Garuda: May 28 debut for new Boeing 777 first class on Sydney-London

Garuda: May 28 debut for new Boeing 777 first class on Sydney-London

Garuda Indonesia will begin its delayed Jakarta-London Boeing 777 service on May 28, with the Sydney-Jakarta leg also being upgraded to a Boeing 777-300ER jet featuring the airline’s new first class cabin.

The presence of another airline crowding onto the Australia-UK market will increase the pressure on Qantas, which counts its flights from Sydney and Melbourne to London as a key revenue route.

Garuda intended its London flights to begin on November 2 last year, until the airline discovered that the runway and apron at Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport were not strong enough to carry the Boeing 777 with a full load of passengers, cargo and fuel sufficient for the 7,300 mile flight.

Upgrade work on the runway and apron are scheduled for completion in May, and Garuda will be going all out for its share of the Australian market – especially premium travellers who book into business and first class.

Garuda’s entry into the SkyTeam alliance on March 5 could also increase the airline’s local appeal.

The Boeing 777-300ER contains eight of Garuda’s first class suites, which are the only first class offering in Garuda’s fleet.

Qantas: Airbus A380 flyover of Sydney Harbour on Australia Day

Qantas: Airbus A380 flyover of Sydney Harbour on Australia Day

Qantas will fly one of its flagship Airbus A380s over Sydney Harbour this Sunday January 26 as part of the city’s Australia Day celebrations.

It won’t be quite as spectacular as last year’s March 31 twin superjumbo flyover of Qantas and Emirates A380s to mark the beginning of their alliance, but it’ll still be a moment to watch.

The Qantas A380 will buzz Sydney Harbour at 12.30pm and you can expect great viewing from all the usual vantage points.

The Flying Kangaroo will also by flying the Aussie flag in New York, Dubai and London.

In New York the Empire State Building will be lit in green and gold as part of the Spirit of Australia Party with Hugh Jackman.

London will see ex-pats descend on Australia House (home of the Australian High Commission) for the Qantas Presents Sunday in Australia House event featuring Human Nature, Barry Humphries and Dame Edna Everage.

In Dubai, Qantas and the Australian Business Council of Dubai will host a series of events across the coming weekend including a golf championship and a G’Day Big Day Out performance at Dubai Marina’s new beach club with Guy Sebastian, Jon Stevens and DJ Danny Fai Fai, while Olympic gold medallist Natalie Cook will give beach volleyball tips.

On 25 January, the G’Day Dubai Gala Evening at the Park Hyatt Dubai Creek will feature gourmet cooking stations, Aussie-themed bars and ‘unplugged’ acoustic sets from Guy Sebastian and Jon Stevens.


Australia Business Traveller

Call for state housing dog policy review

By Shawn McAvinue

11:07 AM Friday Jan 24, 2014
Housing NZ tenant Taina Goodwillie with her dog Bracken. Photo / Craig Baxter
Housing NZ tenant Taina Goodwillie with her dog Bracken. Photo / Craig Baxter

A Dunedin state housing tenant and the SPCA want Housing New Zealand to reconsider its dog policy.

Housing NZ tenant Taina Goodwillie said HNZ demanded she get rid of her 10-year-old collie Bracken a month ago.

Ms Goodwillie said she has not been able to find Bracken a home and the dog’s eviction date was up.

Bracken should be allowed to stay for three reasons, she said.

The collie was company for her Staffordshire-cross Angel, which had lived at the house for the past 10 years.

Since Bracken had been around, Angel had stopped her “high-pitched howling” when she was left outside alone.

Ms Goodwillie had a letter from her psychiatrist outlining her need for the two dogs for mental stability.

Finally, she said, Bracken deserved a peaceful retirement, as she had worked by providing company to her three past owners, who all had Aids.

Read more: Housing NZ reject dog eviction claims

Ms Goodwillie had taken Bracken in to the Brockville state house last November after her friend died from Aids, leaving Bracken homeless.

The company Bracken provided those sick people would have saved the Government money, as the state would have needed to provide less care, Ms Goodwillie said.

She wanted Bracken to see out her years in Brockville but if HNZ wanted her gone, she would rather the well-trained dog was rehomed than put down.

Royal New Zealand SPCA chief executive Ric Odom said the HNZ dog policy to remove dogs from state houses was an overreaction.

Discouraging dog ownership among tenants would cause distress and suffering to those who considered their dogs a member of the family, Mr Odom said.

He believed HNZ should introduce a policy to promote responsible dog ownership “HNZ could require all dogs living in HNZ housing to be desexed, microchipped, registered, and vaccinated. Such a policy would be supported by the SPCA.”

Responsible pet ownership was a symptom of a healthy society, Mr Odom said.

“The SPCA urges HNZ to soften its stance and take a more compassionate approach towards addressing any concerns it has regarding dog ownership among its tenants.”

