Com prejuízo, TV Corinthians sairá do ar


Criada em 2011 pelo Sport Club Corinthians Paulista em parceria com a TV+, a TV Corinthians (TVC) vai fechar as portas.

Sem conseguir entrar nas grandes operadoras como a Net e Sky, o canal sairá do ar nos próximos dias.

Nos últimos tempos, o clube paulista conversou com o Grupo Bandeirantes para este se tornar sócio do projeto.

A ideia era integrar a TV Corinthians com o BandSports. O plano chegou a ser montado e iria entrar em vigor neste ano, porém o time desistiu do negócio e não irá mais investir em um canal de TV.

Segundo informações da coluna “Outro Canal”, o prejuízo da TVC está em 4 milhões de reais.

O canal pago tinha sua estrutura montada no Parque São Jorge com cerca de 80 funcionários, além de parcerias com produtoras independentes.

A TV Corinthians exibia em sua programação os treinos do time profissional de futebol, além de modalidades como futsal, vôlei e basquete.

A emissora deixará o line-up da TVA no próximo dia 30. Já nas operadoras Oi e NeoTV, seu fim acontecerá em 7 de setembro.


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Cotada para “Vitória”, Thaís Fersoza não fará novela para descansar imagem

Divulgação/TV Record



No ar em “Dona Xepa”, Thaís Fersoza já estava cotada para outro trabalho na Record.

A autora Christianne Fridman queria a atriz em sua próxima novela, “Vitória”, mas precisou abandonar esse desejo.

Isso porque a nova trama tem estreia prevista para março do ano que vem, e Fersoza precisará de um tempo maior para descansar sua imagem.

“Em ‘Dona Xepa’, ela faz Rosália, um papel muito marcante. O ideal é que ela descanse a imagem para, então, encarar um novo trabalho”, contou a novelista em conversa com o jornal “O Dia”.

“Vitória” substituirá “Pecado Mortal”, de Carlos Lombardi, que por sua vez entrará no lugar de “Dona Xepa” neste próximo mês de setembro.


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Produzido pelo SBT, “O Fenômeno Rebelde” será exibido na próxima sexta


Na próxima quinta-feira (29), chega ao fim a série “Harper’s Island – O Mistério da Ilha”, que o SBT colocou na faixa das 21h15 para fazer uma espécie de “sala de espera” para a novela “Rebelde”, que reestreia no dia 2 de setembro.

Já na sexta (30), a emissora exibirá pela primeira vez o especial “O Fenômeno Rebelde”.

Produzido pelo SBT, o programa contará a trajetória de sucesso da novela “Rebelde” (2004), com Anahí, Dulce Maria, Christian Chávez, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Uckermann e Mayte Perroni no elenco.

Já a trama começa a ser reprisada na segunda (02), logo após “Chiquititas”.

Em tempo:

Além de “Rebelde”, no mesmo dia o SBT também inicia a reprise do remake de “Carrossel”, às 18h30.


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Union deal would delay job cuts for a year: Air New Zealand


Air New Zealand says it will delay the axing of 180 wide-body maintenance jobs if it can get an industrial agreement with a union covering some of the engineers.

The airline said it will stick to plans to keep its refurbishment of eight Boeing 777-200s in Auckland if the Aviation and Marine Engineers Association ratifies an employment agreement.

Last September it announced the revamp of the planes – including adding more seats and entertainment systems – and said “with pride this work will be undertaken at our Auckland engineering base”. But since it has floated a plan to do the work overseas.

Although it will cost $12 million more to do the work here, the airline yesterday said it was prepared to take the financial hit.

The volume of heavy engineering work is dwindling as Air New Zealand and other airlines modernise their fleets and preserving the jobs for another year could just be a stop-gap measure.

“It doesn’t get rid of the issue, which is [that] there isn’t any work coming in, but it would buy another 12 months,” said Air New Zealand’s chief operating officer Bruce Parton.

He said if there was an agreement with the association work would continue to July 2015 instead of coming to a halt in May next year.

The association’s national secretary Jacqui Roberts said she was hopeful of a resolution but the contract was snagged by legal issues around coverage of her members doing two different engineering jobs.

“We definitely want to protect our members’ work. The company is saying they want to have industrial stability – they could just roll over our current agreement,” she said.

Both the EPMU and Air New Zealand cite the addition of new aircraft as the main reason for the drop off in heavy maintenance work.

