Ceará e Sport vão se enfrentar pela final da Copa do Nordeste ! Relembre o último encontro dos dois times …


Ceará e Sport farão a final da Copa do Nordeste . As finais serão disputadas nos dias 02.04.2014 e 09.04.2014 . O Ceará será mandante do jogo da volta . Vamos rever o último encontro entre as equipes pelo Campeonato Brasileiro da Serie B do ano passado .


No decision made on Alessandro Del Piero: Frank Farina

March 20, 2014

Angela Habashy

Sydney FC coach Frank Farina has quashed reports star skipper Alessandro Del Piero will leave the A-League club at season’s end.

Fairfax Media reported on Saturday that the Sydney FC board met last week and decided not to offer the Italian the one-year contract extension he was seeking.

But Farina said a decision was yet to be made.

Sydney FC's marquee player may be headed for the door.

Sydney FC’s marquee player may be headed for the door. Photo: Getty Images

“The story that suggested that was the case, it’s not,” he said on Thursday.


“Discussions haven’t been held with Alessandro out of respect for what he wants to do, which is finish as high up the table as we can.

“But no, there’s no decision been made what so ever.”

Frank Farina says 12 players are fighting for contracts next season.

Frank Farina says 12 players are fighting for contracts next season. Photo: Getty Images

More than half Farina’s squad, 12 out of 23, are off contract at the end of this season.

The likes of Joel Chianese, Serbian recruits Ranko Despotovic and Milos Dimitrijevic, Richard Garcia, Matt Jurman, Mitchell Mallia, Terry McFlynn, Ivan Necevski, Sasa Ognenovski, Blake Powell and Marc Warren along withDel Piero could all be heading for the exit door come May 30.

With four games remaining, not only will the club be fighting for a top-six spot but all 12 will be fighting for their jobs.

“I think every player is playing, not for their career, but playing to get a contract or justify why we’ve signed them,” Farina said.

“We are in discussions with a number of players, but it’s not the priority at this stage.”

Socceroos centre-back Ognenovski has been a key addition since joining the club in February, helping tighten the side’s leaky defence.

But the veteran hinted at a possible move to Melbourne next season.

“I’m originally from Melbourne so it would be nice to go home,” the 34-year-old said.

“So I’ll have a chat with the club and we might be doing something shortly.”

Del Piero, who is earning about $4 million a season with the Sky Blues and turns 40 in November, sat out last Friday’s clash due to a hamstring complaint.

Similar complaints have restricted his game time this season after a brilliant debut campaign in 2012-13 with the Sky Blues that yielded a club-record 14 goals.

Farina said he was reluctant to risk playing him last week with Sydney, currently in fifth spot, facing a tough run into the finals.

The coach said Del Piero had trained well and would be likely to play in Friday’s crucial encounter away to Adelaide.

It doesn’t get any easier next week with Sydney to face Melbourne Victory away followed by home clashes to Wellington and Perth.

“You roll the dice last week and you might miss him for two or three weeks,” Farina said.

“Now with four massive games to go he should be ok.”


Source :The Sydney Morning Herald

The satellite that may have found missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

March 21, 2014 – 12:04PM

Ben Grubb

Deputy technology editor

DigitalGlobe's WorldView-2 satellite.

DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-2 satellite.

Meet WorldView-2, the satellite that provided Australian authorities with the images that appear to show two objects in the Indian Ocean 2500 kilometres south-west of Perth that may be related to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Launched on October 8, 2009, and owned by US satellite company DigitalGlobe, WorldView-2 provides imagery at a resolution of approximately 50 cm. It takes a new image of any place on earth every 1.1 days (1 day ,  2 hours and 24 minutes).

The satellite, among four others that DigitalGlobe owns, weighs 2800 kilograms, operates at an altitude of 770 kilometres, and is able to collect nearly 1 million square kilometres of imagery every single day, which is then distributed to those who pay for access to DigitalGlobe’s imagery.

Satellite imagery provided to AMSA of possible debris from MH370.

Satellite imagery provided to AMSA of possible debris from MH370.

DigitalGlobe confirmed on Friday that it was the one who provided the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) with the satellite images that were captured on March 16, showing the two objects in the Indian Ocean.


