Socceroos to play World Cup winners Germany

November 12, 2014 – 12:08AM

Socceroos striker Robbie Kruse is based in Germany.

Socceroos striker Robbie Kruse is based in Germany. Photo: Getty Images

World Cup winners Germany have scheduled friendly internationals against Australia and the United States next year in order to fine-tune preparations for their Euro 2016 qualifiers, Germany team manager Oliver Bierhoff said on Tuesday.

The Germans, third in Group D after only one win in three games, will face Australia in Kaiserslautern on March 25 four days before a qualifier in Georgia, Bierhoff said before realising these matches have not been officially announced.

“Sometimes you have to give facts,” he joked at a news conference before also announcing a friendly in June against the United States, coached by former Germany coach Juergen Klinsmann.

“It will be good to face Juergen’s team again,” said Bierhoff.

The game will be played in early June, before a June 13 qualifier in Gibraltar.



Source : The Canberra Times

Flight MH17: Tony Abbott confronts Vladimir Putin, calls for compensation

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott speaks with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the APEC leaders' summit in Beijing.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott speaks with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the APEC leaders’ summit in Beijing. Photo: AFP

BEIJING: Tony Abbott has confronted Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the APEC leaders’ summit in Beijing, holding him complicit in the downing of flight MH17 and calling for Russia to apologise and consider restitution.

The talks on Tuesday – originally billed as a serious confrontation over the MH17 atrocity – followed a few brief words on Monday evening.

Mr Abbott had famously promised to “shirtfront” the Russian strongman – known for his outdoor adventure-sports prowess – over Russian military involvement in the aircraft’s downing.

During a sharp 15 minutes, Mr Abbott pointed out that when the US had inadvertently shot down an airliner, it had apologised and paid financial compensation.

He commended that precedent to Mr Putin.

And living up to his “shirtfront” threat, he revealed directly to Mr Putin  that Australia was in possession of information suggesting that MH17 was destroyed by a missile from a launcher that had come out of Russia, was fired from inside Eastern Ukraine and then returned to Russia.

Mr Abbott noted that if  true, it would be a very serious matter.

The high-octane meeting, which made headlines around the world, was originally intended to take place in Brisbane at the G20.

Mr Abbott opted to confront the Russian President when it became clear he would not be successful in either convincing other world leaders to speak out against Mr Putin’s attendance in protest at the MH17 atrocity, nor in shaming Mr Putin into not attending.

With 38 Australians dead, the Abbott government had led the global outrage at the downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight over Ukraine by Russian-backed separatists using what was thought to be Russian-supplied weaponry.

But as the G20 loomed, Mr Abbott apparently thought better of having his own event overwhelmed by attention on the Russian confrontation and sought an earlier meeting on the sidelines of APEC. It was the Russians who confirmed the APEC meeting would go ahead.

Both sides apparently agreed to abide by UN Security Council resolution 2166, which requires full co-operation with the independent investigation.

It is just part of the unfinished business at this APEC summit.

Hopes of settling a historic free trade agreement with China in time for inking during the G20-related visit of President Xi Jinping next weekend are under strain, with last-minute hitches still threatening to delay resolution.

It is understood a deal that could turbocharge the $150 billion annual two-way trade is all but finalised save for a couple of sticking points.

These are thought to include Australian visa restrictions limiting the number of Chinese workers brought in to staff investment projects worth less than $2 billion.

It is understood Beijing wants the investment threshold lowered to allow Chinese workers in on smaller projects. The issue is fraught with political sensitivities for the Abbott government, with the opposition likely to complain against any deal that could be seen to put Chinese jobs ahead of Australian ones.

Asked about the policy in principle in Beijing, Trade Minister Andrew Robb assured Australians that no deal would be done to allow Chinese labour to undercut Australian labour by operating at lower rates than apply under Australian law.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who previously placed an end-of-year target on the protracted nine-year negotiation process, had hoped to be clear of the final hurdles by now, enabling a signing ceremony around President Xi’s visit and address to the Australian Parliament.

Government insiders remain confident that a deal will still be finalised in time for the visit.

While dairy and meat producers are expected to do well out of the agreement, which like its New Zealand forerunner phases out Chinese import tariffs over time, other areas may be less agreeable to Australia industry sectors.

Easing Chinese tourism restrictions into Australia has been a priority for Beijing after it secured the agreement of the Obama administration to ease access for Chinese nationals.

Currently, most Chinese tourists looking to enter Australia have to fill out pages of forms on family and travel history, acting as a strong disincentive to travel to Australia.

In a further development on the free trade front as the APEC meeting wound up, US President Barack Obama backed the Chinese proposal for a free trade agreement in the Asia Pacific.

Source : The Canberra Times

Algoz do MasterChef torturaria argentinos com Galvão Bueno

A chef argentina Paola Carosella, jurada do programa MasterChef, competição de culinária da Band
Por PAULO PACHECO, em 11/11/2014 · Atualizado às 12h06

Jurada do programa MasterChef, competição de culinária da Band, Paola Carosella afirma que escolheria Galvão Bueno para torturar argentinos. Em entrevista à revista Playboy, nas bancas a partir desta terça-feira (11), a chef de cozinha, que nasceu na Argentina e trabalha no Brasil há 14 anos, disse que usaria o locutor esportivo da Globo, e não a carne e o vinho brasileiros, para fazer os conterrâneos dela sofrerem.

“A carne brasileira é sensacional, mas por que você me faz falar mal do vinho brasileiro? Na verdade, se eu tivesse de escolher alguma coisa para torturar alguém, seria o Galvão Bueno (risos)”, disse a chef à revista.

Carosella também falou à publicação sobre o assédio que recebe em seu restaurante pela sua participação no MasterChef. Segundo a chef, os clientes a tietam, mas também não perdem a chance de alfinetá-la sobre a participação dela no programa. “Pedem foto para mim e depois dizem: ‘Nossa, mas você é uma chata, hein?'”, afirmou.

No MasterChef, Paola Carosella faz o estilo carrasco. Nos bastidores do programa, a chef de 41 anos recebeu o apelido de Cruella, referência à vilã do filme 101 Dálmatas (1996), da Disney.

A jurada da competição de culinária da Band disse à revista que rejeita o rótulo de “marrentos” que os brasileiros dão aos argentinos. “Idiotice não tem nacionalidade”, afirmou. “Agora, se os argentinos, os portenhos, têm esse estereótipo de arrogantes? Com certeza.”

Para a chef, o argentino não admite que alguém pode ser superior a ele. O brasileiro, ao contrário, está disposto a conhecer melhor o que não sabe. “Aqui no Brasil, as pessoas pensam: ‘Eu quero chegar lá e eu vou aprender’. Já o argentino pensa: ‘Eu quero chegar lá e eu vou te f… a vida porque eu estou morrendo de ciúme de você”, contou à Playboy.


O dente do siso desalinha os outros dentes ?


Verdade. Isso acontece porque se não existe espaço suficiente na boca, o siso vai empurrar os outros, prejudicando a mordida e até mesmo a estética.

― Se há espaço para ele nascer sem prejudicar o alinhamento dos outros dentes, não há necessidade dele ser extraído.