Record compra versão do SBT de “Carrossel” e exibirá novela na África

Record compra versão do SBT de
Foto: Divulgação
A Record, por intermédio da Record Miramar, sua emissora em Moçambique, adquiriu, em uma ação inédita, “Carrossel”, um dos maiores sucessos da dramaturgia do SBT dos últimos anos.
A novela infantil é anunciada como “grande sucesso” que reforçará a programação de 2015 da emissora.
As primeiras chamadas começaram a ir ao ar nesta segunda-feira (29) e repercutiram bastante nas redes sociais, afinal uma transação desta jamais ocorreu, ainda que estejam em pauta emissoras de países diferentes.
A Record Miramar tem sua programação mesclada entre produções locais com os mesmos títulos do Brasil, como o “Balanço Geral” e o “Fala Moçambique”, voltados para a comunidade do país, e outras brasileiras, como “Vitória”, “Caminhos do Coração”, “Hoje em Dia” e o “Programa da Tarde”.

Korea DPR slams military intel pact by regional powers



SEOUL, Dec. 30 (Yonhap) — North Korea lashed out at South Korea, the United States, and Japan on Tuesday for signing a deal on sharing military information on the communist nation.

Under the pact that went into effect this week, South Korea and Japan will share intelligence via the U.S., especially on the North’s nuclear weapons and missile activities.

Uriminzokkiri, the North’s main Internet-based mouthpiece, described it as a “grave military provocation.”

The agreement is aimed at “crushing our republic to death militarily and invading” the country, the website said in a commentary.

It claimed the accord represents a full-fledged move to establish a trilateral alliance, which raises the likelihood of nuclear warfare in the region.

Many agree that the pact is a highly symbolic breakthrough in Washington’s efforts to bolster three-way defense ties with Seoul and Tokyo, which are locked in decades-old history and territorial disputes.



Source : The Korea Herald

United States sure about Korea DPR responsibility for Sony hack despite reports suggesting otherwise


WASHINGTON, Dec. 29 (Yonhap) — The United States stands by an FBI finding that North Korea was responsible for the hacking attack on Sony Pictures despite reports suggesting somebody else could have done it, a State Department official said Monday.

“We are aware that there have been some reports of that kind. However, as the FBI has made clear — and the United States government stands behind the FBI analysis — we are confident that North Korea is responsible for this destructive attack and we stand by that conclusion,” Jeff Rathke, a State Department spokesman, said at a regular press briefing.

North Korea has rejected U.S. accusations that it was behind the hack on Sony, though Pyongyang praised the attack as a “righteous deed.” The North has condemned a Sony Pictures comedy, “The Interview,” as the sponsoring of terrorism for involving a plot to kill leader Kim Jong-un.

The Associated Press reported last week that the Sony hack has become “Internet’s new mystery,” suggesting the possibility that disgruntled Sony insiders or somebody else launched the attack and made it look like it was done by North Korea.

It also cited cyber-security experts saying it is very hard to pinpoint the culprit in a hacking attack.

While blaming Pyongyang for the hack, the FBI said that the data deletion malware revealed links to other malware that the North previously developed. It also said the tools used in the attack have similarities to a cyber-attack in March of last year against South Korean banks and media outlets.

U.S. President Barack Obama vowed to “respond proportionally” to the North.

Asked if the U.S. has taken any action yet, Rathke said the U.S. is “evaluating our potential response.”

He added, “We’re not going to go into operational details of what the various options are. And the president also I think was pretty clear in saying that any response by the United States will be proportional and we will do so at a time we choose, but I don’t have anything further to add.”



Source : The Korea Herald

AirAsia boss confronts first major crisis

KUALA LUMPUR ― Malaysian mogul Tony Fernandes, who transformed a floundering carrier into Asia’s biggest budget airline, faces his first major crisis after an AirAsia plane went missing Sunday with 162 people on board.

AirAsia is credited with starting a revolution in the skies of Southeast Asia and has seen spectacular growth under Fernandes’ low-cost, low-overheads model despite intense competition.

The ebullient tycoon is one of Asia’s most visible entrepreneurs, carving out an image that has seen him frequently compared to colorful Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson.

