Plane was piloted off-course in last hours: United States

March 15, 2014 – 1:08PM

Lindsay Murdoch


The latest evidence emerging from the United States suggest MH370 was set on a deliberate navigational route, turning attention back on its pilots.

Kuala Lumpur: The latest evidence emerging from the United States suggests that missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was set on a deliberate navigational route in the opposite direction to its scheduled flight path, swinging the focus of police investigations back to the pilots, crew and passengers.

Evidence suggests that somebody with flying experience set the Boeing plane’s route manually or programmed its auto-pilot so that it flew hundreds of kilometres off course into the vast expanses of the Indian Ocean.

Key evidence also indicates a gap of some minutes between the time the plane’s transponder stopped and a messaging system cut out, lessening the likelihood of a catastrophic mid-air explosion.

India used heat sensors on flights over hundreds of uninhabited Andaman Sea islands such as North Sentinel Island and will expand its search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet farther west into the Bay of Bengal, officials said.

India used heat sensors on flights over hundreds of uninhabited Andaman Sea islands such as North Sentinel Island and will expand its search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet farther west into the Bay of Bengal, officials said. Photo: AP Photo

Information about the changed route emerged as theories about the plane’s abrupt disappearance continued to swirl, perhaps none wilder than a tweet from News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch.


He wrote: ‘‘World seems transfixed by 777 disappearance.  Maybe no crash but stolen, effectively hidden, perhaps in Northern Pakistan, like Bin Laden.’’

The New York Times reported investigators also are looking at the possibility that a shipment of lithium batteries in the airliner’s cargo hold may have caught fire and felled the aircraft.

Outpouring of emotion ... A woman writes a message on a banner for passengers of missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang, Malaysia.

Outpouring of emotion … A woman writes a message on a banner for passengers of missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang, Malaysia. Photo: Bloomberg

A senior American official who had been briefed on the contents listed on the plane’s cargo manifest said a “significant load” of lithium batteries had been aboard — raising suspicions because of previous cargo-plane crashes attributed to lithium battery shipments, which can overheat and cause intense fires.

But that possibility is inconsistent with information that the plane may have kept flying for hours after it vanished.

While the media focus has so far being on the so-called 27 year-old “party pilot” Fariq Abdul Hamid, who broke airlines rules by inviting two women passengers into the cockpit of plane in 2011, attention has now swung to the 53 year-old senior pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah.

Flights continue ... A Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated by Malaysian Airlines is prepared for take off at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang, Malaysia.

Flights continue … A Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated by Malaysian Airlines is prepared for take off at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang, Malaysia. Photo: Bloomberg

Television journalists in Kuala Lumpur reported that police had raided Mr Zaharie’s home as evidence emerged pointing to piracy or pilot suicide, but officials denied it, saying his background was under the same scrutiny as all the 239 people on board.

Malaysia’s Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said if the investigation leads to the need to search Mr Zaharie’s house and it is within the law “we will do it.”

Malaysia Airlines played down the significance of Mr Zaharie having a flight simulator built into his home using three large computer monitors and other accessories.

Asked of its was unusual to have such equipment at home, Malaysia Airlines chief executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said: “everyone is free to do his own hobby.”

Born in northern Penang state, Mr Zaharie was passionate about aviation, posting Facebook pictures of himself posing with his remote-controlled aircraft, which included a lightweight twin-engine helicopter and an amphibious aircraft.

He was a grandfather who played football with neighbourhood youngsters, was a good cook and supported Malaysia’s opposition parties and had more than 18,000 hours flying experience.

Mr Fariq, the son of a high ranking civil servant, was contemplating marriage after just graduating to the cockpit of a Boeing 777.

As examination of the psychological backgrounds and personal lives of those on board continues, none have so far become official suspects in one of the most baffling mysteries in the history of modern aviation.

Authorities in Kuala Lumpur insist they are investigating every possible scenario for the plane vanishing on its scheduled flight path from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing early on March 8, including a mid-air disintegration caused by either a catastrophic mechanical fault or the planting of a bomb.

They have refused to comment on several United States media reports on the existence of military radar and signals collected by satellites which suggest the plane inexplicably turned around and flew back over the Malaysia peninsula and headed towards the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Quoting sources familiar with the investigation, Reuters news agency said an unidentified aircraft, which investigators believe was the missing plane, followed a route between navigational waypoints, indicating it was being flown by someone with aviation training.

