Brains and beauty: Queensland women vie for Miss World Australia crown

May 20, 2014 – 12:00AM

The Qld 2014 Miss World finalists.

The Qld 2014 Miss World finalists. Photo: Supplied

A bevy of Queensland beauties have dreams of representing Australia at the Miss World pageant later this year, but first, they’ll need to scoop the pool in the national final next weekend.

The eight Queensland finalists from the state’s Miss World Australia pageant were chosen on Sunday, including a former Miss Universe Australia finalist, Courtney Thorpe.

The 23-year-old from Bowen Hills, who has an extensive modelling portfolio, runs the styling department at the Australian Institute of Creative Design in Brisbane.

Miss World Australia Queensland finals.

Miss World Australia Queensland finals. Photo: supplied

One of the Miss World pageant mantras is that its competitors have “beauty with a purpose”, and Ms Thorpe says she wants to promote positive body image.

Ms Thorpe was quick to dismiss any suggestion the pageant was about objectifying women, and said each finalists’ morals, opinions and personalities would be put under the microscope at the national finals.

“In the fashion industry I see a lot of girls who have insecurities about the way they look and are constantly comparing themselves to other women and celebrities and other icons,” she said.

One of the 2014 Miss World finalists, Courtney Thorpe.

One of the 2014 Miss World finalists, Courtney Thorpe.Photo: Supplied

“I’m not the absolute skinniest girl in the world. I do have curves, and it’s all about accepting yourself for who you are. Whether that is skinny, whether that is curvy, just accepting yourself for who you are and really flaunting that.”

Another Queensland finalist, 18-year-old Jade Hirning, raised nearly $5000 for children’s charity Variety in the lead-up to Sunday’s event on the Sunshine Coast.

Ms Hirning organised three fundraisers in her hometown of Dalby on one day, and hopes to raise more money for disadvantaged children in the coming months.

The other Queensland finalists to make the national final were Adele Lazarus, Stephanie Campbell, Ariel Kelly, Charlotte-Anne Burbridge, Josie Zavadil and Hayley Wilson.

The Miss World Australia Final takes place next Sunday in Melbourne, with the winner to get a chance to fly the flag for the nation at the Miss World final later in the year.

Source : The Brisbane Times

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