue through the night President Joko Widodo told a press conference, adding that finding passengers and crew members was the first priority.


Source : The New Zealand Herald

Detienen a activistas que pretendían asistir a performance en Plaza de la Revolución

Varios opositores y disidentes que planificaban asistir al evento fueron detenidos al salir de sus hogares o cerca de la Plaza.



Un grupo de disidentes cubanos fueron detenidos por la policía el martes al asistir a un performance organizado en la icónica Plaza de la Revolución José Martí por la reconocida artista cubana Tania Bruguera.

Un despacho de la agencia AP asegura que la propia artista no pudo ser localizada, su teléfono no funcionaba y una hermana que vive en Italia indicó que no sabía nada de su paradero.

En la puerta del edificio de Bruguera se observó una patrulla y en el piso de su casa tres personas de custodia no permitían el paso.

El evento, convocado para las 3:00 p.m., consiste en ofrecer un minuto de micrófono abierto. La artista no consiguió los permisos de las autoridades para realizar la actividad pública, pero ha decidido seguir adelante con el proyecto.

“Se lo llevaron saliendo de la casa”, dijo a The Associated Press Rachel Vázquez, esposa de Eliecer Ávila, líder de un grupo opositor llamado Somos Más. Según la mujer, su marido fue subido a una patrulla policial junto con Reinaldo Escobar, bloguero y esposo de la disidente Yoani Sánchez.

Por su parte, el opositor Antonio Rodiles, coordinador de Estado de Sats, también fue llevado por la policía, según él mismo dijo a AP vía telefónica mientras era detenido.

El activista José Díaz Silva también fue arrestado y su casa permanece sitiada; al igual que las de Raúl Borges, del partido Demócrata Cristiano, en La Habana, y la de la Dama de BlancoLourdes Esquivel, en Santiago de Cuba, informó el opositor Manuel Cuesta Morúa a Martí Noticias.

Mientras, el portal Cubanet da cuenta del arresto del fotógrafo Claudio Fuentes para intentar impedir su asistencia al performance de Tania Bruguera.

La plataforma Yo También Exijo publicó en Twitter cerca de las 12:00 del día que este martes varios activistas y dirigentes de organizaciones políticas de la oposición han sido arrestados en La Habana.

El debate comenzó hace varios días en redes sociales con la etiqueta#YoTambiénExijo, nombre que puso Bruguera al proyecto artístico.

En su convocatoria, la artista explicó que buscaba instalar un micrófono en la plaza para ofrecer a quienes lo deseen un minuto para hablar de sus sueños y esperanzas para el futuro de la isla a casi dos semanas de que el presidente de Estados Unidos Barack Obama y el gobernante Raúl Castro informaron que tras varios meses de negociaciones restablecerían las relaciones diplomáticas entre las dos naciones tras más de cinco décadas de interrupción.

La Plaza de la Revolución es una gran explanada rodeada por la sede del Gobierno, los principales ministerios y está adornada con las imágenes de Ernesto “Che” Guevara y una de Camilo Cienfuegos. A lo largo de la historia, fue uno de los lugares más importantes en el proceso revolucionario cubano.


Martí Notí

Números de ontem do TV TOTAL

Isabel Vilela_Juliana Silveira

País Visualizações
Sinal BrasilBrasil 899
Sinal Estados UnidosEstados Unidos 114
Sinal PortugalPortugal 30
Sinal Cabo VerdeCabo Verde 13
Sinal Reino UnidoReino Unido 11
Sinal AustráliaAustrália 7
Sinal CanadáCanadá 3
Sinal SingapuraSingapura 2
Sinal BélgicaBélgica 2
Sinal EspanhaEspanha 2
Sinal New ZealandNew Zealand 1
Sinal Arábia SauditaArábia Saudita 1
Sinal ColombiaColombia 1

O comando do esporte da Globo pode mudar depois da Olimpíada

Alex Escobar

Alex Escobar

A Globo, por enquanto, não pretende utilizar nomes do SporTV, como Milton Leite e Luiz Carlos Junior, nas suas transmissões de futebol. Luiz Carlos, por enquanto, continuará sendo aproveitado, mas só no vôlei.

Por outro lado, Alex Escobar continuará sendo escalado para cobrir férias, folgas ou outros compromissos dos narradores principais, Galvão, Cleber e Luiz Roberto.
É um quadro que, por enquanto, não deverá sofrer alterações.

Um nome em ascendência é o do Raul Costa Junior, diretor de conteúdo do SporTV.

Internamente já se comenta que o seu aproveitamento, em alguma importante função na Globo aberta, é só uma questão de tempo. Talvez imediatamente após a Olimpíada do Rio.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

“Medida Certa” volta ao “Fantástico” em abril

Gaby Amarantos, César Menotti, Preta Gil e Fábio Porchat  participaram do "Medida Certa" em 2013

Gaby Amarantos, César Menotti, Preta Gil e Fábio Porchat participaram do “Medida Certa” em 2013

Pessoal do “Fantástico” deve iniciar agora em janeiro a produção do próximo “Medida Certa”, contando sempre com a colaboração de Márcio Atalla.

No ar, deve começar em abril. Já existem pesquisas em torno de nomes.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery