Flavio Ricco comments about end of one homosexual love triangle within the TV Globo

Came to an end a novel on our television with all the ingredients of a tearjerker of a new era …
In … “roadmap” starring two boys and an almost sir, betrayals and lots of crying …
… But the central photographer of this drama already showing signs of recovery. Gave the call back over and is on the attack again.

Flávio Ricco with José Carlos Nery help

Cacau Protásio é chamada para nova novela de João Emanuel Carneiro

Cacau Protásio é chamada para nova novela de João Emanuel Carneiro

Divulgação/TV Globo

Considerada um dos destaques da novela“Avenida Brasil”, onde foi a empregada Zezé, Cacau Protásio repetirá a parceria com João Emanuel Carneiro.

Segundo a jornalista Patrícia Kogut, a diretora da próxima novela do autor, Amora Mautner, chamou Cacau para um papel na trama e ela já está praticamente confirmada no folhetim, que só estreia no segundo semestre de 2015.

A convocação da atriz foi, sim, um pedido de João Emanuel, que gosta da veia cômica da atriz. Depois de “Avenida Brasil“, Cacau emplacou um papel de destaque na série “Vai que Cola“, do Multishow, onde atuou junto com Paulo Gustavo.

Além dela, outra atriz deve participar da novela: trata-se de Susana Vieira. O novelista já disse que gostaria de tê-la em um papel de destaque em alguma trama sua.

nova novela de João Emanuel Carneiro terá direção geral e de núcleo de Amora Mautner, e deve ir ao ar após a trama de Gilberto Braga, Ricardo Linhares e João Ximenes Braga, que será a substituta de “Império”, de Aguinaldo Silva, que por sua vez estreia em julho deste ano.


Tim Cahill wants to play on under Ange Postecoglou

June 20, 2014 – 7:49AM

Steve Larkin

VITORIA: Ange Postecoglou’s brave vision has convinced celebrated striker Tim Cahill to extend his peerless Socceroos career.

Cahill wants to play at the Asian Cup on home turf next year, believing coach Postecoglou saved him from the international scrapheap.

“Without his vision, I could never have chased this dream of a third World Cup,” Cahill told reporters in Vitoria on Thursday.

Rejuvenated: Tim Cahill says Ange Postecoglou has inspired him.

Rejuvenated: Tim Cahill says Ange Postecoglou has inspired him. Photo: AFP

“He believed in me. Who knows if anyone believed in me the same way Ange has.

“Who knows if I would have scored these goals, because possibly under any other manager … (they) might have thought I was over the hill.”

Cahill is suspended for Australia’s last fixture at the Brazil World Cup, a battle with fellow winless nation Spain in Curitiba on Monday (Tuesday AEST).

Tim Cahill celebrates that goal against the Netherlands.

Tim Cahill celebrates that goal against the Netherlands. Photo: AFP

The 34-year-old’s World Cup career finishes on a high note, scoring a superb volley goal in Australia’s 3-2 loss to the Netherlands on Wednesday.

“I capped my World Cups off with one of the most memorable moments in my lifetime, one of the goals everyone is talking about as one of the goals of the tournament,” Cahill said.

Postecoglou said Cahill’s absence for the Spain fixture won’t change his mantra: attack, and measure Australia against the world’s best.

“Timmy is out, somebody else will come in and we’ll go at it again,” Postecoglou said.

“Our approach won’t change. We want to go into that game and prove to people that we can play good football against the best in the world.”

Australia’s classy display against the Dutch won rave worldwide reviews, with Cahill saying Postecoglou must take the credit.

“I can’t thank the boss (enough), especially for believing in us and our ability and trusting it,” he said.

“Regardless of what happens out there, he’ll carry the can. It takes a brave man to do that.

“Not many managers I have played under would take full responsibility on his belief on the way to play football.”

Cahill, suspended for receiving a yellow card in Australia’s 3-1 loss to Chile – when he also scored – and another against the Dutch, anointed A-League striker Adam Taggart as his replacement.

The 21-year-old Newcastle Jets marksman has only six international caps, but Cahill said was among the players to carry Australia in a Postecoglou-led future.

“Tags is young kid who can finish, he is raw, but this is what dreams are made of,” he said.

“If he hits the back of the net he could be the next superstar of Australian football.”

Cahill said the accomplished World Cup displays of other international novices such as Jason Davidson, Matthew Spiranovic and Matthew Leckie were signs of a bright new era for the Socceroos.

“I have been impressed with some of these youngsters,” he said.

“The way Leckie has played, the kid is a machine.

“These boys, given the opportunity in Europe, given the opportunity on the world stage … I would really like to see some of our boys getting analysed and seeing what they can do.

“I am just proud of what they have showed. They have stood up and been counted. Hopefully they will get their shot at the title as well.”


Source : The Sydney Morning Herald

Vicente Del Bosque pode ficar como treinador da seleção espanhola

Jorge Pérez: "Pediremos a
Del Bosque que siga"

Jorge Pérez,secretario generalde la RFEF, analizó el papel de España en el Mundial: “Ni en las peores previsiones podíamos pensar que iba a ocurrir lo que ha pasado”, afirmó en ‘El Partido de las 12’.

Seleccionador: “No hemos hablado todavía con Del Bosque . Es mejor poner un poco de distancia y esperar a hablar con tranquilidad en Madrid”.

Continuidad: “Cuando Del Bosque firmó el contrato ya dijo que si por algún motivo creíamos que no debiera seguir, se marcharía. Yo quiero que siga”.

Adiós: “Del Bosque no ha presentado su dimisión. Si la presenta, le pediremos que siga”.

Calendario: “Los jugadores están jugando 60 partidos. Y eso año a año es un esfuerzo descomunal. Y desgraciadamente eso se nota”.

Críticas: “No le afectan. Su familia puede convencerle para que no siga, pero no vamos a encontrar otro mejor”.

Cariño: “Del primero al último en la Federación somos una piña con Del Bosque. Si tenemos al mejor, para qué cambiar».

Fuente : Marca . com