Ceará defeats Vila Nova in Goiânia : 5 – 1

Bill, Hélder Santos, Lulinha and Magno Alves (twice) scored the goals

O primeiro gol do Vozão foi marcado pelo atacante Bill, ainda no primeiro tempo da partida

The first goal of Vozão was scored by striker  Bill, still in the first half of the match
(Photo: State Agency)

On the evening of Tuesday, 09.30, Vozão  took the field to face the team of the Vila Nova, in a game for the 27th round of the Brazilian Championship Serie B 2014 The game started well disputed, but after making one x 0 the first time Ceará could take off in the final round and built the rout by 5 x 1.

The game started with Vozão leading danger to Vila Nova after just three minutes when Samuel Xavier received the right and crossed for Magno Alves, who has not reached. The response of  Vila Nova came with the shot from Paulinho, who left for the bottom line.

With 20 minutes, Xavier Samuel kicked crossed, but the goalkeeper managed to Vila Nova defense. Following Sandro tried twice but missed and failed to open the scoring. With 25 minutes Ricardinho free kick with force, but sent the right of the goal.

Ceara had possession, but could not marcar.At 30 minutes, Souza sought the kick placed, but sent over. Following Vicente felt severe pain in the right thigh and left to the input Hélder Santos. With the first phase coming to an end, and Eduardo Ricardinho ventured outside the area, but failed to pass by the goalkeeper André Luiz.

The Vila Nova pressed in the final minutes, but the two kicks Cristiano did not pass by Luis Carlos, which worked well. In stoppage, Magno Alves tabled with Hélder Santos and struck, however, the goalkeeper palmed André Luiz rebound and gave to Bill, who appeared well in the area and made 1 x 0, the last chance of the first half.

For the final step, the Most Wanted soon returned expanding the lead, and with only one minute of play, Xavier Samuel as he crossed for Hélder Santos, who anticipated the defense and made 2 x 0 when the good advantage did not last long and five minutes into the second half, Leonardo made ​​the move and struck, hitting the right corner of Luis Carlos, who could do nothing.

After 12 minutes, Hélder Santos gave “pen” on the opponent and crossed for Magno Alves, who dominated beautiful and touched the heel to Ricardinho. The shirt 8 kicked first, but the keeper palmed André Luiz saving. Feeling his good time, the Vozão left to attack, Ceará expanded. With 14 minutes played to Eduardo Souza, who kicked first. The ball was right address, but Magno Alves managed to swerve and took every chance the goalkeeper, who saw another ball stewing networks.

With 3 x 1 at the break, coach Sérgio Soares took Eduardo Souza and putting Lulinha and Amaral, respectively. The team won defensive power and went out to attack with more speed. After 29 minutes, Magno Alves crossing Ricardinho and received strong header, but the ball was cleared over the end line. The next move, John Mark ventured outside the area, but sent over.

The goalkeeper Luís Carlos only had to work 36 minutes when Jaime took a free kick and the shirt 1 Dearest held tight. A minute later, on the counterattack, Ricardinho received the left wing and crossed to the extent Lulinha, which sent him to the back of the net.

The 4 x 1 decreed tranquility for Alvinegros, which started play exchanging passes, however, after 42 minutes, Magno Alves took faltering defense of the New Town, stole the ball, passed the goalkeeper André Luiz and sent to the bottom of networks, ensuring victory by 5 x 1.

The result led to the Ceará Alvinegro 46 points in the Brazilian Championship Serie B table in 2014, keeping alive Vozão in the fight for one of the vacancies in G-4. Now, Ceará team will have a week to work and prepare for the game before the Sampaio Corrêa, next Tuesday, 7.10 at Arena Castelao.


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