“We have been informed by an Australian government official that it was our imagery Prime Minister Abbott referred to in his recent comments,” the company said in a statement.

“Working with our customers, DigitalGlobe continues to task our satellites to collect imagery of a wide area that includes the waters around where the possible debris was identified.”

The satellite images released by the Department of Defence.

The satellite images released by the Department of Defence.

A clue that DigitalGlobe’s satellite was used lies in the images released on Thursday afternoon by AMSA to the media after its press conference, which said that DigitalGlobe owned the copyright of the images.

A DigitalGlobe spokesmen declined to comment on whether the debris were spotted by DigitalGlobe’s own analysts, government analysts or internet users participating in a “crowdsourcing” effort launched by the company to help locate the plane.

The large objects that Australian officials said were spotted by satellite four days ago are the most promising find in days as searchers scour a vast area for the plane.

The larger of the objects four days ago measured up to 24 meters long and appeared to be floating in water several thousand metres deep, Australian officials said. The second object was about five meters long.

DigitalGlobe is the parent company of Tomnod, which has been progressively releasing select areas of satellite imagery to a crowd of more than three million to scour through.

The satellite company has not said if it will release imagery that encompasses the search area off the coast of Western Australia to the public on Tomnod.

“We’re working to confirm further details,” DigitalGlobe said.

“In the meantime, other customers including the US government and other governments have been receiving our imagery for their own search efforts.”

DigitalGlobe said that the sheer number of images covering a large swath of ocean contributed to the delay in revealing what could be debris from the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that has been missing for nearly a week.

“Given the extraordinary size of the current search area, the lengthy duration of the analysis effort was to be expected,” a DigitalGlobe spokesman said.

The company’s five high-resolution satellites capture more than 3 million square kilometers of earth imagery each day.

“This volume of imagery is far too vast to search through in real time without an idea of where to look,” the spokesman said.

A number of Australian government agencies pay DigitalGlobe for access to imagery generated by their satellites, including the Australian Antarctic Division and Geoscience Australia.

Tender documents show that Geoscience Australia alone has paid DigitalGlobe almost $1 million since July, 2012, for satellite imagery over Wide Bay in Queensland and of imagery over the Great Barrier Reef.

It’s not clear through through tender documents if Australian intelligence agencies, such as Defence, also pay for access to DigitalGlobe’s imagery, as Fairfax was unable to find contracts between them and DigitalGlobe.

DigitalGlobe said no conclusions have been reached about the origins of the objects shown in the imagery near Australia, and it was not aware that any subsequent search missions that have been able to locate them.

“But the experience again demonstrates the unparalleled geographic reach and persistence that satellite imagery provides for critical government missions and emergency response situations,” it said.

It’s unclear if DigitalGlobe has any restrictions placed upon it by the US government concerning who it shares its satellite imagery with.

with Reuters

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Source : The Sydney Morning Herald

Renato Maurício Prado critica o desempenho do Flamengo na Libertadores


No segundo ano de mandato, a nova diretoria do Flamengo continua devendo à torcida o poderoso time que prometeu. Compromisso de campanha que foi reafirmado logo após a inesperada conquista da Copa do Brasil, garantindo a vaga na Libertadores — que ora disputa com uma equipe medíocre, já praticamente eliminada, num grupo horroroso, sem um concorrente forte sequer.

Se no aspecto administrativo os novos dirigentes parecem trilhar o caminhocerto, o mesmo não se pode dizer no comando do futebol. As limitações financeiras não impediram uma chuva de contratações equivocadas, incapazes de compor um elenco minimamente talentoso. 

Desde que assumiu, a antiga chapa azul acertou em cheio apenas uma vez ao trazer Elias, emprestado. Mas foi incapaz de mantê-lo, privando o Fla de seu melhor jogador, justamente na hora em que participa da principal competição do continente.

Carlos Eduardo é o mais escandaloso dos equívocos (com o que ele ganha num ano, daria para contratar vários reforços), mas a lista é bem mais extensa, passando por Val, Bruninho, Diego Silva, cErazo, João Paulo, Feijão, Mugni etc. Nem aqueles que se tornaram titulares (ou quase), como Wallace, Gabriel, Elano, Éverton e Paulinho empolgam — o último terminou o ano muito bem, mas em 2014, ainda não conseguiu repetir as boas atuações.

