Sydney FC coach Frank Farina says ref blunders are groundhog day

January 4, 2014 – 7:20AM

Steve Larkin

Sydney FC coach Frank Farina says refereeing blunders are making a groundhog day out of every A-League game.

Contentious refereeing calls went against the Sky Blues in Friday night’s 2-2 away draw against Adelaide United.

Sydney copped a penalty which Farina said was ”soft” and had Nick Carle sent off for a questionable second yellow card.

Ranko Despotovic of Sydney attempts to head the ball.


And Farina reckons it’s a common theme for all coaches this season.


”It’s groundhog day for every coach in the league, every week there is something controversial,” he said.

”To be honest, I’m tired of talking about it.

”We just move on. You can’t do anything about it so there is no point talking about it and complaining, just move on to next week.

”If I was a young coach coming in, I would have been complaining about this and complaining about that. But you learn over time you can’t do anything about it, nothing is going to change.”

Sydney took an early lead when Ranko Despotovic scored in the eighth minute, with Adelaide losing Bruce Djite (groin) and Cirio (hamstring) in the following 20 minutes.

The Reds equalised through Fabio Ferreria, then went ahead when Jake Barker-Daish converted the controversial penalty, which came when Adelaide debutant Anthony Costa fell in the box from slight contact from Sydney defender Matthew Jurman.

But the Sky Blues levelled in the 82nd minute with a header from substitute Corey Gameiro, despite minimal contribution from captain Alessandro Del Piero.

The Sydney skipper was in doubt for the game with a back injury but played 77 minutes, though rarely moved anywhere near top gear.

”He’s fine … I was happy to get 70-odd minutes out of him, I’m expecting he’ll be fine for next week,” Farina said.


The Sydney Morning Herald

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