Números de ontem do TV TOTAL

Country Views
Sinal BrazilBrazil 698
Sinal United StatesUnited States 61
Sinal PortugalPortugal 18
Sinal FranceFrance 6
Sinal JapanJapan 4
Sinal New ZealandNew Zealand 2
Sinal GermanyGermany 2
Sinal Korea, Republic ofRepublic of Korea 2
Sinal TurkeyTurkey 2
Sinal GreeceGreece 1
Sinal ArgentinaArgentina 1
Sinal United KingdomUnited Kingdom 1


Amanhã , neste mesmo horário serão divulgados os números do TV TOTAL no mês de outubro ! Não perca ! 

Medical bracelets can put patients at risk: Coroner

October 31, 2013 – 12:01AM

Kristian Silva


One of the medical bracelets sold by MedicAlert.

One of the medical bracelets sold by MedicAlert.

Patients are being put at risk by poorly designed medical bracelets, which do not clearly display critical information about potentially dangerous allergies, a coroner has found.

The warning comes after a woman with a penicillin allergy had a cardiac arrest when she was injected with the drug, after staff at the Bundaberg Base Hospital failed to notice an alert on her bracelet.

In findings handed down this week, coroner David O’Connell said it was “very clear” medical staff often could not differentiate between regular jewellery and specially-designed medical bracelets with warnings.

One of the medical bracelets sold by MedicAlert.

One of the medical bracelets sold by MedicAlert.

But a popular bracelet manufacturer, the MedicAlert Foundation, says it has no plans to remove items from its product line and insists its jewellery provides clear warnings when worn properly.


The coroner found a penicillin injection caused 74-year-old Marcia Loveday to suffer a severe allergic reaction and a cardiac arrest on July 19, 2010.

Mrs Loveday, who had a history of poor health and arrived at the hospital with chest and abdominal pain, died four days later. However, the coroner ruled that the injection did not hasten her death.

Only after the injection was given did hospital staff realise Mrs Loveday’s silver bracelet had the words “Medic Alert” and the international medical symbol of two snakes entwined around a rod, known as the Rod of Asclepius.

The bracelet’s reverse side included her phone number and the words “ALLERGIC TO PENICILLIN, MINOMYCIN, & CECLOR”.

“Mrs Loveday’s bracelet resembled a piece of well worn jewellery. Apart from the engraving on it there was no distinctive feature of its appearance,” Mr O’Connell said.

He called on manufacturers to create products with prominent warnings that placed “function over fashion”.

“I am very firmly of the opinion that function is the sole objective if this item is to perform its intended task. Fashion must only ever represent a very small element in the overall consideration of its design,” Mr O’Connell said.

Australia MedicAlert Foundation chief executive Sandra Turner said the organisation’s local bracelets and necklaces had displayed the Rod of Asclepius emblem since 1971, and the products adhered to Australian and international standards.

“It is disappointing to note the claims that some Queensland medical workers do not recognise the international symbol for medicine, which dates back to Greek mythology,” she said.

“The tragic death of Mrs Loveday flags the need for greater awareness training to healthcare and emergency service professionals to better acquaint themselves with the MedicAlert emblem and medical ID products in general.”

Ms Turner said the organisation ran education programs and encouraged its 160,000 Australian members to check their jewellery regularly to ensure warnings were legible.

She said some customers were reluctant to wear jewellery with overt warnings about serious medical conditions, and that was why they sold a wide range of products.

In the findings into Mrs Loveday’s death, the coroner also called for Queensland Health to implement changes to any hospitals with the same patient triage setup as the Bundaberg Base Hospital had in 2010.

He also called for Queensland Health and the Queensland Ambulance Service to work with doctors to create education material, and to investigate whether a medical wristband alert system could be devised.

Mr O’Connell did not recommend that a nurse and doctor at the hospital be investigated over Mrs Loveday’s death.

The Brisbane Times

North Korea’s crop imports from China hit annual high in Sept.

SEOUL, Oct. 30 (Yonhap) — North Korea’s crop imports from China more than doubled to hit a yearly high in September, data showed Wednesday.

According to the data compiled by Kwon Tae-jin, a senior researcher at the Korea Rural Economic Institute, North Korea imported 67,208 tons of grains and legumes such as flour, rice, corn and bean in September from its neighboring country, compared with 26,804 tons a month earlier.

