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Belconnen United lobby for Football Federation Australia Cup playoff game

December 6, 2014 – 5:49PM

Lee Gaskin

Sports reporter at The Canberra Times

Belconnen United wants a playoff for Canberra's FFA Cup spot, which this year went to Tuggeranong United, pictured playing Melbourne Victory.

Belconnen United wants a playoff for Canberra’s FFA Cup spot, which this year went to Tuggeranong United, pictured playing Melbourne Victory. Photo: Matt Bedford

Belconnen United will lobby the remaining Capital Football clubs to have a playoff against next year’s FFA Cup preliminary round winners to see who progresses to the competition proper.

Capital Football has changed the name of its knockout tournament from the Federation Cup to the FFA Cup preliminary round to move in line with the national competition.

Belconnen United was in the unique situation of winning this year’s Federation Cup, but not qualifying for the FFA Cup. That spot went to last year’s winners, Tuggeranong United.

It would appear unlikely the remaining clubs would back Belconnen United’s proposal and hurt their own chances of representing the region in the prestigious FFA Cup.

Capital Football chief executive Heather Reid said Belconnen United would be given the opportunity to put its idea to the other clubs.

“Belconnen United would like to explore the option of having a playoff between the winner and Belconnen United, given they were this year’s winners,” Reid said.

“If they get support from the other clubs, we may look at that.

“If the new Belconnen United president Jaime Garrido wishes to talk to the other Premier League coaches and come back to us with some sort of recommendation, then we can put that to the board in the new year. But nothing will happen until February.”

Reid met Garrido on Friday and had concerns allayed that led to Belconnen United being granted a one-year provisional licence to play in the NPL.

“We’re very confident that Belconnen United is back on track,” Reid said. “They only had a one-year licence pending payment of a debt that was made by the 30th of November, so that was the first thing they kicked off.

“The second thing is giving Capital Football some confidence that the management and governance arrangements of the club are being given a lot more attention than maybe they have been in the past.

“Jaime and other people on the committee are making sure that happens. They’ve already presented their new strategic plan, which is very impressive.

“If other clubs can deliver something similar, then it would be a great thing in terms of the future of club development within Capital Football.”

Reid also met the Cooma Tigers, another club with a one-year licence.

“Their relationship with Brindabella Blues is shoring up quite nicely for helping them to provide players for the junior pathway and they’ll be playing under the name of Tigers FC,” Reid said.

“Agreements between those two clubs will be good for development of football in the south.”


Source : The Canberra Times

Women’s sport can rebound from TV cuts

December 6, 2014 – 7:00PM

Jon Tuxworth

Sports reporter at The Canberra Times

Abby Bishop with her niece Zala.

Abby Bishop with her niece Zala. Photo: Katherine Griffiths

Women’s sport is in a delicate period, given the ABC’s decision to cut free-to-air television broadcasting of the WNBL basketball and W-League soccer next year. Jon Tuxworth spoke to Canberra Capitals captain Abby Bishop,✓ and Canberra United skipper Nicole Begg about the state of women’s sport.

Describe an average day during the season.

AB: An early wake up from [daughter] Zala, drop her off at family day care at 8am and then go and do my workout, an individual and a weights session. Then pick Zala up at 12pm, relax in the afternoon and back to dropping her off to the nanny the Capitals provide at 3pm, then off to team training at 4pm.

Canberra Capitals captain Abby Bishop and Canberra United skipper Nicole Begg hope women's sport can continue to grow.

Canberra Capitals captain Abby Bishop and Canberra United skipper Nicole Begg hope women’s sport can continue to grow. Photo: Graham Tidy

NB: I’ll get up at 6.30am and get ready for work at the Lyneham Post Office laundromat, go to work from 8am to 1pm and then do a gym session. I finished university [bachelor of environmental science] two weeks ago. I’d have uni work to do and then go to training.

How do you feel about the media coverage of women’s sport?

AB: We’re lucky in Canberra with the media coverage we get but in terms of nationwide, definitely people need to have their eyes open about female elite athletes. We do need that coverage in newspapers and TV to give people that understanding about women’s sport, the professionalism and what goes on behind the scenes. I think we deserve just as much coverage as anyone else. I’m not sure how you pitch it to them, but a lot of people do appreciate the women’s games, it’s just a case of getting other people on board.

