Brave teenager battles daily pain of arthritis


Last updated 05:00 28/08/2013

Charlotte Hewson


STRUCK DOWN: On good days, arthritis sufferer Charlotte Hewson, 16, sings, plays guitar, runs, and plays netball. At other times she can barely move.

The most annoying part of living with arthritis is not being able to go to school. Or sing, or play the guitar. Or missing netball practice.

“It’s so frustrating,” said teenager Charlotte Hewson, rolling her eyes. “I mean, I still try and do it anyway, but it’s really hard.”

Charlotte, 16, tries to stay positive about the arthritis she has suffered since she was 3 but she can’t remember what life was like without pain.

While it is often thought of as a disease of the elderly, arthritis can strike at any age. Charlotte is one of more than 1000 children nationwide who suffer from juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), which can affect babies under a year old.

Arthritis New Zealand has launched a campaign to raise $500,000 to fund research into and raise awareness of arthritis, including JIA.

Charlotte’s mum, Caroline Hewson, vividly remembers the day when she realised something wasn’t right.

“I took her to the pool, the Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre, and I looked down at her legs in the pushchair and one knee was about three times bigger than the other one. It was puffed up like a grapefruit.

“Since then, she’s probably been in hospital every school holidays.”

Arthritis is an autoimmune disease, in which the body becomes confused and attacks healthy cells. It mainly affects joints, causing chronic pain and swelling. Charlotte’s arthritis can be a dull ache or a roaring pain. It strikes at random. When she’s well, she sings, play guitar, runs, and plays netball. At other times she can barely move.

As a child she struggled to walk, and now she manages to attend Queen Margaret College about three days a week.

Charlotte’s arthritis is managed by various immunosuppressant drugs, and twice-weekly steroid injections. She keeps upbeat by surrounding herself with people who “don’t just care about stupid things”, and is a counsellor at Arthritis NZ’s youth camps.

“I just try to deal with the things I can change rather than the things I can’t.”

Arthritis NZ chief executive Sandra Kirby said the causes of arthritis in children were unknown. Genetics may be part, and it was thought some form of infection could trigger it. “It’s not an easy life, and it comes out of the blue.”

The annual arthritis appeal begins on September 4.


More than 530,000 New Zealanders live with arthritis, of which there are 140 different kinds.

It is the most common form of disability. More than half of all sufferers are between the ages of 15 and 64.

The most common arthritis is osteoarthritis.

More than 25,000 New Zealanders will not be able to work this year because of the disease.


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Double murder: Man kills himself in front of police

By Morgan Tait , Anna Leask

7:00 AM Wednesday Aug 28, 201

Man identified as being in a relationship with Glenys Stanton kills himself in front of police officers.

Kelsey Waite, 18, daughter of murder victim Trevor Waite, at yesterday's police press conference. Photo / Richard Robinson

Kelsey Waite, 18, daughter of murder victim Trevor Waite, at yesterday’s police press conference. Photo / Richard Robinson

A man believed to be linked to the double killing of Trevor Waite and Glenys Stanton has shot and killed himself in front of police.

Police say the man had been identified as having been in a recent relationship with Ms Stanton, who was found dead at the weekend with Mr Waite in a bedroom at Mr Waite’s house.

In a statement released this morning, Detective Inspector Dave Lynch said police had wanted to speak to the man as part of their investigation into the couple’s deaths.

Police say they were contacted by the man’s friend, who had concerns for his wellbeing.

A car belonging to the man was found parked in a remote area in Woodhill Forest in West Auckland.

Specialist police teams searched for the man, but before officers could speak to him he shot and killed himself.

Police said no police officers fired any shots during the incident.

Mr Lynch said the man’s name would not be released until a formal identification had been completed.

He said obvious inferences will be made as to his involvement in the murders but Police still have a significant amount of work to do to establish the facts surrounding the three deaths.

Police investigation continues

Police are speaking to people the murdered couple met through a website for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Herald can reveal that in June, Ms Stanton introduced a boyfriend to friends she had made through the website.

Two months later, she died alongside another man – Mr Waite, 51.

The 47-year-old divorcee had recently begun a new job as a flight attendant for Air New Zealand and was making a fresh start, seeking new friends and challenges.

She met Mr Waite a couple of months ago at an event for people who enjoy hiking and mountain biking, organised through, which connects interest groups.

Trevor Waite.
Trevor Waite.

Over the weekend, the two were shot dead in the bedroom of Mr Waite’s lifestyle block home in Papakura.

They were found by Mr Waite’s 18-year-old daughter Kelsey about 11.20am on Sunday. Police said they died of gunshot wounds sometime between Friday night and Sunday morning.

Evidence found at the scene indicated the shooter was known to one or both victims but police refused to elaborate. member Cristina Johnson, told the Herald Ms Stanton cycled the Timber Trail in Pureora Forest Park, near Taupo, at Queen’s Birthday Weekend with a man she told her and other riders was her boyfriend.

Another member, David Griffiths, said he met Ms Stanton and a tall, blond man she called her boyfriend at a house party in Waiuku during another weekend in June.

Glenys Stanton.
Glenys Stanton.

Mr Griffiths said groups were social but not “sleazy”, though sometimes members dated each other. “We are all adults and if someone is single and you’re single …” he said.

When the Herald told inquiry head Detective Inspector Dave Lynch of a recent boyfriend and asked if he could comment, he said: “Any male acquaintances of hers will be spoken to as part of the investigation.”

Ms Stanton and Mr Waite were both members of two interest groups on the site, including South Auckland Gatherings (SAGS), which has 187 members.

Jane Buckley, who runs SAGS and has organised events attended by both victims, said she was “speaking to the police about Trevor”.

Mr Waite joined in September last year, and Ms Stanton in April this year. In her profile Ms Stanton said she was “young at heart” and enjoyed keeping fit and challenging herself. Mr Waite said he had joined for “meeting new people and motivation to get out on new [mountain bike] trails a bit more”.

Mr Lynch said the couple’s friends and associates would also be spoken to. Officers would also examine texts, emails and online activity for both victims.

Police met the victims’ families on Monday night to glean more information, including how long they had known each other and the nature of their relationship.

Mr Lynch said it had appeared they had known each other for “a couple of months”, but police were still working on building a clearer picture. He did not know if either victim had a partner.

Ms Stanton’s employer, Air NZ, refused to comment and directed staff not to speak to media.

Mr Waite was a senior manager for Vero Insurance and had been with the company for 15 years. The company said that out of respect for the victims’ families, it did not want to comment.

Members of both families attended a police press conference yesterday, where statements were read on their behalf.

From friends and family

Statement read by Ivan Gillatt, close friend of Trevor Waite

Trevor was a devoted father to his family of two daughters and one son. Trevor was a quiet, caring, kind man and family and friends are shocked and devastated. From his parents: Trevor was a wonderful son that we are very proud of. From his children: He was a good dad who was always there for us and supported us in everything we did. From his brother and sister: Trevor was a great brother and we loved him very much.

Statement read by John Kenyon, Glenys Stanton’s brother-in-law

We are shocked to learn of the tragic circumstances of Glenys and Trevor’s passing. Glenys leaves behind two grown daughters and three grandchildren. She was a beautiful person on the inside and out. She was a wonderful mother and friend to those who knew her. She was the kind of person who made the most of every opportunity and lived life to the full.


The New Zealand Herald

Média dia 24/08/2013 GRANDE Fortaleza

Bandeiras dos Estados do Brasil


Neste sábado (24), a emissora de Sílvio Santos se deparou com mais um concorrente. A TV Diário venceu o canal na média dia fazendo com que o SBT ficasse em quarto lugar na audiência perdendo apenas para a RedeTV.

A média ficou assim: 17,1 para a Rede Globo (TV Verdes Mares) que foi líder, 5,7 pontos da Record (TV Cidade) que ficou na vice-liderança, 3,6 pontos para a terceira colocada Band (TV Jangadeiro), 1,6 pontos para a TV Diário, 1,4 para o SBT que ficou em quinto lugar e 0,6 da RedeTV.

Vale lembrar que o SBT tem um dos piores sinais de TV em transmissão na capital Cearense pelo fato de recentemente ter perdido sua afiliada, a TV Jangadeiro para a Bandeirantes.



Consolidados GRANDE SP 26/08/2013

Ukrainian SSR

Globo Rural 2,8
Bom dia SP 5,5
Bom dia Brasil 6,8
Mais Você 7
Bem Estar 6,5
Encontro 5,8
SPTV 11,3
Globo Esporte 10,7
Jornal Hoje 10
Vídeo Show 8,9
O Cravo e a Rosa 10,9
Sessão da Tarde 9,4
Malhação 13,9
Flor do Caribe 22,3
SPTV 25,1
Sangue Bom 26,2
Jornal Nacional 29,8
Amor à Vida 41,5(42)
Tela Quente 21,8
Jornal da Globo 11,6
Programa do Jô 7,3
Sessão Brasil 3,1
Hawaii 5-0 3,3
Os Feiticeiros de Waverly Place 3,2
Telecurso 2,9
Telecurso 2,8
Globo Rural 3,6

Balanço Geral 3,2
SP no Ar 5,7
Fala Brasil 6,7
Hoje em Dia 4,6
Balanço Geral 7,3
Programa da Tarde 5,4
Cidade Alerta 10,6
Jornal da Record 7,8
CSI NY 4,6
Dona Xepa 7
A Fazenda 8
Roberto Justus+ 3,7
Religioso 0,7

Jornal do SBT Manhã 3
Jornal do SBT Manhã 8h 2,2
Bom dia & Cia 4,1
Três é Demais 5,6
As Visões da Raven 5,7
Marimar 5,5 (06)
Cuidado com o Anjo 6,4
Rubi 7,5(08)
O Privilégio de Amar 5,1
Clube do Carrossel 3,7
Eu, a Patroa e as Crianças 4,8
SBT Brasil 4,7
Chiquititas 11,1
Harper’s Island 4,8
Programa do Ratinho 5,4
Jornal do SBT 3,6
Dois Homens e Meio 2,9
Big Bang: A Teoria 3,7
Gossip Girl 3,3
Entourage 2,8
Jornal do SBT Manhã 2,6
Jornal do SBT Manhã 3,4

Primeiro Jornal SP 0,6
Primeiro Jornal 0,5
Dia Dia 0,7
Band Kids 1,1
Jogo Aberto 3
Os Donos da Bola 2,9
Só Risos 2,4
Futurama 1,5(02)
Os Simpsons 1,8
Brasil Urgente 3,9
Brasil Urgente SP 4
Jornal da Band 4,1
Show da Fé 1,2
Os Simpsons 2
CQC 3,7
O Mundo Segundo os Brasileiros 2,7
Jornal da Noite 1,5
Claquete 1
Oscar 0,9

Morning Show 0,2
Você na TV 1,2
Bola Dividida 0,7
Religioso 0,2
A Tarde é Sua 1,1
Religioso 0,3
Te Peguei 1,8
Betty, a feia 1,2
TV Fama 1,9
RedeTV News 1,1
Religioso 0,4
Superpop 0,9
Leitura Dinâmica 0,9
Companhia de Viagem 0,5
Debate Brasil 0,3
Religioso 0,2


Amor à Vida vai estrear em Portugal na segunda-feira


Em chamadas de quase um minuto de duração, cada, a rede SIC, de Portugal, tem destacado a atuação de Valdirene (Tatá Werneck) e do Neymar, ainda como jogador do Santos, em “Amor à Vida”.

A estreia da novela é anunciada para a próxima segunda-feira.

Ficamos assim. Mas amanhã tem mais. Tchau!


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Juliana Araújo vai estrelar papel como produtora de festival de música


Juliana Araújo começou a gravar “Malhação” na Globo. Ela será a produtora de um festival de música que vai agitar a história em vários capítulos.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Igor Angelkorte estará em Além do Horizonte



Igor Angelkorte, nome conhecido do teatro, vai estar em “Além do Horizonte”, substituta de “Sangue Bom”, no time de protagonistas…

… O ator, como preparação para o personagem, passou a ter aulas de polo.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery