Belconnen United lobby for Football Federation Australia Cup playoff game

December 6, 2014 – 5:49PM

Lee Gaskin

Sports reporter at The Canberra Times

Belconnen United wants a playoff for Canberra's FFA Cup spot, which this year went to Tuggeranong United, pictured playing Melbourne Victory.

Belconnen United wants a playoff for Canberra’s FFA Cup spot, which this year went to Tuggeranong United, pictured playing Melbourne Victory. Photo: Matt Bedford

Belconnen United will lobby the remaining Capital Football clubs to have a playoff against next year’s FFA Cup preliminary round winners to see who progresses to the competition proper.

Capital Football has changed the name of its knockout tournament from the Federation Cup to the FFA Cup preliminary round to move in line with the national competition.

Belconnen United was in the unique situation of winning this year’s Federation Cup, but not qualifying for the FFA Cup. That spot went to last year’s winners, Tuggeranong United.

It would appear unlikely the remaining clubs would back Belconnen United’s proposal and hurt their own chances of representing the region in the prestigious FFA Cup.

Capital Football chief executive Heather Reid said Belconnen United would be given the opportunity to put its idea to the other clubs.

“Belconnen United would like to explore the option of having a playoff between the winner and Belconnen United, given they were this year’s winners,” Reid said.

“If they get support from the other clubs, we may look at that.

“If the new Belconnen United president Jaime Garrido wishes to talk to the other Premier League coaches and come back to us with some sort of recommendation, then we can put that to the board in the new year. But nothing will happen until February.”

Reid met Garrido on Friday and had concerns allayed that led to Belconnen United being granted a one-year provisional licence to play in the NPL.

“We’re very confident that Belconnen United is back on track,” Reid said. “They only had a one-year licence pending payment of a debt that was made by the 30th of November, so that was the first thing they kicked off.

“The second thing is giving Capital Football some confidence that the management and governance arrangements of the club are being given a lot more attention than maybe they have been in the past.

“Jaime and other people on the committee are making sure that happens. They’ve already presented their new strategic plan, which is very impressive.

“If other clubs can deliver something similar, then it would be a great thing in terms of the future of club development within Capital Football.”

Reid also met the Cooma Tigers, another club with a one-year licence.

“Their relationship with Brindabella Blues is shoring up quite nicely for helping them to provide players for the junior pathway and they’ll be playing under the name of Tigers FC,” Reid said.

“Agreements between those two clubs will be good for development of football in the south.”


Source : The Canberra Times

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