Abby Bishop in action against West Coast earlier this season.

Abby Bishop in action against West Coast earlier this season. Photo: Jeffrey Chan

NB: Often sports stars are portrayed as glamorous and make a lot of money. Not just female athletes but amateur athletes have to have full-time jobs to pay the bills as well. The best way to convince [media] is to continually improve the standard of the league. We’re seeing the quality increase in the W-League over the years and we’re getting more people interested.

Can you envisage a time where there’s enough money in women’s sport to be fully professional?

AB: I think it’s still a long way away, but I hope that day comes. The majority of the girls work full-time or part-time, or study as well. It’s not easy to do that. Some of the girls walk up to training so exhausted after a full day of work. I don’t think it’s around the corner, but I definitely think in the future it will be happening. The Canberra Capitals are definitely trying to push forward in that direction and make it a professional environment. Some girls at the moment can’t do any extras [at training] because they literally work from 6am-3pm and go straight to training. It would be such a wonderful thing for the game, we’d be able to get out in the community a lot more and do other things for other organisations.

Canberra united skipper Nicole Begg.

Canberra united skipper Nicole Begg. Photo: Matt Bedford

NB: I certainly hope so. It gets a bit tough when you’ve got exams on the go at the same time. You might turn up to training and your mind’s elsewhere because you’ve got a report to submit in three hours and you haven’t done it. When I was playing in Sweden a couple of years ago, it was really nice to just concentrate solely on football. I was able to train a lot more and could rest a lot more. I would hope the players, if they’re getting a professional wage, would show up with a professional attitude.

Is it frustrating seeing the inequality compared with professional men’s sports?

AB: It is, but at the end of the day it’s always been like that and it’s never going to change in terms of the comparison between male and female pay cheques. If we can bridge the gap a little bit it is going to help us have a foot in the door once they finish basketball. Some girls get paid pocket change, others get a pair of shoes and then some are getting a great salary. Regardless of talent and who’s better than who, there still should be a base salary, not one extreme to the other.

NB: There’s guys who’ve gone before and done the hard yards and that’s what we should look at. How did they get their sports to the level it’s at now? Hopefully in 10 or 15 years’ time, the girls following behind us have the same luxury the Brumbies and the Raiders have.

Do you think having a minimum base salary is a good idea?

AB: I think it’s really important, it gives them a bit of compensation for all the hard work they do. I hope one day soon that is put in place. As a fully-paid professional athlete I definitely look at all the other girls and wish they were paid on a base salary. There isn’t anything like that in the league, but hopefully in the future something like that is put in place. I look at the girls when they come to training exhausted after work and think ‘wow, I am lucky’. I’ve also worked really hard for it but at the same time it’s almost unfair. I’m not saying we should all be paid the same, that doesn’t make sense, but for some of the girls who get paid a pair of shoes for all the hard work they put in, it’s no different to all the hard work I put in. At the end of the day it’s not my fault, hopefully something can be put in place so it’s fairer. I definitely know there’s a couple of girls who get a gym membership and a pair of shoes, from the top to the bottom it’s quite extreme.

NB: It’s all dependent on what each club can provide, because they’re all different. There’s some W-League clubs who pay every player the same amount of money and there’s others who pay in tier brackets. There’s also some kids in there who wouldn’t get anything. We’re not really at a stage where we can have a base. But with consistent seasons we can get to a competitive level of football where wages could be our next point of call. Heather [Reid, ✓Capital Football boss] is pretty good in how she takes care of experienced players and also doesn’t like to leave the young players wanting. When I was growing up you always got a little bit in your pocket to cover costs. As you put in the hard yards and contribute more to the team, you generally get rewarded for that. Again, it’s not huge amounts of money but everything counts. It’s always good to have that bit extra to cover petrol to get to training.

How will cuts to ABC coverage of women’s sport affect it? How important is broadcasting of your leagues?

AB: Obviously it’s really big. People won’t want to sponsor us if they can’t get their brand out there. We’ve been lucky to have the ABC on board for so many years and it’s devastating for the sport. One person watches a TV game and they fall in love with it and come to the games. It’s about people seeing the product and getting more people involved in the game. If there’s less money the WNBL’s not going to attract as many high-quality players we have in the league at the moment. Not having TV where we can get sponsors is only going to be a burden for us and the league. You can’t play basketball forever and you’ve got to try and set yourself up. I’d do what’s best for Zala and myself at the time, and if the money wasn’t right here I’d have to go offshore. I love playing in Canberra and I hope we can get picked up by another TV station.

NB: It’s very important, especially for the W-League. Working at the post office you get so many customers who say ‘I watched the game on the ABC’. It’d be great to get people down to the game, but not everyone wants to watch a full game of women’s football. The fact there’s no live streaming hurts us. There’s no global exposure to it. The ABC’s been fantastic for us, but can we start exposing it not to Australia, but everywhere else? You may attract more international players to come play, you might not, it’d be interesting to see.

Do you think ABC will reconsider if ratings improve?

AB: Scrolling through my Facebook feed I’ve seen so many sharing the articles and there’s a petition to sign up. We want everyone to tune into the ABC and watch the soccer girls on Sunday to prove a point. It’s sad, but at the same time there will be other positives come out of it.

NB: 100 per cent. We’ve got a product to sell and the more people watch, the more TV companies who see the numbers will know there’s people who watch the product.


WNBL: Canberra Capitals v Melbourne Boomers at Tuggeranong Basketball Stadium, 1pm

W-League: Canberra United v Perth Glory at Viking Park, Tuggeranong, 3pm


Source : The Canberra Times

Canberra United’s W-League season on the line in final round game against Perth Glory

December 6, 2014 – 7:49PM

Lee Gaskin

Sports reporter at The Canberra Times

Lori Lindsey will be hoping Sunday's match against Perth Glory isn't her last.

Lori Lindsey will be hoping Sunday’s match against Perth Glory isn’t her last. Photo: Jeffrey Chan

Canberra United must take at least a point from a side which has lost just one game all season to keep their W-League title dream alive.

To squeeze into the finals, United need to get a result against runaway minor premiers Perth Glory at Viking Park on Sunday.

United were shunted back to fifth on the table after Sydney FC and the Newcastle Jets played out a 2-2 draw in Sydney on Saturday. That result moved Sydney FC up to third on 18 points.

Caitlin Foord of the Glory and Stephanie Ochs of Canberra United contest the ball the last time the two teams met.

Caitlin Foord of the Glory and Stephanie Ochs of Canberra United contest the ball the last time the two teams met.

Fourth-placed Newcastle have the same number of points as Canberra (17), but have a superior goal difference (+4 compared to +3).

United will finish third and set up an away semi-final with Melbourne Victory if they beat or draw with the Glory. But having had an inconsistent season so far, United coach Elisabeth Migchelsen said it was up to her side to rise to the occasion.

“We had enough chances and now we are in this position where we have to get a result against Perth and we did that by ourselves,” Migchelsen said. “Of course, it would have been better if either Sydney or Newcastle had have won today.

“There are no presents for Canberra United this season in all aspects of the football game, so tomorrow it’s up to the girls to get a good result against Perth.”

Perth have clearly been the benchmark team in the competition, winning 10 of their 11 games to establish a 10-point buffer over Melbourne and a goal difference of +30. That included a 3-0 victory against United when the sides met in Perth.

“What we learned is that we need to be clinical in our finishing and try to minimise our errors,” Migchelsen said. “For me, it doesn’t matter who we’re playing, we just need to get a result.”

Barring Canberra hosting the grand final, it will be the final game in the national capital for United’s midfield general Lori Lindsey.

The American international is retiring at the end of the season and has been a wonderful addition to United and the W-League during the past two years.

The 34-year-old will be looking to finish her stellar career on a high after gaining 31 caps for the US and playing at the 2011 women’s World Cup.

United will also be playing at Viking Park for the first time. The ground hosted the FFA Cup tie between Tuggeranong United and A-League powerhouse Melbourne Victory.

SUNDAY: W-League: Canberra United v Perth Glory at Viking Park, Wanniassa, 3pm. TV: Live on ABC 1.