Fernandes maintained an image of calm Sunday even as his company plunged into its first major crisis after an AirAsia passenger jet went missing in bad weather en route from Indonesia to Singapore.

“Obviously this is a massive shock to us and we are devastated … (But) our concern right now is for the relatives and the next of kin. That’s our number one priority,” he said after arriving in Surabaya, where most of the passengers are from.

This incident caps a disastrous year for Malaysian aviation which saw beleaguered rival Malaysia Airlines suffer two air tragedies in rapid succession.

A former record industry executive who acquired the then-failing airline in 2001, Fernandes is ranked 28th on the Forbes list of Malaysia’s richest with an estimated net worth of $650 million.

The tycoon, a flamboyant spirit in Asia’s staid business world who favors blue jeans and caps over power suits, has made a habit of defying naysayers.

He took over loss-making AirAsia shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States sent the global aviation industry into a tailspin, and was given little chance of succeeding.

He bought the airline, its two aircraft, and 40 million ringgit ($13.4 million) in debt for the token sum of one ringgit, mortgaging his house to pour money into the carrier.

But with his motto “Now everyone can fly,” he turned it into a growing force in the aviation industry, with profits mounting and its route system expanding worldwide.

Fernandes, who is of Indian-Portuguese descent and married with two children, struck a deal with F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone in 2011 for a majority stake in Premiership football team Queens Park Rangers.

Endau Analytics aviation analyst Shukor Yusof said his entrepreneurial spirit would survive Sunday’s apparent tragedy.

“This incident will not dampen Fernandes’ business spirit. This is such an unfortunate incident. AirAsia remains a strong budget carrier. I think the people will rally behind AirAsia,” he told AFP.

The airline, which has never before suffered a fatal accident, has more than 120 A320s and is one of the biggest customers for the European aircraft maker Airbus. It is expecting nearly 360 new aircraft to be delivered by 2026.

AirAsia, which has some of the lowest unit costs in the world, has raked in business awards and accolades over the years, while expanding aggressively.

In 2013 it was ranked as Asia and the world’s best low-cost airline for the fifth time in a row.

After Sunday’s apparent disaster, AirAsia swiftly replaced its distinctive bright red logo on its social media pages with a gray background.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared on a regular flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March with 239 passengers and crew, and in July, MH17 was shot down over troubled Ukraine killing all 298 on board. (AFP)

Source : The Korrea Herald

Vitória 01/01/2015

Quim desconfia que
Edu, Renata e Manel estão escondendo algo

Isabel Vilela_Juliana Silveira

Zuzu fica em choque ao ouvir Manel dizendo para Renata que ela está com Alzheimer. A veterinária liga para Edu pedindo a presença dele neste momento. Manel e Zuzu choram silenciosamente na cama. Bruno convida Virgulino para ser padrinho de seu filho. Manel se recorda de momentos felizes ao lado de Zuzu no passado. Edu consola Renata dando forças para ela superar a doença da mãe.

Diana explode de alegria ao ouvir Bernardo dizer que Vitória passa bem. A joqueta agradece tudo que o treinador tem feito por ela. Dante telefona para Priscila e conta que os professores estão com o dinheiro para comprar a casa. Gabi fica contente ao encontrar Edu durante o café da manhã. Zuzu diz ter uma surpresa para Manel. Ednaldo sai para trabalhar levando uma garrafa de cachaça escondida em uma sacola.

Para o espanto de todos, Zuzu e Manel saem entusiasmados para um passeio. PH convida Rosa para morar com ele novamente e a professora aceita. Clarice conta que ela agora é sócia da escola junto com Yone. A diretora não gosta da notícia, mas Clarice é firme na decisão. Renata se abre com Jorge e Ricardinho. Ela conta que sua mãe está com Alzheimer. Zuzu e Manel trocam palavras de amor enquanto observam o mar.

Edu conversa com Artur e pede uns dias de folga para ficar ao lado da ex-esposa. Ricardinho e Jorge confortam Renata. Quim desconfia que Edu, Renata e Manel estão escondendo algo. Dante fica chocado ao ouvir Priscila dizer que a casa dos professores já foi vendida. Zuzu se abre com Manel e diz já saber que está com Alzheimer.