Air New Zealand is phasing out its five 767s and its two 747s and replacing them with new planes, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which requires less routine maintenance and servicing than the older planes.

Parton said: “We all go and buy a brand new car and the mechanic around the corner doesn’t get as much work. Everyone in the region is buying brand new cars.”

The Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union assistant director of organising Strachan Crang said the 777 refurbishment could give workers breathing space.

“We’re going to be working hard to retain that 777 work in New Zealand so that gives us time to find alternatives and time for the political parties to get the New Zealand dollar down so we can be competitive on the world stage,” he said.

Crang said prospects of finding replacement contracts from airlines still using older planes was being hurt by the high New Zealand dollar.

“There have been productivity gains in double figures over the last three years but they’ve been eroded.”

“This is a highly engaged workforce and we’re engaging with the company all the time on this issue. This is a sad, sad day for aircraft engineering.”

The airline has shed hundreds of staff over the past 18 months, and 80 jobs at Safe Air, an engineering subsidiary in Blenheim, remain at risk.

On Thursday it is set to announce a $180 million-plus profit for the past financial year.


The New Zealand Herald

Factory inferno puts fireman in hospital


Last updated 09:39 24/08/2013


Firefighters on a roof battle a fire at a Petone address.

The firefighter injured in a Petone factory blaze has serious burns to his arms and back, the Fire Service says.

The man was injured as more than 45 firefighters battled yesterday afternoon to get control of the blaze at motorsport seat company Racetech Systems.

Today the injured man was being transferred to the national burns centre in Auckland for further treatment, Fire Service region commander Assistant National Commander Ian Pickard said.

“It is very rare for a firefighter to be injured while fighting a fire and the thoughts of his colleagues from around the country are with him and his family,” Pickard said.

“The Fire Service is doing everything possible to provide support to him and his family as he recovers from his injuries.”

An investigation into what happened at the fire was under way.


Another firefighter dragged his scorched colleague to safety as a massive fire raged around them

They were fighting an intense blaze at Racetech Systems, in Hutt Rd, Petone, which started about 3pm yesterday.

He was treated for burns at the scene and taken to Hutt Hospital, where he was in a stable condition last night.

Fears over potential chemical hazards meant people in the area were advised to stay inside as black smoke poured from the building.

Fire crews battled for more than three hours to contain and extinguish the fire.

Leeana Moeahu, who was at a house opposite Racetech with sister Ariana and son Tearii, said seeing the man get injured was a shock.

“I tried to shield Tearii from seeing it . . . it’s unexpected. You could see from [the firefighters’] facial expressions, they threw their gear to the ground, they were worried about him.”

Fire Service assistant area commander David Key said there would be an internal investigation into how the man was injured.

More than 45 firefighters were on scene at the height of the fire, with aerial ladders and teams wearing breathing apparatus deployed.

“It was intense inside the building,” Mr Key said. “We were experiencing a bit of difficulty putting it out.”

Chemicals inside the store were in small quantities and not dangerous, he said.

Gas canisters were removed from the scene and contained by hazardous chemicals specialists.

The fire was brought under control and extinguished by about 5.30pm but three engines stayed at the scene overnight to monitor it.

Mr Key said fire investigators would be at the scene this morning to investigate the cause.

Racetech owner David Black could only stand and watch his business go up in flames. “I’m feeling absolutely gutted,” he said. “I’ve been in a few building fires before but it doesn’t make you feel any better when it’s your own.”

The company specialises in fibreglass seats for racing cars and other motorsport. It employs 15 staff. “The alarm went off, and I made sure everybody got out,” he said

He had insurance for the building.

Hutt Rd from Udy St south was cordoned off during the fire and adjacent businesses evacuated.

Jeanette Blockley, who works next door to Racetech at Live Interior Architecture + Design, said she and colleagues had smelt smoke and gone outside to look.

“There were lots of flames coming out and really black smoke,” she said. “We’ve got a lot of imported fabrics and wallpaper . . . it’s going to stink.”

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Man shot dead in Mongrel Mob stoush named


Last updated 14:58 24/08/2013

Jackson St shooting

Relatives of the man shot in Petone last night embrace at the scene of his death.

Police have named the victim of a shooting in Lower Hutt.

Alonsio Iafeta Matalasi, 25, known as Sio, was shot dead on Jackson Street in Petone on Thursday.

He was shot and killed during what was believed to have been a gang fight between two factions of the Mongrel Mob in the Lower Hutt suburb at around 10.30am.