Mr Hishammuddin, the public face of his government’s search effort, said the plane’s transponder “could have been switched off deliberately or under duress because of an explosion.”

“From the start, we are looking into all possibilities…I cannot confirm whether there was no hijacking but I do not want to go into the realm of speculation,” he said.

Malaysian officials said they hope foreign experts brought in evaluate satellite information from a number of unnamed countries, but believed to include the US, will reveal over the next couple of days how the plane vanished, providing a critical breakthrough after a week of false leads, misinformation and confusion.

However the possibility of the plane flying in the direction of the Andaman islands and Indian Ocean has made one of the largest searches ever mounted in Asia more difficult, with thousands of square kilometres to be searched in the world’s third largest ocean.

Aviation experts say it is possible, but highly unlikely, that if the plane was hijacked it could have landed without being detected.

The Indian Ocean region is highly militarised because of its strategic importance to India.

The plane had enough fuel to fly for several thousand kilometres.

Mr Hishammuddin, who is also acting transport minister, said the search was being expanded because nothing had been found during a week of searching.

“A normal investigation becomes narrower with time….as new information focuses the search, but this is not a normal investigation,” he told reporters.

“In this case, the information has forced us to look further and further afield.”

Mr Hishammuddin said the search would only be scaled down in the South China Sea, where the plane disappeared, if conclusive evidence emerged it was elsewhere.

The United States is sending the US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Kidd to the Indian Ocean, joining Indian ships and planes already searching the region.

Over seven days search planes have directed ships to numerous oil slicks and debris over 27,000 square kilometres of the South China Sea but none have found to be from MH370.

Fifty-seven ships and 48 aircraft from 13 countries, including Australia, are involved in the search.

Source :The Sydney Morning Herald

Band desafia Lobão e exibe novo quadro do CQC que irritou músico

Por DANIEL CASTRO, em 14/03/2014 · Atualizado às 07h06

Apesar da ameaça de processo judicial, a Band decidiu exibir na estreia da sétima temporada de CQC, na próxima segunda-feira (17), o quadro Torcida Vip em que o músico Lobão xingou o repórter Ronald Rios e ameaçou tormar o microfone dele.

Lobão ficou irritado ao ser abordado por um grupo de 30 “torcedores” contratados pelo CQC há duas semanas, quando deixava a Band. No novo quadro, figurantes adaptam hinos de torcidas para celebridades. No caso de Lobão, gritaram “Pó, pó, pó, pó, pó, pó, pó, pó / Simpatizava com Lula-la / Agora caga pra geral / Tem a língua afiadaaa/ Mas afinou pro Mano Brown”.

Lobão não gostou principalmente da parte que fala que ele “afinou” para o rapper Mano Brown, que o chamou para uma “conversa de homem” no ano passado, depois que Lobão deu uma declaração afirmando que os Racionais MC’s eram o “braço armado” do PT. “Mano Brown é o caralho”, respondeu Lobão para os “torcedores” do CQC.

No último dia 28, o advogado de Lobão, Alessandro de Oliveira Amadeu notificou a Band de que Lobão não autoriza o uso de sua imagem e voz no CQC ou em qualquer outro programa da Band. Ou seja, a emissora poderá ser processada. Mas a Band resolveu pagar para ver e questionar até onde Lobão realmente defende a liberdade de imprensa.


Consolidados GRANDE 13.03.2014

RESUMO: A reprise de Caras & Bocas deu mais audiência do que capítulos inéditos de Malhação e da série Doce de Mãe na última quinta-feira (13). A trama de Walcyr Carrasco registrou 14 pontos na Grande São Paulo. Já a novela teen e a produção estrelada por Fernanda Montenegro marcaram 13. No SBT, The Noite derrota mais uma vez Agora É Tarde, da Band, e encosta na Globo

