Números do TV TOTAL no dia 19/01/2014

Patrícia Abravanel

Country Views
Sinal BrazilBrazil 622
Sinal United StatesUnited States 49
Sinal TurkeyTurkey 20
Sinal PortugalPortugal 10
Sinal GermanyGermany 6
Sinal ChileChile 2
Sinal SwedenSweden 2
Sinal AustraliaAustralia 2
Sinal IndiaIndia 2
Sinal MozambiqueMozambique 2
Sinal Korea, Republic ofRepublic of Korea 1
Sinal MexicoMexico 1
Sinal SpainSpain 1


I love to see Australia in stats 🙂


Wairarapa quake: ‘I just feel we’ve probably dodged a bullet’

By Isaac Davison, Ben Irwin, Morgan Tait, David Fisher, Anna Leask

Updated9:43 AM Tuesday Jan 21, 2014
New Zealand Flag Map

Do you know what to do in earthquake – and once it’s over? Check out this advice.

A series of aftershocks has rattled the lower North Island overnight, following yesterday’s 6.2 quake that shook buildings, felled chimneys and tore up roads.

– Aftershocks to keep a’rockin –

GeoNet duty seismologist Caroline Little said 319 earthquakes had occurred since yesterday’s big quake but the majority were below magnitude 3.

“The was only 43 above magnitude 3,” she said.

The strongest aftershock was a magnitude 4.5, which occurred just after 4pm yesterday, Ms Little said.

“We expect approximately two magnitude 5 to 5.9s in the first week of aftershocks, but it could be anywhere from 0 to 5.”

Up to 23 magnitude 4 to 4.9 quakes were also expected, she said.

– Trains back on track –

All commuter rail services have resumed this morning following a precautionary stand-down for all trains on the rail network in the lower North Island, KiwiRail said.

“We’ve run all services this morning and are continuing to do that,” spokeswoman Jenni Austin said.

“We have one small section of rail between Woodville and Masterton that we have to do some inspections of and that’s an area where we’ve been told there is some track damage.

“Now that’s an area that has no passenger services at all and there is some freight [which] goes through there, but there is the alternative route through the Manawatu Gorge and then down the Kapiti coast.

“We’ll have a clearer idea of what that damage is and what it will take to repair it a bit later on today.”

All trains were halted south of Taihape while track inspections were carried out to check for damage to the rail infrastructure at 4pm yesterday, Mr Austin said.

Yesterday’s big quake struck at 3.52pm and was centred 15km east of Eketahuna and 10km north of Castlepoint near Masterton at a depth of 33km.

– Civil Defence: Watch out on the roads –

Civil Defence said there had been no major damage reported since the quake but staff would be briefed this morning where they would get a better picture of the impact of the quake.

There are no major road closures, with all state highways open to traffic.

The main road network was operating as normal, the New Zealand Transport Agency said.

However, motorists are advised to take extreme care when driving in the region, due to the large number of aftershocks which have followed yesterday’s large jolt.

Tararua District Council said the closure of Pahiatua-Pongaroa Road was the only earthquake-related road closure this morning. It was reported to have been severely damaged.

There are a few minor slips in the area as well.

Motorists are advised to check the council’s website for details and updates on road closures.


Eketahuna 4 Square manager Tanmay Patel. Photo / Mark Mitchell
Eketahuna 4 Square manager Tanmay Patel. Photo / Mark Mitchell

‘I’m really surprised there’s been no injuries’

Wairarapa Civil Defence controller Kevin Tunnell said it was a major shake for the area – the last big one he remembers was back in 1969.

“It’s the biggest earthquake I’ve experienced for a long long time, I’m really surprised and hugely pleased that there’s been no injuries reported and certainly no deaths and I just feel that we’ve probably dodged a bullet.”

Do you have quake photos or video to share? Send them to us here.


Many houses were damaged and 15 Masterton residents were told they could not return home last night after the Fire Service and Masterton District Council deemed their building unsafe.