Source : The Canberra Times

New Canberra Airport tower still `5-10 years’ away despite expectations

December 6, 2014 – 10:30PM

Matthew Raggatt

Reporter at The Canberra Times

On watch: An officer keeps watch at the Canberra Airport control tower last month.

On watch: An officer keeps watch at the Canberra Airport control tower last month. Photo: Jay Cronan

Canberra Airport will continue to wait for a new control tower, with construction slated to occur in the “medium term” — the same priority level as five years ago.

As medium term was defined in the airport’s master plans as the next “5-10 years”, the city could have expected this year’s draft plan to include a move into the short term column – defined, equally as broadly, as “within five years”.

An Airservices Australia spokesman said the exact timing for the construction of a new tower was still to be determined.

“Airservices has been undertaking an upgrade of our facilities nationally as part of our commitment to deliver a combined Civil-Military Air Traffic System,” he said.

“The second phase of our tower upgrade program over the next two years involves extending the life of Brisbane and Cairns towers.”

Locations and timing for all further towers were still under consideration, he said.

Canberra Airport’s tower was built in 1976, making it the second oldest – after the 1956 nerve centre in Hobart – at any of the state or territory capitals’ primary airports.

Airservices, which owns and operates 29 civilian towers, has opened new facilities in Rockhampton, Adelaide and Melbourne in the last two years.

The Airservices spokesman said the new tower technology being rolled out across the country, known as the Integrated Tower Automation Suite , combined flight and operational data, surveillance and voice communications into a “single integrated, tower-specific layout”.

“The new system will provide controllers with four customisable touch screens displaying electronic flight strips, operational information, weather, terminal area and surveillance (radar) data,” he said.

A Canberra Airport spokeswoman said the airport would ideally like to see a new tower built within five years, but it was not their decision.

“We have a very collaborative working relationship [with Airservices] on the tower – we’ve done joint studies on the positioning of the new tower – and we understand they have priorities,” she said.

“The technical requirements for international flights, 24/7 operations, and a growing airport meant that upgrading the infrastructure is inevitable, and we’re in ongoing and close dialogue about that.”


Source : The Canberra Times

Campbell Newman adviser pre-selected for LNP in Redlands

December 6, 2014 – 5:24PM

Cameron Atfield

Brisbane Times and Sun-Herald journalist

Preselected for Redlands, Matt McEachan.

Preselected for Redlands, Matt McEachan. Photo: Redland City Bulletin

The Liberal National Party has moved on from ‘plonker’ Peter Dowling and preselected a senior Newman government adviser as its candidate for Redlands.

Mr Dowling gained global notoriety and the ‘plonker’ moniker when photographs of his penis in a glass of red wine – which he sent to his mistress – entered the public domain.

LNP members decided to rule Mr Dowling out of preselection contention in October.

Outgoing Peter Dowling.

Outgoing Peter Dowling.

The party on Saturday pre-selected Matt McEachan, a senior adviser in Premier Campbell Newman’s office, as the its new candidate for Redlands.

Mr McEachan, who has also worked for LNP federal MP Andrew Laming, was among the staffers Mr Newman personally thanked during his maiden speech in Queensland Parliament in 2012.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Mr McEachan said he was “humbled” to represent the LNP in the bayside seat.

“I am passionate about this beautiful region and will be talking to the people of Redlands about my plan for the community,” he said.

“The next election provides the people of our community the opportunity to have a voice in the Newman LNP government which has a strong plan to ensure a stronger Redlands.”

The Labor Party has endorsed Redlands barrister Deb Kellie as its candidate for Redlands, which Mr Dowling held with a massive margin of 21 per cent.

Mr Dowling’s political career all but ended when the offending photographs became front page news, even attracting ridicule from American late night talk show hosts.

The embarrassing photographs surfaced amid claims Mr Dowling used parliamentary travel entitlements to meet his mistress in locations such as Perth and New Zealand.

Last month, in his valedictory speech to Parliament, Mr Dowling blamed the media for his downfall.


Source : The Brisbane Times

Wind, rain, hail to hit parts of Queensland

December 6, 2014 – 4:34PM

Time to get indoors and keep safe.