Por REDAÇÃO, em 14/03/2014 · Atualizado às 14h00

13 MARÇO 2014



Globo Rural: 4

Bom Dia São Paulo: 7

Bom Dia Brasil: 8

Mais Você: 7

Bem Estar: 6

Encontro: 6

SP TV 1a Edição: 10

Globo Esporte: 9

Jornal Hoje: 10

Video Show: 9

Sessão da Tarde: 11

Caras e Bocas: 14

Malhação: 13

Joia Rara: 20

SP TV 2a Edição: 22

Além do Horizonte: 22

Jornal Nacional: 26

Em Família: 30

BBB 14: 20

Doce de Mãe: 13

Jornal da Globo: 8

Missing: 6


Média do dia (7h/0h): 7


Balanço Geral: 3

SP no Ar: 5

Fala Brasil: 6

Hoje em Dia: 5

Balanço Geral SP: 7

Programa da Tarde: 6

Cidade Alerta: 9

Jornal da Record: 8

Pecado Mortal: 6

Era Uma Vez: 5

Breaking Bad: 4

Engana-me se Puder: 3


Média do dia (6h/0h): 5,4


Bom Dia e Cia.: 4,2

Três É Demais: 6,6

Caso Encerrado: 4,7

Casos de Família: 4,6

Café com Aroma de Mulher: 4,6

Por Ela Sou Eva: 4,5

A Madrasta: 5,2

Por Teu Amor: 4,2

Chaves: 6,0

SBT Brasil: 5,5

Chiquititas: 10,7

Rebelde: 6,4

Programa do Ratinho: 5,0

A Praça É Nossa: 8,3

The Noite: 5,7

Jornal do SBT Noite: 2,8


Jogo Aberto: 3

Os Donos da Bola: 3

Só Risos: 2

Sabe ou Não Sabe: 2

Os Simpsons: 2

Brasil Urgente: 4

Jornal da Band: 3

Como Eu Conheci Sua Mãe: 1

Os Simpsons: 3

The Walking Dead: 2

Polícia 24H: 4

Agora É Tarde: 2



Morning Show: 1

Você na TV: 2

Bola Dividida: 1

A Tarde É Sua: 2

Te Peguei: 2

Morning Show: 2

TV Fama: 2

Rede TV! News: 1

Sob Medida: 1

Leitura Dinâmica: 1

Fonte: Emissoras

Cada ponto equivale a 65 mil domicílios na Grande SP



Preview: Melbourne Heart v Wellington Phoenix

Sunday, 16 March 2014 12:00 PM



Melbourne Heart and Wellington Phoenix meet in Round 23 of the A-League at AAMI Park on Sunday, March 16 at 4.00pm (AEDT).


Played: 11 – Heart 3, Phoenix 5, Drawn 3

Previous encounter:

Phoenix 0-5 Heart, February 16 2014

Past five matches:
Heart: LWWWW
Phoenix: DLWLW

The Game:

Having seen their unbeaten run ended in a 1-0 reverse away to the Newcastle Jets last Saturday, Melbourne Heart are six points outside the top six with 15 points left to play for. But lose this one and their hopes of an unlikely playoff campaign will recede substantially.

The Phoenix are better placed, just three points off the sixth-placed Mariners, having been held to a 1-1 draw at home to Perth Glory last time out. Ernie Merrick’s men also badly need maximum reward from this encounter to keep pushing for a finals berth. We’re not at the stage yet where a defeat will spell the end of either team’s post-season ambitions, but you can guarantee both sides will be going all out to claim the win.

The big issue:

Heart – If the red and whites are to have any chance of pulling off their finals miracle, they will need to respond to last weekend’s defeat with a victory at the first attempt. It’s by no means beyond their capability, as they demonstrated by seeing off several top quality sides during their five-match winning run. That sequence included a 5-0 thrashing of the Phoenix in Westpac, and although they surely can’t repeat the scale of that win, John van ‘t Schip’s players must draw on that emphatic triumph to put the New Zealand side away again on Sunday.

Phoenix – While the Heart have close to a clean bill of health, Wellington have been forced to battle a succession of injuries to important players in recent months, as well as losing personnel to suspension and juggling fatigue caused by New Zealand international duty for some members of the squad. Despite a disastrous 5-1 loss away to Adelaide two weeks ago, they remain in finals contention and can still have a say in the post-season reckoning, but they badly need to record what would be a first win in three attempts this weekend.

The game breaker:

Orlando Engelaar – the Dutch veteran produced a brilliant performance at the Cake Tin in Round 19, opening the scoring and dominating play for large parts of the game as Heart demolished the Phoenix in their own backyard. The international marquee has formed an excellent partnership with diminutive fellow midfielder Massimo Murdocca, and together the pair can again shut down Wellington’s midfield, providing the hosts with the platform to win the game.