HNZ lower South Island manager Kate Milton said HNZ was considering Ms Goodwillie’s request to keep Bracken.

“She already has permission for one dog, but unfortunately her home is very small and we’re not sure that the property is suitable for more than one dog.”

Past complaints about Bracken needed to be taken into account, she said.

HNZ tenancy services acting general manager Jackie Pivac said while HNZ discouraged tenants from having dogs, it made exceptions and aimed to be as reasonable as possible.

HNZ was “upfront” with tenants about dog ownership and those expectations were in the tenancy agreements that tenants signed when they moved into the property, she said.

– Otago Daily Times

Tony Abbott uses global stage to take a swipe at Labor over financial crisis

January 24, 2014

Mark Kenny

Chief political correspondent

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has used his contribution to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to criticise Labor’s stimulus spending during the global financial crisis while also calling on the US to tread carefully as it tapers its own stimulus measures.

On Thursday night, he painted a generally bullish picture of the global economy but noted the recovery remained ”fragile”.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has attacked Labor's stimulus spending during the GFC in his speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has attacked Labor’s stimulus spending during the GFC in his speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Photo: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

In comments set to inflame the argument over Labor’s financial record, Mr Abbott broke with the convention of avoiding domestic point-scoring while on the international stage by claiming Labor had erred during the financial crisis because it had ignored the immutable economic rules.


According to the Prime Minister, the Howard government had helped the economy but Labor had undone all the good work.

”In the decade prior to the crisis, consistent surpluses and a preference for business helped my country, Australia, to become one of the world’s best-performing economies,” he told the high level group containing many of the world’s top business and political leaders.


Pressing the flesh: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe meets Tony Abbott in Davos at the four-day World Economic Forum. Photo: AAP

”Then a subsequent government decided that the crisis had changed the rules and that we should spend our way to prosperity.”

The comments seem to suggest Australia did not need to stimulate the economy through 2008-09 under Labor, despite the near-unanimous advice of economists and Treasury to do just that.

The stimulus program has been accused of waste, such as the pink batts scheme, elements of the school halls program, and cheques sent to the deceased or to people living permanently overseas.

However, the Australian government also received widespread praise and recognition from around the world for its aggressive response to the global challenge with swift policies credited with avoiding the recession from which virtually all comparable economies are yet to fully recover.

Former treasurer Wayne Swan, who was in charge during the global financial crisis and implemented the stimulus program, said on Friday that Mr Abbott’s comments were ”sad” and misguided.

‘It’s not a great start for [Mr Abbott] to take the chair of the G20 and deny the very basis of the global financial crisis,” Mr Swan told Fairfax Media.

Mr Abbott’s theory that Labor’s stimulus spending was a bad idea, ignores the analysis of economists, Treasury, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the G20, Mr Swan said.

It was poor regulation of the financial sector, not government spending, that caused the crisis, Mr Swan added.

”For Tony Abbott to try to rewrite the history of the global financial crisis . . . shows that he has no understanding at all of the forces at work in the global economy,” he said.

”It’s sad that he would seek to use an international forum and chairmanship of the G20 to engage in a bit of grubby domestic politics, which the whole audience will know is wrong.”

Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen said Mr Abbott’s speech suggested he was ”addicted to being leader of the opposition and [hadn’t] adjusted to being Prime Minister”.

”What we saw from the Prime Minister in this speech was a pretty tired old recitation of . . . slogans, and frankly, continuing attacks on the Labor Party for domestic political purposes,” Mr Bowen told ABC radio on Friday.

”It’s not how a Prime Minister would traditionally conduct himself while overseas.”

Mr Bowen said Australians would expect their Prime Minister to show ”a bit of vision” in a speech at a high-profile international event such as the World Economic Forum.

If Mr Abbott was critical of Australian excess, he went the other way on US stimulus, warning that the ”taper” of quantitative easing, where the Federal Reserve has effectively been printing money, should be done carefully.

”In the United States, economic growth is set to rise from under 2 per cent to almost 3 per cent with 1 million jobs created in the last year,” he said.

”China’s growth is moderating but likely to remain over 7 per cent. Even the eurozone is finally growing again. Of course, the recovery remains fragile. The US taper will need deft management.”

With Australia chairing the world’s premier economic leadership grouping, the G20, later this year in Brisbane, Mr Abbott was keen to lay down some markers, emphasising that it was not governments that created wealth but business and markets.

He said the financial crisis had been a failure of governance rather than of capitalism itself.

Mr Abbott said the lesson of the recent past including the success of lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty was that it was achievable only through promoting greater freedom and the markets that they would engender.

”It’s worth noting if only to remind ourselves of the good work that can be done, that in the past few decades, more has been achieved to reduce poverty than in any other period in history,” he said.