Engineers were to make a more thorough check of the building today.

Cup of tea? Er, probably not today. Tina Rush sent us this photo of the post-quake clean-up job in her house.
Cup of tea? Er, probably not today. Tina Rush sent us this photo of the post-quake clean-up job in her house.

-‘It was the worst thing I’ve ever felt’-

In Castlepoint near the epicentre of the quake, residents described the quake as “terrible”.

“It shook the s*** out of us,” said Lindsey Walker, the bar manager at the Whakataki Hotel.

Pat Heaton said: “It was the worst thing we’ve ever felt, that’s the only way to describe it.

“I know it’s a cliche, but we really are all shook up. It was quite nerve wracking. It was noisy, everything was banging, it was very intense.”

View photos of the damage caused by the earthquake:

Chris Steffenson was driving but pulled over to take a photo just after the quake, when he saw a “massive cloud of dust” from the corner of his eye and realised a cliff had collapsed.

“We saw a massive wall of dust coming down the side of the hill and [being] thrown up in to the air,” Mr Steffenson said.

Within 30 seconds of the earthquake he had run 50m towards the bank of the Rangitikei River to snap the photo, which features on today’s front page.

Police, ambulance and the Fire Service were kept busy with a steady flow of callouts but no deaths or injuries were reported. Several roads, including the Manawatu Gorge road were closed or reduced to one lane, and power was out in some areas.

Inspector Mike Coleman said building damage was limited to broken windows, collapsed walls and fallen chimneys.

Cameryn Cowley, 10, was making a video of “one minute hairstyles” when the quake struck. The video, later posted to YouTube, shows Cameryn speaking to the camera before her expression turns to terror. “I was filming the video in my room and then it just started shaking everywhere,” Cameryn told the Herald.

“I ran out of the room. I knew it was an earthquake, so I ran out to warn my sister and her friends. I was like, ‘get outside’ and mum was like ‘no, get under the table’. It was scary. My sister was crying a lot and screaming.”

Trackside commentator Mark Rosanowski was on air covering greyhound races at Manawatu Raceway when the quake struck.

“Everything is shaking here I’m afraid, it looks like we might have a bit of an earthquake going on here, a very big earthquake in fact,” he said as the quake struck.

Mr Rosanowski later told the Herald it was the third time he had been on air during a quake.

“But it’s the first time I have been near the shake and felt unsafe and with things going through my head about what is the best thing to do in this situation.

“They carried on so I tried to call the race but the monitor fell down off the shelf and hit my arm.”

Farmer Paul Dickens was walking back from shearing his sheep when the quake struck “like a freight train”.

“I thought the whole hill was going to slide into the river.

“You know in the movies the ground opens up between you. I thought the whole ground was going to go. It was unbelievable.”

He ran into his house – near Eketahuna, west of the earthquake’s epicentre – and found his chimney had caved in and the couch had been thrown a metre.

On the rural road near his property, the earthquake had created wide cracks in the road.

Mr Dickens said he had lived in the area for 50 years.

“We feel we’re pretty safe here. You’d be unlucky to lose a life.”

Eketahuna plumber Gary Groombridge was “flat out” 10 minutes after the quake.

“I’m trying to keep everyone happy but there’s only me. I’m the only plumber here.”

The burst cylinders and pipes ripped from the supply had left people without hot water – or without water completely.

“That’s the strongest I’ve felt in my life,” Mr Groombridge said. “The walls were going for it. I saw the floor move and thought, that’s the house rooted.”

Eketahuna antique dealer Glenn McDean described his fear as he struggled to get out of his shop.

“Stuff was going everywhere, we’re all still in shock. It’s the fear. We have never experienced like it. The way the building was moving, I was convinced it was coming down.”

Jenny Holmes, manager of the Tui HQ events business, said there was broken glass and beer bottles throughout the brewery but aside from the chimney there was no other obvious damage.

Anders Crofoot, owner of Castlepoint Station on the east coast of Wairarapa, said it was “the best shake we’ve had in 15 years”.


The New Zealand Herald

Tabela de classificação do Campeonato Cearense após a sexta rodada

Pos Times Pts J V E D GP GC SG
1 Fortaleza Fortaleza 15 5 5 0 0 18 2 +16 Zona de classificação à Segunda fase
2 Juazeiro do Norte Guarani de Juazeiro 9 6 2 3 1 7 6 +1
3 Fortaleza Ferroviário 6 4 2 0 2 11 9 +2
4 Horizonte Horizonte 6 5 1 3 1 7 6 +1
5 Fortaleza Tiradentes 6 5 1 3 1 8 8 0
6 Juazeiro do Norte Icasa 4 4 1 1 2 3 6 -3
7 Quixadá Quixadá 4 5 1 1 3 6 11 -5 Zona de rebaixamento ao Campeonato Cearense de Futebol de 2015 – Série B
8 Itapipoca Itapipoca 2 4 0 3 1 2 3 -1
9 Crato Crato 2 4 0 2 2 2 13 -11

Por estarem participando da Copa do Nordeste, Ceará e Guarany de Sobral não disputam a primeira fase da competição, que será composta pelos outros nove clubes que se enfrentam em confrontos diretos, de “ida” e “volta”, classificando-se para a segunda fase os quatro primeiros colocados. O 1º colocado recebe dois pontos de bonificação e o 2º colocado recebe 1 ponto para a próxima fase. Os pontos conquistados nesta fase não influenciam na classificação geral. Na segunda fase, os quatro clubes se juntam à Ceará e Guarany de Sobral num hexagonal, onde os clubes se enfrentam em confrontos diretos, de “ida” e “volta”, classificando para as semifinais os quatro melhores. Nas semifinais, os jogos se dão por cruzamento olímpico (o 1° colocado enfrenta o 4° colocado e o 2° enfrenta o 3°), em dois jogos. Os vencedores se enfrentarão na final do campeonato, também em dois jogos.

O melhor classificado na primeira fase se junta ao campeão da competição na Copa do Brasil de 2015. Os dois finalistas ficam com as duas vagas para o Campeonato do Nordeste de Futebol de 2015. O clube melhor classificado na segunda fase, excluindo Ceará, Fortaleza e Icasa, fica com a vaga na Série D.

Em 2014 serão rebaixados três clubes, para que em 2015, o Campeonato Cearense seja disputado por 10 times. Portanto, as equipes com piores rendimentos na primeira fase serão rebaixadas e deverão disputar a 2ª divisão do Campeonato Cearense de 2015.

A equipe melhor classificada, que residir fora da capital, será coroada como Campeã do Interior e para ela será entregue a Taça Padre Cícero de 2014.

Icasa 2 x 0 Crato

Com gols de Adalgísio Pit Bull e Felipe Klein, Verdão do Cariri vence último colocado do estadual sem dificuldades no Romeirão e assume quarta colocação na tabela

Icasa vence Crato no Romeirão (Foto: Chinês/ Agência Miséria)Icasa vence Crato no Romeirão e entra no G-4 (Foto: Chinês/ Agência Miséria)

O Icasa não teve dificuldades para vencer o Crato no Clássico do Cariri, neste domingo (19), no Estádio Romeirão, em Juazeiro do Norte. Com gols de Adalgísio Pit Bull e Felipe Klein, o Verdão do Cariri derrotou por 2 a 0 o Azulão da Princesa. De quebra, a equipe do técnico Roni Araújo entrou pela primeira vez no G-4 do Campeonato Cearense com sete pontos conquistados. Já o Crato segue amargando a lanterna do estadual com apenas dois pontos.

Na próxima rodada, o Icasa tem pela frente mais um Clássico do Cariri, desta vez com o Guarani de Juazeiro em jogo marcado para as 20h20m da próxima quarta-feira (22), no Romeirão. Já o Crato tenta se livrar da má fase contra o Quixadá fora de casa, no Estádio Abilhão, também na quarta-feira às 20h20m.

Domínio icasiano

Icasa vence Crato no Romeirão (Foto: Chinês/ Agência Miséria)
Icasa vence Crato no Romeirão (Foto: Chinês/ Agência Miséria)

O Icasa não demorou a fazer valer o mando de campo e a superioridade técnica sobre o lanterna do Campeonato Cearense. Logo aos 17 minutos, Brito recebeu de Adalgísio Pitbull e arriscou para ver a bola passar perto da trave. Em seguida, foi a vez de Felipe Klein acionar Bismarck que mais uma vez chutou com perigo.

De tanto insistir, quando o Cronômetro marcava meia hora de jogo, o Icasa tirou o primeiro zero do placar com Adalgísio Pitbull, aproveitando chute cruzado de Bismarck. O Crato ainda tentou responder com perigo, em cabeçada de Maicon, mas não teve sucesso e viu o Icasa quase aumentar a vantagem com Bismarck cabeceando e obrigando Deco a fazer boa defesa.

Segundo tempo morno

O panorama da primeira etapa se repetiu no segundo tempo. Dominante, o Icasa foi logo ampliando o placar aos quatro minutos. Adalgísio Pitbull retribuiu a assistência do primeiro gol e passou para Felipe Klein marcar o segundo para o Verdão.

Com o placar mais folgado, o Icasa passou a administrar a vantagem diante de um Crato sem forças para reagir. Na equipe visitante, apenas o meia Olávio oferecia algum perigo com uma cobrança de falta aos oito minutos e um chute de fora da área no final do jogo. Enquanto isso, o trio Bismarck – Pit Bull – Felipe assustava sempre que se aproximava do gol. No entanto, com o freio de mão puxado, o Icasa apenas esperou o apito final para confirmar a segunda vitória consecutiva no estadual.

Icasa vence Crato no Romeirão (Foto: Chinês/ Agência Miséria)Icasa vence Crato no Romeirão (Foto: Chinês/ Agência Miséria)

Ceará assina contrato de compra do Ceten no ano do centenário do clube

Anúncio foi feito na Arena Castelão antes da goleada na estreia da Copa do Nordeste contra o CRB, no último sábado. Vovô deve assumir administração do local em 15 dias.

Centro de Treinamento do Nordeste - Ceten (Foto: Divulgação/Ceten)

Vista aérea do Ceten (Foto: Divulgação/Ceten)

Antes da goleada na estreia da Copa do Nordeste, o presidente do Ceará, Evandro Leitão, assinou o contrato de compra do Centro de Treinamento do Nordeste (Ceten), localizado em Itaitinga, na Região Metropolitana de Fortaleza. Em cerca de 15 dias, o Vovô já deve administrar o Ceten, que é um ‘presente’ no aniversário de 100 anos do clube.

– Agradeço a muitas pessoas pelo apoio, mas deixo claro que o trabalho não vai parar. Temos muitos objetivos e essa foi mais uma conquista no ano do Centenário – declarou Evandro Leitão, antes de assinar o contrato de compra do CT.

Os atletas das categorias de base do Ceará serão os principais beneficiados, já que vão se instalar no CT. Com área construída de 1.600 m², o Ceten conta com três campos de futebol com medidas oficiais e um em construção. Além disso, tem um estádio com capacidade para quatro mil pessoas, alojamentos/prédio com capacidade de hospedar 160 atletas, academia, vestiários, dentre outros.


Em junho de 2013, um dia após comemorar 99 anos, o Ceará já havia assinado um Protocolo de Intenção para aquisição do Centro de Treinamento Esportivo do Nordeste (Ceten). O CT deve custar ao clube de Porangabuçu cerca de R$ 6 milhões, em 72 parcelas de R$ 80 mil. Além do pagamento das parcelas de R$ 80 mil, o Ceará ainda terá um custo mensal de R$ 60 mil para a manutenção do espaço.

Alessandro Del Piero in talks to make shock move to Thailand: reports

January 20, 2014 – 10:03PM

Dominic Bossi

Sports reporter

Heading out: Alessandro Del Piero.

Heading for the exit door?: Alessandro Del Piero. Photo: Getty Images

The chances of Alessandro Del Piero remaining in Sydney appear to have taken a hit, with the Italian star reportedly in talks to make a surprise move to Thailand at the end of the season.

Football website Goal.com reported that newly-promoted PTT Rayong are making an audacious move to sign the former Juventus captain.

The club’s coach, former Aston Villa striker Peter Withe, told local journalists that an offer is on the table to bring the World Cup winner to Thailand. The bid is being funded by the club’s owners, the wealthiest company in Thailand.  ‘‘It’s up to Mr Del Piero whether he signs the deal or not,” Withe told reporters. “If he signs, he’ll be here. If he’s not, he’ll stay at Sydney.’’

PTT Rayong earned promotion to the Thai Premier League last season  and their owners, oil company PTT Public Company Ltd, are looking to splash out to bolster their squad with top-level talent.


Reports suggested Del Piero’s brother and agent will meet with the Thai club in Turin later this week. PTT Rayong are also reported to be in talks to sign Del Piero’s former Juventus  teammate Vincenzo Iaquinta.


The Canberra Times

Atrasos e incertezas marcam produções da dramaturgia da Record; entenda

Mesmo contando com dez estúdios totalmente equipados em seu complexo no RecNov, na Zona Oeste do Rio de Janeiro, a Record vem enfrentando graves problemas de atrasos e incertezas na sua dramaturgia.
“Pecado Mortal”, por exemplo, segue com gravações atrasadas desde o seu início. Foram raras as ocasiões em que a equipe conseguiu abrir uma pequena vantagem em relação ao que ia ao ar.
Ainda que tenha entre quatro e cinco frentes de produção, a novela de Carlos Lombardi tem exigido gravações pela madrugada e aos domingos – o que aumenta ainda mais os custos da emissora, que em 2012 havia vetado que os folhetins avançassem nos fins de semana para não ter que arcar com os custos extras de pessoal.
Em uma tentativa de conter os atrasos, a Record chegou a abrir mão das câmeras Arri Alexa, utilizadas em “José do Egito”, em algumas poucas produções da Globo e em Hollywood. A troca dos equipamentos por outros que possibilitavam edições mais ágeis comprometeu a qualidade de imagem, que agora é nitidamente inferior às exibidas nas primeiras semanas.
Já em “Milagres de Jesus” a situação é considerada ainda mais caótica. Após romper com a Academia de Filmes, a Record tentou instaurar um mutirão para gravar os episódios restantes da primeira temporada. No entanto, ainda não houve mais nenhuma produção do fim de dezembro para cá.
Nos bastidores, predomina a falta de informação para os cenógrafos, assistentes e até mesmo atores.
Ainda não se sabe se a parceria será retomada e se haverá novos investimentos para que o projeto possa ser concluído. A estreia segue marcada para esta quarta-feira (22).

A Próxima Vítima 22/01/2014


Marcelo discute com Ana, mas diz que vai esconder a verdade dos filhos. Ana confessa a Marcelo que Juca (Tony Ramos) é o pai deGiulio (Eduardo Felipe). O médico diz a Helenaque Irene vai ficar boa. Isabela percebe queAdalberto Cacá estão tramando alguma coisa e conta a FilomenaSolange diz a Eliseo que acha que Filomena Adalberto têm um caso.Marcelo acaba contando a Isabela toda a conversa com AnaCléber (Antônio Pitanga) diz a Fátima (Zezé Motta) que não adianta fugir para o Rio. Helena decide ir à polícia.