The Bachelor recap: Two dates, two kisses, two eliminations

September 5, 2014 – 9:43AM

Candice Barnes

Entertainment reporter

Blake uses his grooviest pick-up lines on Sam: "I really dig you."

Blake uses his grooviest pick-up lines on Sam: “I really dig you.” Photo: Supplied

Everyone’s getting along so well since grumpy Amber left, so Osher wasted no time in stirring up a little drama with two date cards – a single date and a group date.

Newbies Rachel and Mary hadn’t enjoyed a single date yet, but their suffering was prolonged when Jessica was awarded her second for the series.

“I have the feeling that I think some of the girls are a bit intimidated and that’s sad because I don’t want to threaten anyone, I’m here for love,” Jess crooned.

Blake with Sam on a Sydney Harbour cruise.

Blake with Sam on a Sydney Harbour cruise. Photo: Supplied

Lisa wasn’t fazed as she explained why she preferred group dates – because she can snoop on the others and see who has a “connection” with Blake.

The new girls were thrown a bone and were included in the group date along with Lisa, Zoe, Sam and Chantal.

“Blake has arranged for this stunning yacht the Oscar II to sail around Sydney Harbour,” Sam said.

No, he had arranged nothing. Probably not even the stupid hat he was wearing on the boat, which the girls insisted was “adorable”.

“Hopefully, he walks up here with no shirt on,” one of the girls piped up. Well, ask and ye shall receive – the producers promptly send Blake back up to the deck sans shirt.

Blake sauntered over to the group and fixed his half smile in Rachel’s general direction.

“How are you doing there, Rach?”


“How was your birthday weekend?”


“Do you want to come for a walk and tell me all about it?”


Talk about making it hard on the guy. There are five other bombshells sitting next to you and that was your moment of brilliance?

It didn’t get much better.

“Do you like boats, water?” she said.

Really? That and 20 questions about where Blake “wants to settle” and “exactly what he’s looking for”? No wonder he thought Rachel was “a little off” and that talking to her was “like an interview”.

Pack your bags, sister, you just sent yourself home.

Now Sam, she gets it. Blake summoned her for a little tete-a-tete complete with sunscreen to rub onto her poor, vulnerable shoulders.

The only things greasier than the sunscreen were Blake’s pick up lines.

“Have faith in what we have together… I really dig you,” he told Sam.

Groovy, baby.

“Say all of this ended tomorrow and it was just you and I – how would you feel about that?”

Cue the sound of scared Sam’s emotional wall being broken down.

“I didn’t realise how brilliant you were going to be. You’re brilliant and you’re funny and you’re gorgeous. I didn’t even realise people like you exist,” she gushed.

For that little monologue, Sam scored herself a rose and a free pass to the next episode.

Back at the not-Blake’s-mansion, Laurina seemed on the verge of developing a jealousy-induced eye twitch.

“Jess is probably the only girl in the house I’m uncomfortable him being on a date with,” she said.

“It just irks me that sometimes there can be too much sex and sensuality in her voice.”

New girl Mary said she didn’t know her feelings but wouldn’t approach Blake because it’s “not her nature”. Well then, pack your bags too.

Jessica conveniently skinned a polar bear and raided Spotlight’s offcuts section, and came up with a sequinned dress and fascinator for her daytime date.

“I know you have classic tastes and old fashioned values and today I want to pull all that together and take us back in time,” said Blake of the date he certainly did not organise.

It was all aboard the train to kissy-town as the pair settled into high tea aboard a historic steam train (no dirty street pie here…) and whispered sweet nothings to each other.

For some reason, this was the time to introduce an underwhelming backstory of Jess’s quiet strength gained through having a prematurely born younger sister and unhealthy relationships.

Absolutely that sucks, but there’s no pity vote on The Bachelor.

Regardless of her struggles, Jess told Blake she wanted “love in my life but I’m prepared to wait”.

Cue Blake’s second smooth line of the episode. “Would you like to share that with me?”

One makeout session later, and they moved the party to a dinghy where Blake kept the sweet words flowing.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” he asked.

Jessica laughed in response – happy with a tinge of ‘I’ve got you now, my pretty’.

She walked back into the fancy share house with a rose and straight into Laurina’s forcefield of wrath.

“I would not liked to have worn that dress, it was a bit nanna-y from the waist up,” Laurina said.

All the while, Louise was concocting a serious plan to ditch her signature red lipstick and trick Blake into thinking he had a new plaything at the cocktail party. It worked a treat and she got a little alone time.

Lisa was feeling a little left out and put the hard word on Blake for a bit of reassurance.

“I do have feelings for you and they are still there,” he told her, and sealed it with a quick kiss, which meant she returned to the group with a smile like a Cheshire cat.

That didn’t sit right with Jess, who proceeded to “bump into” Blake in the hallway and coax him outside for a little cuddle in full view of the others. Well played.

Two of the new girls were obviously ditched in the rose ceremony, leaving one new girl left. Lauren, either bring the love or bring the crazy to stand a chance of surviving next week.

Source : The Age

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