”Essentially, officialdom has begun to grasp that human freedom is less a threat than an opportunity – as soon as people have freedom, they create markets.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

W-League returns to Fox Sports

Thursday, 23 January 2014 5:41 PM

W-League returns to Fox Sports

The Westfield W-League returns to Fox Sports this Friday with the broadcast of the key match-up between Brisbane Roar and Western Sydney Wanderers.

Two-time champions Brisbane Roar will be seeking to bounce-back from a hefty defeat against Sydney FC last weekend.

The Roar’s star-studded side, which includes the likes of Australia captain Clare Polkinghorne and Matildas’ team-mates Tameka Butt and Elise Kellond-Knight, sit four points off top spot with four rounds remaining.

Western Sydney Wanderers boasts a midfield to match, including Heather Garriock and Emily van Egmond, and a high-quality contest is assured.

The Wanderers, however, know that nothing less than a win will keep alive their finals ambitions.

It will be the second match broadcast on Fox Sports this season, following the Round Five contest between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory.

Fox Sports’ Westfield W-League broadcast will commence at 4pm on Friday on Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 1HD, with Mike Cockerill and former Westfield Matildas’ assistant coach Gary Phillips providing the commentary.

The match at Suncorp Stadium is part of a massive double-header also featuring the Hyundai A-League contest between Brisbane Roar and Wellington Phoenix

Meanwhile, ABC1 will also continue its weekly ongoing commitment to the Westfield W-League with coverage of the match between Canberra United and Perth Glory at 3pm on Sunday.


Football Federation Australia

Enfoque NT: A mudança gradativa no padrão da Globo



Nesta terça (21), Mônica Iozzi, ex-“CQC”, estreia como repórter do “Big Brother Brasil 14”, na Globo. Após quatro anos de serviços prestados ao humorístico da Bandeirantes, Mônica desembarca no programa mais rentável durante o verão da emissora carioca.

Essa contratação repentina de Iozzi e sua estreia imediata nos faz refletir em como a Globo vem mudando sua postura em relação à tudo. Antigamente, ela poderia ter até a contratado, mas a deixaria na geladeira por alguns meses, ou até pouco mais de um ano, para aí sim colocá-la no ar. Hoje, não.

Qualidade duvidosa

O rigor com que a Globo coloca programas no ar já não é mais o mesmo. Se antes o controle de qualidade era rigoroso, hoje os projetos são aprovados mais facilmente. Basta ver atrações como “Divertics”, “Junto & Misturado” e algumas novelas que não deveriam ter suas sinopses levadas adiante.

Controle de casting

Em entrevista a um jornal na semana passada, o ex-todo poderoso da Globo, Boni, disse que a rede vive um descontrole de aproveitamento do elenco. São atores sendo escalados em produções uma atrás da outra, sem ter sua imagem descansada.

Como exemplo, o ator Gabriel Braga Nunes. Desde que voltou, ele emendou “Insensato Coração”, “Amor Eterno Amor”, “O Canto da Sereia” e “Saramandaia”.

Até mesmo cantores não se repetiam em programas como está acontecendo. Há duas semanas, Zezé di Camargo & Luciano cantaram no “TV Xuxa”, e no outro dia, no mesmo horário, apareciam cantando a mesma música em “Sai do Chão”, especial de verão.


Os grafismos espelhados em 3D deram vaga a desenhos em 2D, mais modestos, mas para muitos, manteve a imponência global.


As chamadas foram o que mudaram pra melhor nessa fase da Globo. Mais instigantes e criativas, hoje elas não estão mais restritas ao “Domingão do Faustão” e atingem até as novelas e filmes. Este último principalmente.


A Globo também está cada vez mais agressiva em sua estratégia de grade. Se antes terminar a novela às 22h10 e deixar a linha de shows dos concorrentes com boa audiência era algo rotineiro, não é mais. A emissora carioca por vezes esticou até onde deu sua trama das 21h e minou qualquer possibilidade de êxito das concorrentes.

Ao que parece, a Globo desceu de vez do salto e se coloca em condições de igualdade com qualquer outra. E você, qual mudança da Globo mais te agradou ou desagradou?
Contatos do colunista: – Twitter: @Forato_

Renato Maurício Prado comenta acordo escuso proposto pela CBF à Portuguesa

Nota de 100 Edir Macedo

Era o que faltava. Na tragicômica novela em que se tornou o Brasileirão de 2013 e, em consequência, o de 2014, surge agora um capítulo ainda mais vergonhoso: denúncia feita pela ESPN Brasil revelou que a Portuguesa pediu um empréstimo de R$ 4 milhões à CBF e esta condicionou a liberação da verba ao fim da luta nos tribunais e à concordância da Lusa em disputar a Série B.

Trechos dos documentos trocados entre o clube e a entidade evidenciam como manobras de bastidores são usadas fartamente pelos que comandam o futebol brasileiro em prol dos seus próprios interesses e vontades. E a torpe tentativa de chantagem revela que a CBF sabe o alto risco que corre na Justiça Comum.

Renato Maurício Prado

Curitiba poderá ficar de fora da Copa do Mundo da FIFA Brasil 2014


Curitiba está sob ameaça para a Copa do Mundo de 2014. Depois de reunião com representantes dos governos municipal e estadual e de visita à Arena da Baixada nesta terça-feira, o secretário-geral da Fifa, Jérôme Valcke, deu o prazo limite de 18 de fevereiro para os responsáveis apresentarem soluções para a realização dos jogos na cidade.

–  Daqui até 18 de fevereiro, eles terão de decidir. A partir de hoje até essa data, é necessário que sejam feitas as obras que nos permitam confiar que é possível realizar a Copa do Mundo aqui. Como está hoje é um perigo. Não há uma data limite. Já não se fala mais nisso. Em 18 de fevereiro vamos ver o que está sendo feito. Depois temos de ver o que pode ser feito até a data mais afastada possível do dia 16 de junho (data do primeiro jogo na Arena da Baixada). A partir de hoje, vamos trabalhar em vários níveis e haverá uma fiscalização diária do COL e da Fifa – cobrou Valcke, lembrando que 18 de fevereiro também marca o início do congresso técnico da Fifa, com a presença dos técnicos das 32 seleções da Copa, em Florianópolis.

operários obra Arena da Baixada atraso Copa do Mundo (Foto: Getty Images)Operários aproveitam horário de descanso na obra da Arena da Baixada nesta terça-feira (Foto: Getty Images)


Na última segunda, Valcke esteve em São Paulo e Cuiabá para ver de perto obras da Copa. A agenda inicial previa uma visita a Manaus nesta terça. Porém, a Fifa mudou a programação na última sexta, preocupada com os relatórios recebidos sobre a situação na Arena da Baixada. No começo da entrevista coletiva, o francês foi ainda mais incisivo quando demonstrou desconforto em ter que falar sobre o andamento das obras em Curitiba.

Tabela - jogos em Curitiba na Copa (Foto: GLOBOESPORTE.COM)

– Bem, o que eu posso dizer… A questão é delicada. Sejamos francos e diretos. Como devem saber, a situação atual do estádio não é realmente do nosso agrado. O estádio não está apenas muito atrasado, mas foge a qualquer bom cronograma de entrega para a Fifa – acrescentou o secretário-geral da entidade máxima do futebol.

Lá atrás, no embrião do projeto Copa do Mundo, a Arena da Baixada tinha data prevista de entrega para 31 de dezembro, assim como todos os outros seis estádios que não participaram da Copa das Confederações. Mas houve uma sequência de problemas e a última data prevista era 29 de março. Data que não deve ser cumprida.

– Nós detectamos que mantido o ritmo atual da obra, ela não ficaria pronta em tempo com a qualidade e o cumprimento de exigências para a realização da Copa nesta cidade. Diante dessa constatação, tivemos de tomar medidas. Essas medidas foram discutidas e aprovadas de forma unânime – disse o secretário-executivo do Ministério do Esporte, Luis Fernandes.

chegada do comitê da Fifa a Arena da Baixada (Foto: Paulo Lisboa / Agência Estado)Comitiva da Fifa chega à obra da Arena da Baixada: preocupação com entrega (Foto: Paulo Lisboa / Agência Estado)


Além de Valcke e Fernandes, participaram da coletiva o secretário estadual especial da Copa, Mário Celso Cunha, o pentacampeão Cafu e o tetracampeão Bebeto, membros do COL, e Reginaldo Cordeiro, secretário municipal da Copa.  Inicialmente, na mesa do auditório onde foi realizada a coletiva, havia uma placa indicando a presença de Mário Celso Petraglia, presidente do Atlético-PR. Mas poucos minutos antes do início da sessão de perguntas e respostas, umas das pessoas responsáveis pela organização da coletiva retirou o nome dele, que não apareceu.

Houve cobrança também do governo estadual ao Atlético-PR. Principalmente em relação ao número de operários – a Fifa cobrou recentemente que o número aumentasse de 1.000 para 1.500 funcionários.

– Hoje são 1.084 operários, mas para o governo (estadual), isso não representa quem efetivamente está trabalhando. Temos que de descobrir quantos de fato estão trabalhando – cobrou o secretário Mário Celso Cunha.

Jerome Valcke coletiva Fifa na Arena da Baixada (Foto: Leandro Canônico)Luis Fernandes, Valcke e Bebeto participam da coletiva após visita à obra de Curitiba (Foto: Leandro Canônico)