Time to get indoors and keep safe. Photo: Kristian Silva

Strong winds, large hailstones and flash flooding are expected to hit parts of north and southeast Queensland, although Brisbane will be spared.

A severe thunderstorm warning for two large areas around Townsville and Bundaberg remain in place on Saturday afternoon.

The weather bureau warns damaging winds, heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding, and large hailstones may impact areas including Charters Towers, Bowen, Townsville, Ingham, Pentland and Ayr.

Areas further south including Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Fraser Island, Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Seventeen Seventy may be hit with strong wind gusts and heavy rain.

Heavy rainfall and some damage from waterspouts has been reported in the Hervey Bay area.

Residents in Brisbane will be spared more severe weather after last week’s supercell storm, which damaged thousands of cars and homes.

The bill is still being calculated but is expected to reach $1 billion, making it one of the most costly storm’s to hit the city in decades.



Source : The Brisbane Times

Tony Abbott’s Coalition ‘not a happy family’, say backbenchers

December 6, 2014 – 6:12PM

Jacqueline Maley

Reset: Tony Abbott during his press conference in the Prime Minister's courtyard at Parliament House on Monday.

Reset: Tony Abbott during his press conference in the Prime Minister’s courtyard at Parliament House on Monday.Photo: Andrew Meares

The Coalition is “not a happy family” and there is a “shitload of room for improvement” say government MPs, who confess to being in the dark regarding the future of the government’s controversial GP co-payment and a mooted cabinet re-shuffle, because those decisions are centralised in the Prime Minister’s office.

“We are not all a happy family … you’re going to have to ask people outside the backbench what’s happening with any of the policy decisions, because there is very little inclusion,” said one disgruntled backbencher.

“We usually read about it in the papers. Is there resentment? Of course there is.”

Criticised: The PM's chief of staff, Peta Credlin.

Criticised: The PM’s chief of staff, Peta Credlin. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

A wide survey of Coalition MPs by Fairfax Media revealed a mixture of anger, disappointment and loyalty in response to questions about the recent outbreak of grumbling among government members, with Treasurer Joe Hockey a particular target.

Reports in News Corp newspapers this week have cited “growing support” within “senior ranks” for Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to take over from Treasurer Joe Hockey.

One minister scotched the reports and poured cold water on the idea of a major re-shuffle, while admitting that “if you’re this behind in the polls, people get a bit angsty”.

Illustration: Matt Golding.

Illustration: Matt Golding.

Another Liberal MP pointed the finger at senior ministers including Scott Morrison and Julie Bishop for being “indulgent” and “putting their ambition ahead of the government”, suggesting they were behind leaked criticisms of Hockey, criticisms the Treasurer acknowledged on Friday when he said that “when you have conversations with your colleagues asking them to live within their means, in their portfolios, some of them don’t like it”.

“It’s a lot of noise from a few voices,” the MP said.

Ms Bishop told Fairfax Media on Saturday: “I have absolutely not been behind any of it. I am committed to ensuring this government succeeds as a united and disciplined team.”

A source close to Mr Morrison rubbished the claims and said his sole focus was on passing the legislation that reintroduced temporary protection visas.

Another backbencher said that “where there has been disagreements, it’s about policy, not personalities” and rejected comparisons with the turmoil of the Rudd/Gillard years.

As for a Cabinet re-shuffle, “it’s really Tony and Peta’s decision, there’s no point pretending otherwise”, the MP said, referring to the Prime Minister and his chief of staff Peta Credlin, who has been criticised for a perceived excess of power within the government.

Several MPs defended the Treasurer, who is under great pressure to pass in the Senate the two key budget savings measures of the GP co-payment, and higher education reform, worth about $7 billion, amid deteriorating revenues due to falling iron ore prices.

“I don’t get the feeling people are overwhelmingly concerned,” said one senior Liberal of the government’s fortunes.

“There is a realisation that Joe has a very difficult job.”

Another MP said the Treasurer was “a very effective, passionate communicator” who had worked hard all year managing domestic economic issues by day and preparing for the G20 summit as his “night job”. One MP said that while there was “dissatisfaction with the way they budget has been sold, that hasn’t translated to wanting to get rid of people”.

