Robin Williams found dead, aged 63

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Robin Williams
Robin Williams

Robin Williams, the Academy Award winner and comic supernova whose explosions of pop culture riffs and impressions dazzled audiences for decades and made him a gleamy-eyed laureate for the Information Age, has died in an apparent suicide. He was 63.

Williams was pronounced dead at his home in California, according to the sheriff’s office in Marin County, north of San Francisco. The sheriff’s office said a preliminary investigation shows the cause of death to be a suspected suicide.

Investigators said Williams was last seen alive at his home, which he shared with his wife about 10pm on Sunday.

“Robin Williams passed away this morning. He has been battling severe depression of late,” Mara Buxbaum said in a statement.

“This is a tragic and sudden loss. The family respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time.”

Heartbroken wife Susan Schneider urged the father-of-three’s millions of fans to remember his genius for creating laughter.

“This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings,” said Schneider, who became the actor’s third wife when the couple married in 2011.

“I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief.

“As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

Robin Williams performs at the Vector arena, Auckland. Photo / Michael Craig

From his breakthrough in the late 1970s as the alien in the hit TV show Mork and Mindy, through his standup act and such films as Good Morning, Vietnam, the short, barrel-chested Williams ranted and shouted as if just sprung from solitary confinement. Loud, fast, manic, he parodied everyone from John Wayne to Keith Richards, impersonating a Russian immigrant as easily as a pack of Nazi attack dogs.

He was a riot in drag in Mrs Doubtfire, or as a cartoon genie in Aladdin. He won his Academy Award in a rare, but equally intense dramatic role, as a teacher in the 1997 film Good Will Hunting.

Robin Williams pictured as Mrs Doubtfire.

He was no less on fire in interviews. During a 1989 chat with The Associated Press, he could barely stay seated in his hotel room, or even mention the film he was supposed to promote, as he free-associated about comedy and the cosmos.

“There’s an Ice Age coming,” he said. “But the good news is there’ll be daiquiris for everyone and the Ice Capades will be everywhere. The lobster will keep for at least 100 years, that’s the good news. The Swanson dinners will last a whole millennium. The bad news is the house will basically be in Arkansas.”

Like so many funnymen, he had serious ambitions, winning his Oscar for his portrayal of an empathetic therapist in Good Will Hunting. He also played for tears in Awakenings, Dead Poets Society and What Dreams May Come, something that led New York Times critic Stephen Holden to once say he dreaded seeing the actor’s “Humpty Dumpty grin and crinkly moist eyes.”

Robin Williams holding his Oscar high backstage at the 70th Academy Awards in 1998. Photo / AP

Williams also won three Golden Globes, for Good Morning, Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire and The Fisher King.

His other film credits included Robert Altman’s Popeye (a box office bomb), Paul Mazursky’s Moscow on the Hudson, Steven Spielberg’s Hook and Woody Allen’sDeconstructing Harry. On stage, Williams joined fellow comedian Steve Martin in a 1988 Broadway revival of Waiting for Godot.

Source = The New Zealand Herawld

Record comemora audiência do “Programa da Sabrina” do dia 09.08.2014

Record comemora audiência do "Programa da Sabrina" do último sábado


A Record está comemorando a audiência do “Programa da Sabrina” do último sábado (09).

No ar entre 20h29 e 23h02, a atração registrou 7 pontos de média com pico de 9, garantindo o segundo lugar isolado, contra 5 do SBT, segundo dados consolidados do Ibope na Grande SP.

O programa da Japa se destacou com o quadro “Busão da Sabrina”, onde recebeu o apresentador Raul Gil para um passeio por lugares que foram importantes em sua trajetória, em São Paulo.

Eles visitaram, entre outros locais, a casa em que Raul morou, na Vila Prudente, a empresa de ônibus onde trabalhou e até a antiga sede da Rede Record na Avenida Miruna, onde esteve em 1986. No caminho, muitas surpresas e o reencontro com pessoas especiais.

Contratado do SBT, Raul Gil participou do “Programa da Sabrina” após um acordo em que Sabrina Sato também irá à sua atração na emissora de Silvio Santos. As gravações estão marcadas para ocorrer no próximo dia 22.



A Qantas degustation: sampling the A380 first class tasting menu

A Qantas degustation: sampling the A380 first class tasting menu

The ten course tasting menu offered in first class on Qantas’ flagship Airbus A380 superjumbo is closer to something you’d expect from a Michelin-starred restaurant on the ground than flying high at 40,000 feet… and with sommeliers to pair up dishes with the perfect wines, you’ll be forgiven for blurring the lines between the two.

Join Australian Business Traveller as we work our way through the mouth-watering tasting menu on a recent Sydney-Hong Kong flight in Qantas first class.

A first class welcome

We had to hold back during the preflight visit to the Qantas First Lounge – no mean feat when you’re in one of the world’s best first class lounges and tempted by the seasonal winter menu.

After boarding the Qantas A380 and settling into our first class suite, out came warm nuts, fresh olives and aglass of the sumptuous 2004 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs.

With a crystal-like boldness infused with a vibrant, well-balanced mix of citrus, white peach and hints of gun smoke, it’s the perfect way kick off a truly 5-star meal.

Both the prawn toast and the crostino with porcini mushroom pâté and cornichons arrive shortly after departure – of course, with morechampagne…

On today’s flight, the prawn toast is a great sample of the gastronomic delights that await our arrival in Hong Kong, layering an appetising mix of ginger, garlic, shallots, sesame oil, fish sauce and king prawns between thinly-sliced, crumbed and fried sourdough bread with a side of sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Then, it’s on to the pâté… grounded by a mix of sautéed button, Swiss and shiitake mushrooms, thyme, port, lemon juice, reconstituted porcini mushrooms and topped with cornichons, we’re left wanting to ‘sample’ just a few more of these tasty treats…

Nevertheless, it’s time to set the table for the courses to follow, which the crew do impeccably:

Starting us off is a glass of the 2011 Lost Valley Cortese

With its crisp and zesty citrus tones, it’s the perfect wine to both match and transition away from the Taittinger… but for the caramelised fennel and onion soup with croutons, we’ll finish out the bubbly.

This is where on-board meal preparation really becomes noticeable – the croutons aren’t mushy in the slightest, and come together with both vegetable stock and crème fraiche to complete the dish, seasoned before our eyes.

On the side is a warm roll for dipping, but we found the combination of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Pepe Saya butter stood well on its own.

The main courses…

Intertwined into today’s tasting is a seasonal dish: garlic and herb butter Moreton Bay bugs.

You won’t find this one anywhere on the menu, although as we also discovered with the Qantas First Lounge wine list, it never hurts to ask what else might be available.

Served with a celeriac purée and contrasting grilled, whole green shallots, it comes as fresh and juicy as you’d expect on the ground, and matches perfectly with the Lost Valley Cortese we’d sneakily ordered in advance.

Back to the ‘regular’ first class fare, it’s time for the pastrami with grilled vegetable salad

It’s served with a salad of chargrilled capsicums, sweet potato, green zucchini and slow roasted tomato, topped off with a smidgeon of goats curd and a mix of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil to give the meat a nice little kick.

There’s still plenty of time to spare before landing…

… so we took the chance to try two of the reds aside the pastrami – the2010 Paringa Estate Pinot Noir, and the 2010 Tyrrell’s Wines Vat 9 Hunter Valley Shiraz:

The ever-so-slight mellifluousness of the Mornington Peninsula pinot noir, brought about by a powerful palate of plump strawberries, red cherries and silky tannins, makes it a better complement to the sweetness of the pastrami.

While still enticing, the darker Hunter shiraz is best saved for the next course…

Now comes the difficult decision – it’s a choice of a seared blue-eye with XO sauce with stir-fried oyster mushrooms, Asian greens and fragrant rice, or a Rockpool Bar & Grill-style grilled lamb loin with fregola, almond and preserved lemon, chimichurri sauce and cauliflower gratin.

It’s a tough call, but with plenty of Asian-style meals awaiting us in Hong Kong, the lamb is one of the Flying Kangaroo’s can’t-pass dishes…

… plus, it comes with the deliciously cheesy cauliflower gratin…

… and a salad of baby cos, radicchio and frisée with palm sugar vinaigrette.

Incredibly tender and cooked to perfection, the lamb was a real winner. Even though you’ll find a similar dish on the business class menu (instead with pumpkin almond couscous and chimichurri sauce), it doesn’t detract from the first class experience in the slightest.

In fact, that’s also true of a number of the menu items, such as the caramelised fennel and onion soup and the pastrami plate – which also aren’t exclusive to first class. Yet, with the standards so impeccably high and with more to choose from than merely ‘starter, main and dessert’, the tasting menu is definitely worth making room for.

That brings us to the cauliflower gratin on the side, which is best likened to the ‘dinner’ version of a well-made crème brûlée… a crisp layer of cheese and breadcrumbs blankets the dish, while underneath lays a succulent bed of cauliflower.

You’ll want to taste them all together, and even if your (admittedly spoiled) children are joining you in first class, we can’t envision even the fussiest of vegetable eaters passing on this gourmet masterpiece.

Just desserts…

Like most seasoned foodies, we reserve a ‘separate stomach’ for dessert. Hey, with a cheese plate this decadent, it’s near-essential…

On the menu today is a firm and fruity Jurassic d’Été Affiné, made from the milk of cows grazing in the Jura Mountains in France, Switzerland and Germany and left to ripen over 10-14 months.

We’re also treated to a four-week-old Italian Saporini – a soft, white mould cheese drawn from the milk of cows, sheep and goats – and a tasty French Roquefort, aged for three months.

If the cheese, strawberries and cream and other accompaniments don’t satisfy your sweet tooth, you could of course lean towards the baked rhubarb and apple shortcake with double cream – but we’ll save that one for next time.

For a light, more acidic match to the cheese plate, try a drop of the 2008 Lillypilly Noble Blend dessert wine, with poignant yet pleasing cues of passionfruit, lychees, pineapple and tropical fruit. Or, for something darker and more debonair, you simply can’t pass up the Seppeltsfield Paramount Collection Rare Tokay.

Capping off a great meal are handmade Cacao chocolates – including a scrumptious and smooth coffee/caramel ganache…

… along with a choice of espresso coffee.

But wait, there’s more…

And, if you’re still not ready to burst, you can order the signature steak sandwich with tomato and chilli relish at any time throughout the flight.

Served on a warm, French-style baguette with fresh rocket leaves, a minute steak joins with a rustic, ‘homemade’ tomato and chilli relish to form the centrepiece of Qantas’ premier inflight menu.

With so much food to devour on board, you’ll want to stick to a light meal in the Qantas First Lounge, or risk struggling to squeeze in those last few chocolates and skipping the delightful steak sandwich later in the flight…

Chris Chamberlin travelled first class on the Qantas A380 at his own expense (but like any savvy frequent flyer, he bought the ticket with points rather than cash.)

Source : Australian Business Traveller

Air New Zealand pushes back Boeing 777-200 upgrade plan

Air New Zealand pushes back Boeing 777-200 upgrade plan


Air New Zealand says the refurbishment of its Boeing 777-200 fleet won’t be complete until the second half of 2015, despite a previous and admittedly ambitious pledge by airline CEO Chris Luxon that all eight jets would be refreshed by the end of this year.

The upgrade will see the long-range aircraft, which fly to destinations in Asia and North America, receive new seats from tip to tail, including the innovative fold-out Skycouch  in economy and the same premium economy (below) as introduced on the Kiwi carrier’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.


The 777-200s will also get an all-new inflight entertainment system similar to that of the Boeing 787 with touchscreens, extra features and a slick new app-based design.


The first of the buffed-up Boeings is already in maintenance but “it’s looking like the second half of next year” before its seven siblings have received their make-over, says Air New Zealand’s Boeing 787 programme director Kerry Reeves.

“Our original target was to get all the aircraft done as quickly as we could but for a number of reasons – network demand, availability of all the material and seats and so on – we delayed starting on the first one,” Reeves explains.

“And then for subsequent ones, we couldn’t always get the aircraft during that time we wanted.”

“The demand at various times of the year means we have to do them in blocks, and so it’s probably going to be second half of next year before we have the whole fleet completed.”

Each jet will be turned around in six weeks.

“For the first one we plan on about nine weeks, because it’s the first to be done and there are a lot of initial certification processes to go through,” Reeves says.

“Once you’re through that the rest of them can be done quite quickly. Once we get to an optimised level we’re planning on six weeks for each Boeing 777.”

One of the early routes for the revamped Boeing 777-200s will be a daily service between Auckland and Singapore, which could be launched towards the end of this year as part of the new alliance between Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines.

More premium than economy…

The biggest advance will be in premium economy, which will see the Boeing 777-200s fitted with the same seats as the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

“Today the Boeing 777s have our original premium economy that started in 2005, which is basically an economy seat with more legroom” Reeves says.

The later model seats, which are based on the same design from seatmaker Zodiac Aerospace which Cathay Pacific uses for its own premium economy cabins, are 19.3 inches wide with a 5 inch wide shared armrest.

Each seat will get its own AC socket, located near the floor at the front of the seat…

… while a USB socket sits under the 11 inch touchscreen.

While the USB port doesn’t have sufficient juice to recharge a tablet, there’s enough to keep the battery topped up during flight rather than running down as you watch movies, play games or flip through the pages of an e-magazine.


Source : Australian Business Traveller

Sub-21: Alexandre Gallo chama atletas com idade olímpica para três amistosos no Catar

Treinador convoca 11 atletas que atuam na Europa, entre eles Marquinhos, do PSG, para jogos na mesma data-Fifa em que equipe principal vai atuar nos Estados Unidos

Marquinhos PSG brasil torneio de toulon (Foto: Agência Getty Images)

Marquinhos vai defender novamente uma equipe comandada por Gallo (Foto: Agência Getty Images)

O técnico Alexandre Gallo convocou nesta segunda-feira a seleção brasileira sub-21. A equipe vai disputar três amistosos no Catar entre os dias 1º e 10 de setembro – mesma data-Fifa em que a equipe principal, comandada por Dunga, vai atuar nos Estados Unidos. Os rivais são Egito, Catar e Líbano. Os destaque da lista são o zagueiro Marquinhos, do Paris Saint-Germain, o meia Rafael Alcântara, do Barcelona, e o atacante Vitinho, do CSKA, da Rússia.

Os amistosos vão servir para o treinador analisar o desempenho dos atletas nos amistosos.Vale lembrar que os atletas sub-21 terão idade para disputar os Jogos Olímpicos de 2016, no Rio de Janeiro. Além disso, as partidas darão experiência internacional aos convocados e a chance de disputar partidas pela seleção brasileira.

Em entrevista ao, Gallo já havia falado da intenção de fazer mais jogos com os atletas que vão formar a equipe olímpica. Essa é a primeira convocação do treinador para um período de trabalho simultâneo ao da seleção principal.

– Todos eles jogam como profissionais e a chance de fazermos jogos internacionais é importante. Esses jogos internacionais é que nos dão a chance de entrar forte numa competição com força.

Para os amistosos no Catar, Gallo convocou 11 jogadores que atuam no futebol europeu. Do Brasil, o Internacional foi quem mais cedeu atletas na lista do treinador: o goleiro Jacsson, o lateral-direito Gilberto e o atacante Gilberto.

Os atletas que atuam no Brasil e foram convocados para os amistosos vão perder duas rodadas do Campeonato Brasileiro.

Confira abaixo a lista de convocados:

Ederson (Rio Ave-POR)
Jacsson (Internacional)

Dória (Botafogo)
Marquinhos (Paris Saint-Germain)
Vinicius (Lazio)
Wallace (Braga-POR)

Fabinho (Monaco)
Gilberto (Internacional)
Wendell (Bayer Leverkusen)
Douglas Santos (Udinese)

Alison (Santos)
Danilo (Braga-POR)
Lucas Silva (Cruzeiro)
José Wellison (Vitória)
Luan (Grêmio)
Rafael Alcântara (Barcelona)

Ademilson (São Paulo)
Alisson (Cruzeiro)
Douglas Coutinho (Atlético-PR)
Otávio (Internacional)
Vinicius Araújo (Valencia)
Vitinho (CSKA)



New election mooted to bust budget impasse

August 12, 2014

James Massola

Former Reserve Bank board member Warwick McKibbin has suggested a new election may be needed to resolve the Senate impasse holding up key budget savings, as he lashed the political populism of the Greens and Palmer United Party.

And Bank of America Merrill Lynch economist Saul Eslake has suggested a mini-budget was ”one of the options the government needs to think about” as consumer confidence falls, unemployment rises to 6.4 per cent and, if the political uncertainty continues, business confidence potentially falls.

The comments came ahead of a scheduled meeting between Joe Hockey and PUP leader Clive Palmer on Tuesday, with the Treasurer rejecting former treasurer Peter Costello’s call to drop the proposed $7 GP co-payment and declaring budget critics should not write off key measures.

Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey

Treasurer Joe Hockey has started negotiations with crossbenchers to try and get his budget through. Photo: Reuters

Professor McKibbin told Fairfax Media that by blocking a suite of key savings, the crossbench had held Australia back from tackling longer-term fiscal challenges.

”The politicking of minority parties has done damage to the economy and over time that can build up. Firms can’t make decisions because of uncertainty and uncertainty is damaging consumer confidence,” he said.

”At a macro level the budget is about right, we need to stabilise debt and trim back expenditure,” he said.

The government ”needs to better explain why they have put in place measures” such as the $7 GP co-payment and that Labor’s adoption of Tony Abbott’s opposition strategy was ”good politics but has caused damage to the economy”. But he added: ”It’s the populist parties like Palmer or the Greens [blocking reform].”

”I would like to see a new election and a Senate truly representative of the Australian people.”

Mr Eslake said from a ”top-down” perspective the budget had dealt with the growing long-term gap between expenditure and revenue, but fairness questions remained. ”They can continue to put the case for these measures and hope they can persuade people. Or they could make concessions to opposition and minor parties.”

Both Professor McKibbin and Mr Eslake said they considered a double dissolution unlikely.

Commonwealth Bank chief economist Michael Blythe said the Treasurer needed to be pragmatic about what could be passed ”either in negotiations, or in terms of recasting the budget”.

”When you add up what has been rejected by the Senate and what will be rejected, there won’t be much left … business confidence has held up but business doesn’t like uncertainty,” he said.

HSBC chief economist Paul Bloxham said it was ”increasingly unlikely” the budget would be passed in its current form but rather than a mini-budget, the government should ”negotiate on the basis of what has been proposed”.

Mr Hockey has been meeting with the crossbench for the past fortnight to win support for about $40 billion in structural budget changes, including the proposed GP co-payment, the repeal of the mining tax, the fuel excise increase and higher education changes.

”Most of the budget is actually already gone through the Parliament we are now … dealing with the major policy issues that make the budget sustainable over the medium and long term,” he told the ABC, saying Labor had publicly opposed the deficit levy and then voted for it.

Ahead of his meeting with the Treasurer, Mr Palmer said the government needed to rethink its contractionary budget strategy.

”There needs to be a mini-budget to create confidence or a double dissolution. The uncertainty is bad for business,” he said.

Source : The Sydney Morning Herald

Andréia Horta sobre estreia no horário nobre: “a vitrine é maior”

Andréia Horta sobre estreia no horário nobre: "a vitrine é maior"

A atriz Andréia Horta, atualmente no ar como Maria Clara na novela “Império“, falou sobre a sua estreia em horário nobre e também sobre as características de sua personagem.

Em entrevista para o jornal Extra, Andreia comentou que não há muita diferença entre os outros horários que fez, a não ser pelo número de pessoas que assistem: “Acho que é o número de pessoas que assistem. Às nove, a vitrine é maior. A exposição é maior”.

Ela disse que não mudaria nada na personalidade de sua personagem: “Não mudaria nada! Estou muito curiosa para saber como ela vai se comportar na disputa pelo poder. Acho que vem muita coisa boa por aí!”.

Sobre sua vida pessoal, a atriz comentou que gosta de cozinhar e comer pratos novos: “Adoro comer (risos)! Eu me arrisco pouco na cozinha, mas, quando me dedico e dá certo, fico radiante! Amo experimentar pratos novos”.

Por fim, Andreia disse que começou a dar mais valor ao design das joias por causa da novela: “Passei a observar com mais atenção e a dar mais valor ao desenho da joia e à escolha dos materiais, além de sempre querer saber quem é o designer das peças”.

“Império” tem marcado médias entre 31 e 33 pontos de audiência na Grande São Paulo, e está sendo bastante elogiada pelo público e crítica.



Consolidados GRANDE SP 10.08.2014


O programa de Fausto Silva, embalado pela “Dança dos Famosos”, conseguiu registrar 18 pontos. O primeiro lugar sequer foi ameaçado.

Esquenta – 9
Temperatura Máxima – 10
Campeonato Brasileiro – 16
Domingão do Faustão – 18
Fantástico – 18
24 Horas – 9


A Record teve alta com o “Domingo Espetacular”, marcando 11 pontos. Vice-líder.

Domingo Show – 7
Hora do Faro – 7
Domingo Espetacular – 11


Muito mal o SBT no domingo. Eliana e Portiolli ficaram no terceiro lugar e viram a Record distanciar com margem de 2 pontos.

Domingo Legal – 5
Eliana – 6
Roda a Roda – 7
Programa Silvio Santos – 9


A Band foi bem com a partida do Campeonato Brasileiro. Se aproximou do SBT. Deu 5.

Campeonato Brasileiro – 5
Terceiro Tempo – 3
Top 20 – 2
Pânico na Band – 5



Consolidados GRANDE SP 09.08.2014



No sábado, as novelas da Globo tiveram ligeiro aumento. Menos “Império”, que deu míseros 27,5 pontos.

Estrelas – 10
Cine Fã Clube – 10,5
Caldeirão do Huck – 13
Boogie Oogie – 20
SPTV – 20
Geração Brasil – 19
Jornal Nacional – 24
Império – 27,5
Zorra Total – 19
Altas Horas – 11


A Record conquistou o segundo lugar tradicional com as duas atrações de auditório. O programa de Sabrina Sato e Marcos Mion deram 7 pontos de média.

Cidade Alerta – 6
Jornal da Record – 6
Programa da Sabrina – 7
Legendários – 7


O filme do “Cine Família” surpreendeu. Deu 7 pontos de média. Um dos índices mais altos das últimas semanas. O “Caso Encerrado” foi bem e marcou 4.
Já “Supernanny” deu míseros 3 de média.

Programa Raul Gil – 4
Supernanny – 3
Chaves – 3
SBT Brasil – 4
Patrulha Salvadora – 4
Esquadrão da Moda – 4
Cine Família – 7
Caso Encerrado – 4
Cine Belas-Artes – 3


O “Miss São Paulo” deu 2 pontos de média, nada muito diferente do que os filmes do “Top cine” marcam no mesmo horário.

Brasil Urgente – 2
Jornal da Band – 2
CQC – 1
Miss São Paulo – 2


Consolidados GRANDE SP 08.08.2014




A Globo só viu os dois dígitos de média depois das 6 horas da tarde com “Malhação”. Até a reprise do “Vale a Pena” micou 9 pontos, recorde negativo da trama.
“Boogie” e “Geração Brasil” não decolaram e tiveram 17 pontos no Ibope.

Jornal Hoje – 8
Vídeo Show – 7
Vôlei – 7
Cobras & Lagartos – 9
Malhação – 12
Boogie Oogie – 17
SPTV – 18
Geração Brasil – 17
Jornal Nacional – 23
Império – 30
Globo Repórter – 20
O Rebu – 13


A Record teve alta com o “Cidade Alerta”. Beirou os dois dígitos de média em mais de três horas de duração.

Hoje em Dia – 3
Balanço Geral – 3
Programa da Tarde – 5
Cidade Alerta – 9
Jornal da Record – 7
Vitória – 5
José do Egito – 7


No SBT, apenas “Chiquititas” se saiu bem. “Rebelde” caiu demais. Deu só 5.

Bom Dia & Cia – 5
Um Maluco no Pedaço – 6
Eu, a Patroa e as Crianças – 6
Casos de Família – 5
Esmeralda – 5
Meu Pecado – 4
A Feia mais Bela – 4
Chaves – 7
SBT Brasil – 7
Chiquititas – 11
Rebelde – 5
Programa do Ratinho – 6
Tela de Sucessos – 6
The Noite – 5


Na Band, nenhuma alteração no Ibope.

Tá na Tela – 3
Brasil Urgente – 4
Jornal da Band – 3
Os Simpsons – 2
Pânico na Band – 2