O mesmo pode-se dizer do técnico Jayme de Almeida, que teve o mérito de reconstruir o grupo que estava desunido e desorientado na era Mano Menezes, mas na atual temporada parece perdido, incapaz de encontrar a fórmula para suprir as ausências de dois de seus principais jogadores em 2013: Elias e Luís Antônio (este último, de volta, mas ainda sem poder jogar na Libertadores). Sua opção por Carlos Eduardo para o jogo em La Paz beirou o absurdo!

É bom que a diretoria se dê conta de que a conquista da Taça Guanabara não é suficiente para iludir a torcida. E nem será a do Estadual, velho “Me Engana que Eu Gosto”, este ano piorado…

Se o Flamengo fracassar rotundamente na Libertadores (e caminha a passoslargos pra isso), se verá obrigado a fazer um grande Campeonato Brasileiro para compensar a imensa frustração que a eliminação precoce no torneio continental causará. 

Mas para que isso seja palpável é preciso melhorar muito na contratação dos reforços. Algo que com o histórico da dupla Wallim/Pelaipe parece bastante improvável.

Inexperiência + arrogância

Muitos dos erros da atual diretoria podem ser creditados à inexperiência e à arrogância (a segunda potencializando os problemas da primeira). Além dos equívocos na escolha dos reforços, os cartolas atuais erraram feio na contratação dos treinadores e na forma atabalhoada de dispensa de jogadores como Wagner Love, Ibson, Renato Abreu etc (a conta na Justiça pode ser alta!). Isso sem falar na inacreditável (e até hoje não bem explicada) trapalhada na escalação de André Santos, na última rodada do Brasileiro. Está na hora de calçar as sandálias da humildade e reconhecer os muitos enganos no futebol que é a área mais importante do clube. 



Renato Maurício Prado – O GLOBO – 21.03.2014

Horizonte 3 x 1 Fluminense


Antes da bola rolar no estádio Domingão, para Horizonte e Fluminense, o técnico do Galo do Tabuleiro dizia que era necessário ter coragem na marcação e atitude com a bola no pé, e foi exatamente isso que a equipe horizontina fez na noite de ontem. Superando o revés acachapante de 5 a 1 para o Ceará, pelo Campeonato Cearense, o Horizonte mudou a fita e teve atuação digna no triunfo por 3 a 1 contra o Tricolor das Laranjeiras, em partida válida pela Copa do Brasil.

Com a vitória, o time cearense pode até perder por um gol de diferença, no dia 10 de abril, no Maracanã, no Rio de Janeiro, para se classificar. A derrota por dois gols de diferença além do 3 a 1 também dá a vaga ao Galo.

No duelo de ontem, o único desfalque horizontino foi o atacante André Cassaco. Já do lado tricolor, o destaque foi para a primeira vez em que Walter e Fred começaram uma partida juntos no Flu.

O jogo

Antes do apito inicial, foi respeitado um minuto de silêncio em homenagem a Bellini, capitão da Seleção Brasileira campeã do mundo em 1958, falecido no início da noite de ontem.

Após a bola rolar, o Horizonte não demorou para mostrar suas pretensões. Logo aos 3 minutos, Dico mandou um petardo de longe, mas bola foi para fora. Aos 12, no entanto, a mira calibrada garantiu o primeiro gol do jogo. O atacante recebeu passe da direita, fez bela triangulação e balançou a rede: 1 a 0.

O Flu, no entanto, frustrou a torcida do Galo do Tabuleiro dois minutos depois. Aos 14, Walter se livrou da marcação e cruzou para Conca, livre, deixar tudo igual.

Na etapa complementar, o jogo perdeu em emoção e o Tricolor em volume de jogo. Melhor para o Horizonte, que com gol marcado aos 18 voltou a ter vantagem no duelo. Marciel aproveitou assistência de Dico para chutar cruzado e fazer.

O tento que deu números finais ao jogo saiu aos 45. Jajá recebeu belo passe na frente, sozinho e finalizou rasteiro, sem dar chance ao goleiro Diego Cavalieri, que não alcançou: 3 a 1.

Eduardo Buchholz





Diário do Nordeste – Jogada – 21.03.2014