The surge was attributed mainly to Pyongyang’s increased imports of corn. The impoverished nation bought a total of 50,613 tons of corn last month, nearly nine times the amount imported the previous month, the data showed.

“The big increase in imports would either mean that Pyongyang is running out of its stock amid the regime’s efforts to increase the ration to people since this spring or that it is try to stabilize market prices,” Kwon said.

“Factoring in the forecast of good harvests for the autumn, the North is expected to enjoy a relatively stable supply of crops at least for the rest of the year,” he added.




Yonhap News Agency

Korean Air to provide 150 billion won to its troubled sister shipping company


SEOUL, Oct. 30 (Yonhap) — Korean Air Lines Co., South Korea’s top air carrier, said Wednesday it has decided to provide 150 billion won (US$141 million) to Hanjin Shipping to help ease its temporary liquidity squeeze.

The decision to offer financial aid to its sister shipping company was made earlier Wednesday, according to the carrier.

The aid comes as Hanjin Shipping has suffered liquidity woes due to a protracted slump in the shipping industry following the 2008 financial crisis.

Hanjin Shipping is affiliated with Hanjin Group, one of South Korea’s largest family-run conglomerates, though it has been managing its businesses independently for years.

Hanjin Shipping has been run by Choi Eun-young since her husband Cho Soo-ho died in 2006. Cho was a younger brother of Cho Yang-ho, the chairman of Hanjin Group.

Korean Air is a flagship unit of Hanjin Group.



Torcedores começam a receber cobrança por ingresso solicitado para a Copa do Mundo da FIFA Brasil 2014

ingresso copa


Torcedores de vários locais do Brasil estão recebendo notificações  através de torpedos, emails e extratos bancários sobre o pagamento  dos ingressos da Copa do Mundo de 2014.  A cobrança seria das operadoras de cartão de crédito.  O sorteio dos ingressos aconteceu na última terça-feira (29) em Manchester, na presença de representantes da Caixa Econômica Federal e do Ministério do Esporte, além de um tabelião.

Segundo torcedores, a Fifa ainda não enviou nenhum aviso de confirmação da aquisição dos ingressos.

De acordo com os pagantes, algumas categorias estão diferentes das pedidas originalmente. Segundo David Alvarenga, que já garantiu os tíquetes para a competição, foi debitado o valor R$ 1.980, referente a dois ingressos na Categoria 3 para a Abertura do evento, contrariando o pedido prioritário para a Categoria 2.

No momento da compra, a Fifa perguntava se o comprador aceitava ser recolocado em outra seção, caso a escolhida não estivesse disponível. Na última terça-feira (29), a Fifa anunciou que o início de uma nova fase para a compra dos ingressos seria dia 11 de novembro e não dia 5, como havia sido informado anteriormente.

A redação web entrou em contato com a Fifa questionando a falta de notificação por parte da federação a cerca da aquisição dos ingressos, mas até a publicação dessa matéria não houve resposta.


Diário do Nordeste-Jogada-30/10/2013

Artworks face a tough life

October 31, 2013

John-Paul Moloney


Statue of Liz and Phil by the lake, with a corgi named Lucy in April 1995.

Vandalised public art in Canberra


Canberra, sometimes it really feels like you can’t have nice things. To think that those cute little blokes climbing the staircase in the city need to be protected by CCTV and flood lighting lest they be ripped away as a souvenir of a Civic piss-up.

The sculpture On the Staircase has just been restored after repeated serious vandal attacks, and to have had to get the artist, Keld Moseholm, back for Tuesday’s unveiling should be a moment that makes Canberrans cringe.

”It’s been very frustrating for me to see what happened,” a restrained Moseholm said on Tuesday. He could have been forgiven for adding, ”What is wrong with you people!”


Also in the city, the ACT Veterans’ Memorial near Civic Square has in the past had to have the large glass ball at its centre replaced with one of granite after being smashed. That’s a veterans’ memorial.


The consequence of these attacks is that anything that is installed has to be virtually indestructible and come with a whopping price tag. That feeds into the criticism of the art program and is a big factor in why so many people say, ”Enough with all this public art.”

When you see how much damage a drunk can cause to a heavy-duty installation, it’s little wonder spontaneous, cheap, or what they call ”ephemeral” public art just doesn’t survive.

Off the top of my head I can reel off a few examples.

Most memorable were the vicious attacks, including decapitation, on Down by the Lake with Liz and Phil, the nude statue of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip installed in 1995. That vandalism may have been political. Perhaps republicans attacking an easy image of the Queen, or monarchists trying to preserve her dignity.

There has been no such motive for the smashing up and theft of the large models from outside the dinosaur museum, or even more depressing, the bashing to bits of a whimsical herd of fibreglass zebras set up at Lake George in 2010.

Director of artsACT David Whitney says vandal-proofing public art ranked alongside public safety issues in the commissioning of new works.

”Some of the works we commission we know have a half life of 10,000 years. They won’t disappear through natural attrition.”

That we need our sculptures made tough as steel and bolted down must inhibit the artistic freedom of people like Moseholm. They have to work like Ikea designers, except instead of having to restrain their design by making it fit into a cardboard box, they have to consider what a drunken grub might do stumbling down from the nightclubs to the casino at 3am.

Still Mr Whitney thinks vandalism in the city is on the way down. And he believed some of the latest installations there, such as The Other Side of Midnight (a doll in a pink dress with carousel dogs on either side) achieved a lighter, fun feel while being sturdy enough to last.

”We see kids climbing all over it, which is what the artist wanted. And it’s escaped any form of vandalism or damage. All we’ve had to do is clean off scuff marks from the kids’ shoes.”

I think Canberra needs more public art, but not necessarily the expensive, and therefore divisive, works commissioned through government processes.

Having come from this city of roundabouts, when I went on a driving holiday in France recently I was struck by how villages and towns adorned their roundabouts with flower beds and sculptures.

Some of these scenes looked even less robust than our ill-fated zebras (now at a safer home at Pegasus Riding School), made of materials like hay bales or timber.

My first thought was that if a suburban community group in Canberra set something like this up, it wouldn’t survive the weekend. My second thought was that if the vandals hadn’t got to them, setting a hay bale witch alight like an inner north hedge, the ACT government would, efficiently removing them because they hadn’t been ”approved”.

I still fear for the first fate, but Mr Whitney assured me fear of government fun police is not justified, pointing out how he and others in the government loved seeing things like a Super Mario figure tacked onto a pipe in Belconnen a couple of years back.

He encouraged the likes of yarn bombers (guerilla knitters who decorate public places in coloured wool) or amateur sculptors, so long as they didn’t do things like obstruct roads or paths.

”We’d like people to talk to us or parks people in TAMS, but if ephemeral work appears, we don’t ring up a squad to go around and demolish it,” Mr Whitney said.

With that in mind, Canberra, what do you say to more public art and especially street art, especially the fun and the unexpected?

What do you say to taking some of those dull, grass-covered roundabouts and giving them over to something arty, pretty or even just silly?

And if we did see some of this spring up, can we resist bashing it to bits?

The Canberra Times

Consolidados GRANDE SP 29/10/2013




Confira os destaques de audiência desta terça-feira (29), com uma análise dos dados que refletem a preferência de um grupo de telespectadores da Grande São Paulo:


Ontem, a novela das 18h voltou a cair. Depois de ter registrado 21 pontos na segunda-feira (28), “Joia Rara” fechou com 18. Em sua reta final, “Sangue Bom” vem marcando seus habituais índices: 26 pontos. “Amor à Vida” cravou 37 pontos e foi bem no Ibope.

“Tapas e Beijos” é um acerto na linha de shows da emissora e vem marcando boas médias para a casa. Ontem, a série ficou com 25 pontos, e “Pé na Cova” manteve o mesmo das semanas anteriores: 16.

De manhã, o “Bom Dia Brasil” dividiu com o “Encontro” o posto de programa com maior audiência da faixa: 7 pontos pra cada.

Bom Dia Brasil – 7
Mais Você – 6
Bem Estar – 6
Encontro – 7
Globo Esporte – 11
Jornal Hoje – 11
Vídeo Show – 11
O Cravo e a Rosa – 14
Sessão da Tarde – 12,5
Malhação – 15
Joia Rara – 18
Sangue Bom – 26
Jornal Nacional – 27
Amor à Vida – 37
Tapas e Beijos – 25
Pé na Cova – 16
Profissão Repórter – 11


A dobradinha “Cidade Alerta” e “Jornal da Record” seguem sendo o diferencial da emissora. Nesta terça (29), o policial cravou 9 pontos e o telejornal deu 8, o suficiente pra manter o canal em segundo lugar na média do dia.

A novela “Pecado Mortal”, de Carlos Lombardi, continua na mesma faixa: 6 pontos. A cúpula da emissora, sem dúvida, esperava mais do que isso.

Fala Brasil – 6
Hoje em Dia – 5
Programa da Tarde – 6
Cidade Alerta – 9
Jornal da Record – 8
CSI: NY – 5,5
Pecado Mortal – 6
O Aprendiz – 4,5


A novela “Chiquititas” é uma ilha dentro do SBT, vendo os números de audiência. Ontem, a trama marcou 11 pontos. Já o segundo maior índice do dia na emsisora foi o “Programa do Ratinho”, com 7.
O “SBT Notícias” continua com números pífios. Ontem, deu 3. “A Madrasta” mostra que não agradou o público de “Rubi” e deu 5,5.

Bom Dia & Cia – 4
Maria do Bairro – 5
Cuidado com o Anjo – 6
A Madrasta – 5,5
O Privilégio de Amar – 4,5
SBT Notícias – 3
Eu, a Patroa e as Crianças – 4
SBT Brasil – 4
Chiquititas – 11
Rebelde – 5
Programa do Ratinho – 7
Cine Espetacular – 6


Na Band, José Luiz Datena com seu “Brasil Urgente” fez 5 pontos no Ibope e foi a maior audiência da casa. “A Liga”, que mostrou curiosidades do rio e da marginal Tietê em São Paulo, também foi bem e registrou 4.

Band Kids – 1
Jogo Aberto – 2
Os Donos da Bola – 3
Brasil Urgente – 5
Jornal da Band – 3
Os Simpsons – 3
A Liga – 4
Agora é Tarde – 2



Andrew Barr booted from Legislative Assembly

October 30, 2013 – 10:54PM

Peter Jean


Aerial shot of City Hill.

Aerial shot of City Hill. Photo: Graham Tidy

A site next to City Hill is a better site for the proposed Australia Forum convention centre than the Lake Burley Griffin foreshore, according to ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr.

Mr Barr was suspended from the ACT Assembly for three sitting hours on Wednesday for interjecting during a debate on the proposed convention centre.

He said building the convention centre on land used as a car park next to City Hill would provide conference attendees with spectacular views of Commonwealth Park and the lake.

ACT sports minister Andrew Barr.

Andrew Barr … booted from the Assembly. Photo: Jeffrey Chan

”It’s a prestigious position relative to the City Hill itself and the Parliamentary Triangle,” he said. ”And it would be fair to say it’s one of the best addresses in Canberra.”


Mr Barr said the site had been agreed on at a two-day workshop involving organisations and individuals interested in the project.

A West Basin lakeside site had been previously favoured by many supporters of the project. But Mr Barr said it had been agreed this would isolate the centre from Civic.

The ACT Government could donate the City Hill land for the project.

”It’s a location that also allows for other projects to occur: the West Basin foreshore, boardwalk and an urban beach,” Mr Barr said.

”A new swimming pool in West Basin will free up the [current] swimming pool for the CBD stadium.”

Proponents want the Australia Forum to be capable of hosting major international conferences, including meetings of world leaders.

It is envisaged it would have two main levels with entrances on Vernon Circle and London Circuit. Mr Barr said there would be room for two large dividable halls with a combined floor space of 16,000 square metres, a 3000-seat plenary area, a ”centre for dialogue” and retail space.

”It fits, it works, it’s the best space,” Mr Barr said.

Liberal economic development spokesman Brendan Smyth on Wednesday moved a resolution that called on the government to establish a trust to prepare an investment-ready plan for the centre.

Mr Barr was suspended for interjecting during the debate on the resolution. Greens minister Shane Rattenbury voted with the Liberal opposition to suspend Mr Barr.

Labor and the Liberals each have eight members in the 17-member Assembly, with Mr Rattenbury holding the balance of power.

Because of Mr Barr’s suspension, the Assembly was deadlocked when a vote was taken on the convention centre issue. Without a majority, the motion was declared lost.

Mr Barr will not be allowed back into the Assembly chamber until mid Thursday morning.

The Canberra Times

Sacked public servant takes her tweet battle to Fair Work Commission

October 30, 2013 – 11:34AM

Christopher Knaus

Reporter for The Canberra Times.

"What will I do on Monday?"... asked Michaela Banerji.

Sacked public servant Michaela Banerji is taking her battle to the Fair Work Commission. Photo: Jay Cronan

A public servant sacked for posting tweets critical of her department will now take the fight over her dismissal to the Fair Work Commission.

Michaela Banerji was working in the communications area of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship when she posted several tweets on her private Twitter account, which had about 700 followers.

The tweets were critical of the government and the opposition, the department and its then spokesman, Sandi Logan, and a company contracted to run immigration detention centres.

She was dismissed by the department on September 13, with her last day on September 27.


The government argued she had breached the Australian Public Service’s code of conduct, which states employees must avoid making “harsh or extreme” criticisms of politicians or policies.

The sacking sparked a legal battle, with Ms Banerji turning to the courts in an attempt to save her job.

But she lost three different applications to have a stay on her dismissal, the last of which was rejected in the Federal Court in late September.

That last-gasp bid in the Federal Court was designed to temporarily keep her job until her appeal could be heard in October.

Ms Banerji appeared before the Federal Court again on Wednesday.

The former public servant, who has legal training and is representing herself, said there was mutual agreement for her to discontinue her appeal.

Instead, she is taking the matter to the Fair Work Commission, where she will seek to fight against her unlawful dismissal.

A conference is expected to take place before the Commission in November.

The Canberra Times

Enfoque Na Telinha: Rachel Sheherazade e suas polêmicas




Tudo começou em 2011, quando Rachel Sheherazade, até então apresentadora de uma filial do SBT na Paraíba, criticou severamente o carnaval no país, dizendo que a festa já estava ficando elitizada e era pra rico.

Tal crítica despertou a atenção de Silvio Santos e em maio daquele ano chamou-a, juntamente com Joseval Peixoto, para serem âncoras do novo “SBT Brasil”. A audiência continuou a mesma, mas o jornal ganhou outra pegada, no sentido de abrir mais espaço para opinião. Era o que estava virando tendência.

Rachel, em duas oportunidades, abriu fogo contra os ateus e disse em um comentário, na época que o Papa veio ao Brasil, que “eles não sabem o que dizem” quando um grupo quis fazer “desbatismo” coletivo na chegada da maior autoridade da Igreja Católica.

No ano passado, concordou com Sarney quando disse que os ateus “não tinham o que fazer”, quando pediram para que a frase “Deus seja louvado” fosse retirada das cédulas de reais. Rachel, na oportunidade, falou que os ateus são contra ensino religioso e cruzes em repartições públicas. É claro, se o estado é laico (como dizem), seria um pouco estranho colocar objetos de candomblé, umbandas e outras religiões em lugares onde quem dirige é o estado, não é mesmo?

Em maio deste ano, outra polêmica: um grupo de funcionários do SBT, segundo publicado no jornal “Folha de São Paulo”, fizeram um abaixo-assinado dizendo que a âncora não os representava.

Agora, a jornalista tomou uma bronca de executivos da Jequiti por ser a favor de testes cosméticos em animais e até um grupo de ativistas está fazendo um abaixo-assinado pedindo sua saída da emissora. Como se sabe, a empresa de Silvio Santos não faz esse tipo de coisa. Entretanto, talvez até mesmo sem conhecimento disso, Rachel expressou sua opinião e agora está pagando por ela.

Aos olhos do ex-presidente Lula, ela também não vai muito bem. Segundo Lauro Jardim, da revista “Veja”, Lula teria comentado em um almoço com a bancada do PTB (Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro) que viu uma “jornalista de vinte e poucos anos” criticando, como sempre, os políticos e suas atitudes.

Bem ou mal, não há outra âncora parecida com Rachel Sheherazade. É claro, por sua forma de falar e se impor, parece extremamente petulante, arrogante e prepotente, dona da verdade. Mas, é como dizia Voltaire, posso não concordar com nenhuma palavra que você diz, mas defenderei até a morte o direito de dizê-las. Democracia é isso.
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