Speaking on the ABC on Friday night, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer Steve Ciobo dismissed the speculation about the Treasurer as “tangential sideshow issues”.

But a backbencher said the government’s leadership team had a “fair bit of healing to do, not only with the constituency but with their own members”.

“I have no idea where we are with the co-payment. Every time I pick up the paper there is a different position”.

Within the government there is widespread acknowledgement the GP co-payment will not pass the Senate in its current form, but an insistence that Health Minister Peter Dutton continues to negotiate with the cross-bench to get it through with amendments. One idea mooted is to grant patients a number of free doctor visits before the co-payment kicks in.


Source : The Brisbane Times

This week’s wrap for frequent flyers

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Or if you’re working your way up the frequent flyer ladder, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of Velocity Platinum status, with nifty benefits such as free business class upgrades and elite hotel status with Hilton or IHG.

Also in this week’s wrap, Qantas Gold and Platinum Frequent Flyer members just picked up new perks when travelling across the Oneworld alliance, while all Qantas members can now join the Qantas Golf Club to earn points on the green.

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Qantas has launched its latest online community in the shape of the aptly-named Qantas Golf Club, aimed at frequent flyers who are also frequent golfers.

Members will be able to book tee times online at participating golf courses around Australia, earn Qantas Points for each round and, according to the airline, enjoy “access to exclusive golf events and tournaments.”

Read more: Earn frequent flyer points when you putt

Virgin Australia Velocity Platinum: the unofficial guide

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Source : Australian Business Traveller

Sydney Kings turn tables on NZ Breakers with convincing victory

December 6, 2014 – 10:45PM

Lisa Visentin

Power game: Sydney Kings guard Jason Cadee goes in for a lay-up against the NZ Breakers on Saturday night.

Power game: Sydney Kings guard Jason Cadee goes in for a lay-up against the NZ Breakers on Saturday night. Photo: Tamika Walker

Dazzling performances from star import Josh Childress and captain Ben Madgen delivered the Sydney Kings an emphatic 82-69 win over league leaders the New Zealand Breakers on Saturday.

The 13-point victory comes off the back of an 11-point loss to the Breakers just one week earlier in Auckland, bringing an end to the Breakers’ five-game winning streak.

In a physical and, at times, fiery matchup, the two sides produced a showdown which brought the Kingdome alive.

Speaking at the end of the game, Kings coach Damian Cotter praised the match as an exemplar of teamwork.

“The great thing about tonight is that I felt we had a lot of contributors,” he said, praising Madgen’s performance, as well as his bench players.

“We can’t expect Josh [Childress] to carry us like he did a few weeks ago,” Cotter said, adding that the star forward had been struggling with illness throughout the match.

“When you play New Zealand or Perth, you have to play four quarters. I thought the guys showed a lot of courage.”

A run of slick offensive plays gave the Kings the lead early in the first quarter, but an opportunity to stretch this lead to a dominant margin went begging with the ball failing to drop on a number of occasions.

Childress, the NBL player of the month for November, showed flashes of brilliance, stealing the ball from Breakers’ hands before running unchallenged to basket and finishing with a crowd-pleasing dunk.

At the end of the first team, the King held a narrow 19-18 lead.

The Breakers caught fire early in the second quarter, putting on 10 quick points to open up a five-point lead.

While a smart containment strategy by the Breakers kept Childress from taking control of the contest, the gun import once again proved indispensable to the Kings’ offence, slotting 10 points, including an impressive three pointer, to keep the home side in the match.

Complemented by a solid seven points from Madgen, the Kings headed into the half-time break with the scores tied at 36.

With a gruelling battle on their hands, both sides dug in in the third quarter, with rapid-fire end-to-end plays keeping the scores tight.

With a reputation as one of fastest offensive teams in the competition, the Breakers pushed the ball into the Kings defence, but there were more missed opportunities and blocks than brilliant offensive execution.

Capitalising on the turnovers, the Kings took the lead, Childress and Madgen asserted themselves on the match.

A decision by Cotter to call a timeout in the dying seconds of the quarter paid off, with Childress finding the net on the buzzer in a seamlessly executed play to stretch the home side’s lead to 59-51.


Source : The Canberra Times