W-League player of the week

Monday, 10 February 2014 7:50 PM

W-League player of the week

Brisbane Roar’s Elise Kellond-Knight has long been one of the Westfield W-League class acts and this week the midfielder played a pivotal role as the two-time champions earned a confidence-boosting 1-0 win over Melbourne Victory to end the regular season.

The Roar have endured an erratic season by their own lofty standards, but the indications are they are hitting their straps at the right end of the campaign.

Gold Coast-based Kellond-Knight is again set to feature prominently when the Roar travel to Canberra United on Saturday for a potentially epic semi-final.

It seemed a very tight and tough match against Melbourne Victory on Sunday. How did you see it?
Elise Kellond-Knight: It was a very intense game. It was certainly indicative of a top-four clash. Every time we come up against any of the top four teams there is an extra level of intensity and I’m definitely feeling sore.

An impressive showing from yourself. Were you happy with your form?
To get player of the match individually is great recognition for myself. But in terms of the team, it was a great team performance. We have been trying to find our form all season, and it is starting to come together at the end of the season. Plus we had a bit of luck given Melbourne Victory had probably had the worst miss I have ever seen with Jess Fishlock on the goalline (laughs).

It has been an up and down season for Brisbane. Is there any particular reason you can put that down to?
If I knew the reason we would have fixed it. It is probably a multitude of things. We are finding form in time for finals football. It is similar to last season where we were up and down but then found our stride at the end. It felt on Sunday that things are starting to click on the field. Maybe with such a short season in the W-League, you have to be completely ready come Round One.

Are you feeling confident for the finals?
Yeah, coming off a win we go into the semi with confidence. Even though we have lost our captain we have plenty of depth so that is not a concern and we are looking forward to the challenge on Saturday.

Matches for Australia are on the radar immediately after the W-League. Is that in the back of your mind?
Personally I have tried to drop Matildas from my mind. I haven’t even thought about it, and just tried to perform well for Brisbane and hopefully that earns me a spot. But definitely all happening over the coming weeks so exciting times.

It seems the quality and depth of the Westfield W-League has improved significantly. Is that the case from your on-field perspective?
Definitely. The depth of the league has increased massively. Compared to the first season the depth has improved phenomenally. We always had a tough time against Sydney and maybe Canberra. Now teams like Melbourne Victory, Perth and Adelaide have all stepped up and that is fantastic. Every game you go into is a challenge and the league will continue to grow.

And do you have a hardest opponent?
Hmm, that is a tough one. In terms of midfield battles I would say Canberra is pretty much right up there. Lori Lindsey and Kendall Fletcher are very experienced and play smart, so Saturday should be a good game.

Tacking a different tact, who would you say is your coolest team-mate?
None of them, ha! I would say my best friend Tameka (Butt). We good along pretty well and have played together for over ten years.

Ok, what about the uncoolest team-mate
Nadine Angerer, she is an absolute dag (laughs!) She lives on another planet but is always entertaining and is good value.


Source : Football Federarion Australia

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