Top Five | Equipment gaffes

Saturday, 31 August 2013 1:57 PM

Top Five | Equipment gaffes

After Millwall’s embarrassing effort of forgetting their jerseys last weekend, we take a look at the top five equipment gaffes involving Aussie footballers.

1. Millwall forget to bring jerseys to the game
Aussies Scott McDonald and Shane Lowry along with their Millwall teammates had to line up in their opposition’s away strip from the previous season for their clash against Sheffield Wednesday last weekend after leaving their kits at home. Their away kit, normally all white, had to be replaced with the home side’s yellow before the game started. The Millwall equipment manager has been the subject of worldwide ridicule on social media for failing to bring his side’s matchday jerseys to the English Championship game in Hillsborough. Fortunately for Millwall they showed their true colours (and own jerseys) in the second half and managed to come from a goal down to earn their first point of the new campaign.

2. Everton misspell name of new signing
Tim Cahill’s old club Everton made an embarrassing mistake at the club’s kit launch for the new EPL season, when they misspelled the name on the jersey of one of their new signings. Fans were under the impression the club had made another signing when they saw a replica shirt bearing the name ‘Deufoleu’ – a player they had never heard of. Unfortunately for Toffees fans they were ultimately disappointed after learning the club had carelessly misspelt the name of one of their actual new signings Gerard Deulofeu, whom recently joined Everton on loan from Barcelona.

Everton jersey


3. Chelsea leave balls at home
Mark Schwarzer’s Chelsea career got off to an interesting start during the first leg of his new side’s pre-season tour. Returning Manager Jose Mourinho tried to run his first training session after his side landed in Thailand, only to be told the team had left their new footballs at home. Mourinho had planned on using the new Nike Incyte Ball, which is the ball being used in this season’s EPL, so that his players could begin getting use to its flight and speed. However a search through the vast containers transporting Chelsea’s kit revealed they were still at the airport in London and had to be flow over expressly.

4. Palace have identity crisis
Mile Jedinak’s Crystal Palace side made an embarrassing gaffe back in 2004 when the club spelt their own name wrong on their replica shirts. The red and blue stripped jerseys read ‘Chrystal Palace’ which inspired a new chant from their fans; “There’s only one H in Palace”.

Palace logo


5. Referee sees red
Aussie Brad Jones watched on with amusement from the bench last season when referee Mark Clattenburg forgot his cards in Liverpool’s match against Reading. Clattenburg was left red-raced early in the second half when he went to caution Royals midfielder Danny Guthrie only to realise he’d left his yellow and red cards in the dressing room. Clattenburg subsequently halted the game and trotted over to the touchline where he was able to acquire a spare set from the fourth official before issuing the caution and continuing the match.


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