Prediction: Melbourne Heart 2-0 Wellington Phoenix

We expect Van ‘t Schip’s team to be hurting after the narrow loss to the Jets and determined not to let an improbably glimpse of the finals slip from their collective sights at this late stage. The Phoenix are short staffed and also lacking momentum. If it clicks for the visitors they can certainly cause Heart problems, but the home side are likely to prove too hungry for the Kiwi outfit to get anything in this one.


Source : Football Federation Australia

Record começa a gravar a novela Vitória, substituta de Pecado Mortal

Isabel Vilela_Juliana Silveira

As gravações de Vitória, a nova novela da Record, começaram nesta sexta-feira (14/03) no Recnov, complexo de dramaturgia da emissora no Rio de Janeiro.

As primeiras cenas foram de externas e servirá de preparação para alguns dos atores, que seguem para rodar sequências em Curaçao, no Caribe, por volta do dia 20.

O elenco está completo. Confira: Bruno Ferrari, Juliana Silveira, Thaís Melchior, Beth Goulart, Jonas Bloch, Heitor Martinez, Antonio Grassi, Leonardo Vieira, Marcos Pitombo, Dado Dolabella, Luciana Braga, Ricky Tavares, Flávia Monteiro, Rafaela Mandelli, Lucinha Lins, Paulo César Grande, Maytê Piragibe, Gustavo Leão, Cláudio Gabriel, André Di Mauro, Gustavo Ottoni, André De Biase, Raymundo de Souza, Gabriel Gracindo, Letícia Medina, Leandro Leo, Nina de Pádua, Augusto Garcia, Roberta Gualda, Rocco Pitanga, Bruna di Túlio, Ricardo Ferreira, Aline Borges e Liege Muller.

A previsão é que o folhetim, escrito por Cristianne Fridman, estreie em maio ou junho.

O Planeta TV

De passagem por Nova York, Paolla Oliveira aproveita para mudar o visual

Longe da TV desde o término de “Amor à Vida”, em janeiro, Paolla Oliveira está tirando férias em Nova York ao lado de Joaquim Lopes, seu namorado. A atriz aproveitou a viagem para mudar de visual.

O responsável pelas mudanças em sua madeixas foi o hairstylist Tiago Parente, que repicou os seus fios. Completando o visual, a atriz ainda ganhou uma franja, que a deixou ainda mais linda.

Foi o próprio profissional quem fez questão de divulgar foto de Paolla em seu perfil do Instagram com a seguinte legenda: “Férias são boas para renovar! Renovar alma, cabeça e porque não cabelo! Né? Rs”, escreveu.

“Acabamos escolhendo #nyc para mudar o visual, né? Musa linda amada! ? E vc? Gostou do #newhaircut com #franja da gata @paollaoliveira5?”, completou o cabelereiro.


“Em Família” substituirá “Sangue Bom” em Portugal


A SIC, emissora de Portugal que é parceira da Globo, acaba de bater o martelo e definiu o dia e o horário de exibição de “Em Família”. A novela de Manoel Carlos será a próxima aposta do canal na dramaturgia brasileira.

“Em Família” irá estrear no próximo dia 31 às 18h45, horário o qual atualmente vai ao ar “Sangue Bom”, já em reta final.

Durante algumas semanas, as duas produções ficarão no ar simultaneamente e em capítulosmenores, repetindo estratégia que vem sendo feita há alguns anos.

Em tempo:

A escolha por “Em Família” na faixa das 18h45 surpreendeu os telespectadores de Portugal, que são habituados a um outro perfil neste horário. Games, como “O Preço Certo”, e novelas mais leves e com pegadas cômicas costumam ser as atrações favoritas, assim como no Brasil.



Rede TV ! transmitirá hoje o Xtreme Fight Championship com 10 câmeras


Depois de acoplar uma câmera ao peito do árbitro durante a edição do primeiro XFC no Brasil, a Rede TV!, agora, como outra novidade, irá mobilizar 10 câmeras na transmissão deste sábado.

Normalmente, em eventos do tipo, são utilizados entre 5 a 6 desses equipamentos.
Ficamos assim. Mas amanhã tem mais. Tchau!


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Gabriel Medina estará no Arena SBT hoje

Gabriel Medina, uma das estrelas do circuito mundial de surfe, conversou com Lívia Andrade em Maresias…

… O encontro dos dois será exibido neste sábado no “Arena SBT”.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery