Raul Gil fará homenagem à Marly Marley


O apresentador Raul Gil interrompeu suas férias e foi até o SBT na quarta-feira (15) especialmente para gravar um depoimento sobre a atriz e diretora Marly Marley, que faleceu na última sexta-feira (10).

A mensagem será exibida na abertura do seu programa, neste sábado (18).


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Números do TV TOTAL no dia 14/01/2014

Patrícia Abravanel

Country Views
Sinal BrazilBrazil 613
Sinal United StatesUnited States 54
Sinal PortugalPortugal 12
Sinal TurkeyTurkey 12
Sinal IndiaIndia 4
Sinal GreeceGreece 3
Sinal CroatiaCroatia 2
Sinal ItalyItaly 2
Sinal AustraliaAustralia 2
Sinal MalaysiaMalaysia 1
Sinal GermanyGermany 1
Sinal BelgiumBelgium 1
Sinal JordanJordan 1

Gosto quando a Austrália aparece nas estatísticas 🙂

North Korea demands cancellation of S. Korea-U.S. drills

(Yonhap) — North Korea on Wednesday demanded that South Korea and the U.S. cancel their annual joint military drills scheduled to begin in late February and continue through April, warning that the drills would destroy inter-Korean relations.

South Korea and U.S. forces plan to conduct command post exercise Key Resolve and joint field training exercise Foal Eagle between late February and April to enhance joint combat readiness and deter threats from the North.

The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, a North Korean propaganda organ, said in a spokesperson’s statement that the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle drills are tantamount to a declaration of “full-scale nuclear war.”

“(North Korea) sternly warns the United States and South Korea to halt any military drills that will ruin the inter-Korean relations,” said the statement, released by the North’s Korean Central News Agency.

“The northbound nuclear war drills, if carried out, will fatally destroy the inter-Korean relations and trigger unimaginable calamities and disasters,” it said.

Australia turns back asylum seeker boat from Indonesia

January 16, 2014 – 8:17AM

Michael Bachelard

Indonesia correspondent for Fairfax Media

Australia has turned back another boat which Indonesian authorities believe was unseaworthy, leaving local villagers to rescue stranded asylum seekers from the ocean.

Indonesian authorities have quoted the asylum seekers on board saying Australian navy personnel fired shots as part of the operation to turn around the boat carrying 25 people.

Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison

Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison. Photo: Andrew Meares

News of the incident came as the Indonesian government warned Australia that it was approaching a ‘slippery slope’ with its boats policy, specifically its recent purchase of large hard-hulled lifeboats to reportedly carry asylum seekers back to Indonesia.


This is the third confirmed tow-back of an asylum seeker vessel by the Australian authorities since December 13, despite the objections of Indonesian authorities. The other two boats were returned to Rote Island in far-eastern Indonesia.

A local police commissioner from southern Java, who did not want his name or his district published, has told Fairfax Media that villagers plucked a number of asylum seekers from the water a week ago, on January 8, after their boat was turned back by Australia.


The vessel washed up on the southern coast of Java.Photo: Supplied

The officer, quoting one of those on board, Snilul, 25, from Bangladesh, said the navy had “shot into the air just to scare them”.

“The boat hadn’t reached Australia – they were still at sea but they said they could already see Christmas Island,” the officer said.

“But they said the Australian navy then drove them away and escorted them until they entered Indonesian waters again.”

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa Photo: AFP

The boat had been carrying 25 people from Bangladesh and Myanmar and two Indonesian crew.

“There were four children, the youngest was one-and-a-half years; there were men and women. Nobody died in the sea,” the police officer said.

The asylum seekers told him they had started off from Medan in North Sumatra and had been on the water for 10 days.

After the Australian ship returned them to Indonesian waters, they made their way to the southern coast of Java.

“Midday last Wednesday [January 8] people here in the village saw them swimming in the sea, so people helped them and told us [police] later on.”

Asked if he believed the boat was seaworthy for 25 people, the officer said it had only been built for about 10 people.

Fairfax Media has confirmed with other local officials that the asylum seekers were taken to a hotel in the town of Rangkasbitung. A staff member there said the migrants had now left her hotel, but she did not know where they had gone.

Indonesia warns Australia of ‘slippery slope’

The reports come as Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa sent a subtle warning to Australia’s Immigration Minister Scott Morrison following the Australian government’s admission that it had bought lifeboats to carry asylum seekers in “on water” operations.

”Where will this lead to?” Dr Natalegawa told the ABC.

”Developments of the type that has been reported in the media, namely the facilitation by way of boats, this is the kind of slippery slope that we have identified in the past.”

The Indonesian government strongly objects to the Abbott government’s policy of using the navy to “turn back” asylum seekers boats. Dr Natalegawa suggested in his ABC interview that if Australia is helping asylum seekers return to Indonesia, that could be worse than simply turning boats around.

”It’s one thing to turn back the actual boats on which they have been travelling,” he said. “But [it’s] another issue when they are transferred onto another boat and facilitated and told to go in that direction.”

Dr Natalegawa did not say what actions Indonesia would take, but suggested the focus on asylum seekers was straining the Indonesian-Australian relationship.

”To be zeroing in on issues that, in a manner that tends to divide, is not helpful,” he said

‘Missing’ boat may have returned to Indonesia

Meanwhile, asylum seeker sources in Cisarua, West Java, said they believed a boat carrying 54 people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Iraq had gone missing after setting off from the town on January 5 or in the early hours of January 6. But reports late on Wednesday night suggested the boat may have returned to Indonesia.

“There has been no news, no phone calls or contact by internet, no calls to their homes,” the source said earlier in the day.

The smuggler was insisting that the boat had reached Christmas Island and that he had received a call from the Indonesian captain. He was demanding payment of money held in trust.

In his most recent press conference, Australian Operation Sovereign Borders chief Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell said no boats had reached Australia in the past three weeks.

with Jonathan Swan

The Sydney Morning Herald

Scientist tries to settle vitamin D hype

January 16, 2014 – 7:09AM

Map of Queensland from which users can select the district in which they want to browse hospitals.

The potential general health benefits of vitamin D supplements will at last be clear to Australians but it is going to take five years to find out.

The answer will come from a study of 25,000 people aged 60 to 79, one of the largest projects of its kind in the world.

That vitamin D is important for bone health is accepted, but it is not known what level is needed, says study leader Associate Professor Rachel Neale of the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Centre.

“People receive conflicting advice about how much sun exposure they need,” she says.


“Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world. It may be that a vitamin D supplement is enough.”

Prof Neale says the jury is still out on whether vitamin D helps prevent cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.

“There has been enormous hype.

“We know a moderate level of vitamin D is important for our bone health. What we don’t know is how much people need and whether supplementing people improves conditions like cancer.

“We hope this study, linking with Medicare records and cancer registries, will provide some definitive answers and advice.

Prof Neale says Australia spends $150 million a year on vitamin D testing, despite the fact that testing is unreliable and “we don’t even know what blood level to aim for”.

The present recommendation is that people will achieve enough vitamin D with moderate sun exposure, but people who receive no sun exposure should supplement their vitamin D intake with about 400 international units a day, she says.

The outcome of the study could improve the case for mandatory fortification of foods such as bread, Prof Neale says.

Royal College of Pathologists spokesperson Dr Paul Glendenning said the study would help answer important questions.

“It will help determine if there is a case for routine supplementation and routine monitoring of vitamin D.

“We understand that vitamin D has an action in many different parts of the body. This study will help answer whether the amount of vitamin D circulating in the blood is important to those diverse functions.

Volunteers for the D-Health study should phone 1300 735 920 or email dhealthqimrberghofer.edu.au.


The Brisbane Times

Commission of Audit meets with SBS and Australia Post

January 16, 2014

Heath Aston


The Commission of Audit, given the task by the Abbott government of identifying opportunities to sell public assets and slash government spending, has held meetings with SBS and Australia Post.

The head of the audit, Tony Shepherd, also told a Senate inquiry the commission ”probably may consider” recommending the GST be raised or its base broadened.

Questioned about potential privatisations, Mr Shepherd revealed that audit commissioners would meet representatives of the National Disability Insurance Scheme this week. Treasurer Joe Hockey last year raised the prospect of Medibank Private taking on the administration of the NDIS.

Tony Shepherd.Tony Shepherd. Photo: Nic Walker

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said it was apparent the government was now considering selling off the NDIS.


The government plans to sell Medibank Private but the commission ”may or may not” recommend asset sales, Mr Shepherd said. He would not comment on a suggestion by Labor senator Sam Dastyari that the only reasons to meet SBS representatives was because it was either ”on the block” for sale or that its part-private funding model could be replicated at the ABC.

Mr Shepherd said SBS, which receives two-thirds of its $270 million funding from the federal government, requested the meeting. An SBS spokeswoman would not comment on its detail.

The government has played down suggestions Australia Post could be sold but the commissioners also met Australia Post managers.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has ruled out changes to the GST but Mr Shepherd said ”everything is on the table” as far as the audit was concerned. He told the inquiry cuts had to be found to counter an ageing population, poor productivity and a persistently high dollar. ”This situation is not going to fix itself. The magic pudding is a fable,” he said.

Labor and Greens members of the committee, who have been accused of trying to make political mileage out of the audit process, leapt on evidence government ministers had directed the Commission of Audit since drawing up terms of reference.

At the start of the inquiry hearing Mr Shepherd said there had been no interference from the government but he later apologised when a letter from Mr Hockey and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann was produced by audit secretary Peter Crone. The letter, which began ”Further to the terms of reference, I am writing to provide guidance …” alerted the commission to government plans to cut public service jobs by 12,000.

Mr Shepherd revealed the commission may seek an extension as it struggles to finalise an interim report by the end of January.

Mr Hockey will keep all recommendations secret until after he delivers his first Budget in May.

The ACTU called for the public release of all 300 submissions the commission has received.

”When big dollars, big powerful companies and big decisions affecting millions of people’s lives are at stake, transparency should be paramount,” ACTU president Ged Kearney said.

”The Abbott government is looking to make extreme cuts to jobs and services around our country and is hiding behind the Commission of Audit. We are concerned by the dangerous level of secrecy.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

Novelas da Globo perdem audiência após mudança da grade do Sistema Independente de Comunicação

Nazaré Tedesco em “Senhora do Destino”: novela perde metade da audiência após mudança de horário – Divulgação/Globo
As sucessivas mudanças de grade que a SIC, parceira da Globo em Portugal, tem feito estão prejudicando a audiência das produções brasileiras por lá.
Após “Amor à Vida”, que deixou a faixa das 22h e migrou para as 23h ainda no ano passado e viu sua audiência cair cerca de 20%, a mais recente alteração vitimou “Sangue Bom” e “Senhora do Destino”.
“Sangue Bom”, que vinha herdando de “Senhora do Destino”, chegava a ter médias na casa dos 9 a 10 pontos. Nesta segunda (13), por sua vez, o índice foi de apenas 7,2. A queda se dá pelo fato da história de Aguinaldo Silva não estar mais fazendo sala para a trama de Maria Adelaide Amaral e Vincent Villari.
“Senhora do Destino”, por sua vez, migrou do começo do horário nobre para as tardes. Seus índices, que oscilavam em 6 pontos, foram reduzidos para apenas 3,4 conforme constatado ontem.

Consolidados 12/01/2014 GRANDE SP



No domingo (12), a Globo escalou o “Homem-Aranha 3” pra alavancar o especial de verão “Sai do Chão”. E mais uma vez, deu certo. O longa-metragem registrou 12 pontos, enquanto o musical marcou 13. O “Divertics”, impulsionado, também se deu bem com 12.

Outra grande surpresa do domingo da Globo foi o filme “2012”, que mesmo chegando à quase 2 horas da manhã, fez 13 pontos no Ibope.

Esporte Espetacular – 7
Temperatura Máxima – 12
Sai do Chão – 13
Divertics – 12
Domingão do Faustão – 13
Fantástico – 19
Domingo Maior – 13


Como de costume, Silvio Santos com seu tradicional programa teve a maior audiência da emissora no domingo. O patrão marcou 9 pontos de média, e no tempo em que concorreu com o “Domingo Maior”, fez 15 pontos contra 11.

Domingo Legal – 5
Eliana – 5
Roda a Roda – 4
Programa Silvio Santos – 9
De Frente com Gabi – 6


O “Domingo Espetacular” atingiu 9 pontos de média. As duas atrações anteriores, “O Melhor do Brasil” e o “Domingo da Gente”, deram 5.

Domingo da Gente – 5
O Melhor do Brasil – 5
Domingo Espetacular – 9
Spartacus – 4


A reprise do “Pânico” deu 5 pontos de média. O game-show “Sabe ou Não Sabe”, de André Vasco, atingiu 2.

Sessão Especial – 2
Só Risos – 3
Sabe ou Não Sabe – 2
Pânico – 5
Canal Livre – 2



Consolidados 11/01/2014 GRANDE SP


Legendários” registra boa audiência no sábado da Record – Divulgação/TV Record



O “Zorra Total” se consolida como o programa de menor audiência da linha de shows da Globo. O humorístico registrou apenas 18 pontos de média no sábado (11).

Pela manhã, os infantis também não vão muito bem. A reprise do “Sítio do Picapau Amarelo” ficou com 3, juntamente com a “Turma da Mônica”.

Sítio do Picapau Amarelo – 3
Turma da Mônica – 3
TV Globinho – 5
Estrelas – 12
TV Xuxa – 10
Caldeirão do Huck – 13
Joia Rara – 17
Além do Horizonte – 18
Amor à Vida – 31
Zorra Total – 18
Altas Horas – 12
Supercine – 8


O “Legendários” é quem deu a maior audiência da Record no sábado. Sob o comando de Marcos Mion, a atração marcou 8 pontos de média. O “Cine Maior”, com “A Era do Gelo 2”, deu 5 pontos.

Fala Brasil – 5
Esporte Fantástico – 4
Cine Aventura – 5
Cidade Alerta – 7
Cine Maior – 5
Legendários – 8


No SBT, a estreia de “Patrulha Salvadora” registrou ótimos 7 pontos de audiência. No entanto, um contraste: o “Esquadrão da Moda” deu míseros 2 pontos, sendo a menor pontuação do canal no dia inteiro.

Sábado Animado – 3
As Visões da Raven – 5
Programa Raul Gil – 5
Especial Carrossel – 5
A Patrulha Salvadora – 7
Esquadrão da Moda – 2
Casos de Família – 3