Through police today, Matalasi’s family said Matalasi did not have any gang affiliations.

He had lived at the Jackson St flats in Petone.

Police were today conducting a scene examination at the flats, and of a vehicle and a property in Newlands. This would take several days.

A 43-year-old man appeared in the Hutt Valley District Court this morning on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and burglary, and has been remanded in custody.

He suffered “serious” machete wounds in the skirmish, police said.

Police believe he was set upon by associates of the shooting victim with a cricket bat and a machete.

Eighteen-year-old Dillin Pakai appeared in the Wellington District Court yesterday, charged with unlawful possession of a homemade pistol and burglary of a flat where the man was shot.

Pakai, who has Mongrel Mob tattoos on his face, did not plead to the charges. He was remanded in custody for a week.

Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Thornton said police were not looking for anyone else in relation to the incident.

“I continue to reassure the community that they should feel just as safe as they did before this incident occurred.”

“The two men connected with this incident have been arrested by police and put before the courts.”

The cry “you’re going to die, dog”, was heard during the gang clash where Matalasi was shot and killed and another was hacked with a machete.

Police were called to Jackson St, Petone, about 10.30pm on Thursday, after residents reported hearing several gunshots.
The two men were arrested about 1 1/2 hours after the fight at a Black Rock Rd home in Newlands.
Jackson St residents said they heard shouts before the gunshots.
“I heard yelling outside, then a voice saying ‘You’re gonna die, dog’,” a woman said.

About six shots were then heard, sounding like wood clapping or firecrackers.

Another neighbour said he heard four shots in quick succession, followed by two more a couple of seconds later.

Police could not confirm how many shots were fired or how many gunshot wounds the dead man had. Early reports indicated he had been shot once in the abdomen.

The pair’s stolen getaway car sustained damage to its windscreen and punctured tyres. It was likely the fleeing car would have been driven on its rims, police said.

It isn’t yet clear if any charges will be laid in relation to the wounding, or the damage to the car.

The stabbed man called for ambulance assistance following the shooting, and was picked up at the Newlands address where the pair were holed up.

The incident marked the second violent death in Petone this year.

In January, Sean Verma, 30, a patched Mongrel Mob member, died in the stairwell of the Altair flats, about 300 metres away in East St. His partner, Jessica Lee Keefe, was later charged with murder.

Detectives would spend the weekend examining the crime scene and the property in Newlands, and would await autopsy results, Detective Inspector Sean Hansen said.

Additional information was sought in relation to the getaway car, which was reported stolen from Tawa on Thursday night, Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Thornton said.

“We are interested in hearing from anyone who saw a red 1994 Nissan Lucino, registration GKU810, which has travelled from the Hutt Valley to Newlands.

“Police have recovered the vehicle and one of the tyres is down to the rim, so it is likely people would have seen it sparking on the road.”

Kamal Chandra, complex manager of the Jackson St apartments where the shooting occurred, said he heard the sound of breaking glass and what sounded like firecrackers, before police arrived and tried to save the man.

Chandra said gang members lived in and around the complex, but there had not been much trouble lately.

“There are only problems when outsiders come in.”

The dead man was friends with Mongrel Mob members and was “respected” by them, he said.

– © Fairfax NZ News


Dogs attack mother and baby

August 24, 2013 – 5:14PM

Emma Partridge

Crime Reporter

Safe: Tony, 2, was spared from being attacked by a dog.

Safe: Tony, 2, was spared from being attacked by a dog. Photo: Janie Barrett

A Sydney mother thought her two-year-old son was going to die when an American pit bull cornered them on a suburban street, bared its teeth and tried to pounce on the pram he was in.

As she ripped her son, Tony, from his seat, a second dog came from behind and sank its teeth into her left knee.

“Really, I thought the baby was finished, to be honest. The dog was just standing there in his face,” she said. “It was terrifying. I was scared. I wasn’t really worried about myself, I was more worried about the baby.”

Her horrific ordeal came three weeks after a two-year-old boy was mauled to death by a mastiff-cross at Deniliquin, in the state’s south -west.


The 43-year-old mother, who did not wish to be named, said she was pushing Tony around Guildford West in the hope that he would fall asleep about 5.30pm on Friday.

She turned onto Robertson Road and got the feeling that she was being followed.

“I don’t know where they came from. I think they were following me,” she said.

She had stopped her pram at a car that had parked across the footpath and heard a dog barking.

When she turned around, a ginger-coloured dog leapt towards her son, who was strapped into the pram. At this point, she said, she thought the dog was going to kill him.

“I was worried because I know they attack babies. The dog was right opposite the baby’s face, like face-to-face . . . And then I turned around and there was one behind me,” she said.

She rammed the dog with her pram and pulled Tony from his seat. She was so busy protecting her son she was unaware of a second dog behind her. Seconds later, its teeth ripped through her pants and skin, leaving a gash that later required several stitches.

“I just started screaming – there were people across the road and I just screamed ‘help, this dog is attacking me’,” she said.

“The dogs ran across the road and I ran into some woman’s house because I thought they were going to chase me.”

Police later found the dogs in an adjacent street but were both bitten as they tried to restrain them.

The dogs, which were not micro-chipped, were tranquilised and taken to the RSPCA at Yagoona.

Rosehill local area command duty officer Glen Parks said the dogs’ owners were overseas and police was not sure how the dogs escaped.

“We all know these type of dogs are very frightening, particularly roaming the streets,” Inspector Parks said.

Holroyd Council were investigating the matter and a decision had not yet been made as to whether the dogs would be put down.

The mother said she thought the owners should be fined and perhaps face possible jail time.

Last week, the NSW government agreed to toughen punishment for owners of aggressive dogs.

The NSW cabinet approved legislation to amend the Companion Animals Act, allowing council rangers to declare a dog “potentially dangerous” if they believe it was likely to attack.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Second poll shows Kevin Rudd facing battle for own seat

August 24, 2013 – 3:28PM

Daniel Hurst and Cameron Atfield

Australia Flag Map

Kevin Rudd faces a fight to avoid becoming the third prime minister in the nation’s history to lose his own seat.

A second poll in a week has shown Mr Rudd narrowly trailing his Liberal National Party opponent, Bill Glasson, in Griffith, prompting the Prime Minister to declare he was campaigning as hard as he could.

Long-serving prime minister John Howard lost his Sydney seat of Bennelong to Labor’s Maxine McKew as part of the Ruddslide in 2007, the first time an Australian PM had lost his own electorate since Stanley Bruce in 1929.


A Newspoll published by The Australian on Saturday suggested Dr Glasson was leading Mr Rudd by 52 per cent to 48 per cent on a two-party-preferred basis. The poll was reportedly based on a sample of 500 voters in Griffith, in Brisbane’s south.

It mirrored a Guardian Lonergan poll of 958 Griffith voters on Wednesday night that put Dr Glasson ahead of Mr Rudd 52 per cent to 48 per cent after preferences, with a stated margin of error of 4 per cent.

Mr Rudd attracted 58.5 per cent of the vote after preferences at the 2010 election.

Latest polling suggests Queensland will not provide the big boost that Labor had hoped for with Mr Rudd’s return to the leadership. The party also faces losses in western Sydney.

Nationally, the latest Fairfax-Nielsen poll shows Mr Abbott’s Coalition is poised to win the election in two weeks’ time with a lead of 53 per cent to 47 per cent on a two-party-preferred basis.

Mr Rudd sought on Saturday to brush off the latest poll results, saying he would keep campaigning with a focus on the national broadband network, school funding and health as compared with Mr Abbott’s “unaffordable and unfair” paid parental leave scheme.

“I’m in the business of fighting an election and fighting as hard as I can,” he said as he flagged a return to Canberra for briefings on the Syria crisis.

“What the Australian people ultimately decide in a couple of weeks’ time is a matter for them.”

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said Mr Rudd had a spring in his step as the Prime Minister believed Labor’s negative attacks may begin to work.

“As for the polls, frankly I don’t believe them,” Mr Abbott said while campaigning in Adelaide.

“I think this is a very, very close race.”

Mr Abbott, who is due to launch the Liberal campaign in Brisbane on Sunday, said there were still two weeks to go and Labor would unleash “the mother of all negative campaigns” in the remaining time.

Dr Glasson, a former Australian Medical Association chief who is running a prominent campaign in Griffith, has sought to reinforce the sense of Mr Rudd as “Kevin 747”.

At a local funding announcement, in which the Coalition promised $100,000 to install new lights at Easts Rugby Club at Coorparoo, Dr Glasson was quick to dismiss the polling.

‘‘I’m not confident at all and I really don’t want to focus on the polls at the moment – I don’t believe them anyway, I don’t believe the polls at all,’’ he said. ‘‘…This chap’s got 8½ per cent on me and I don’t believe it.

‘‘We’ve got a lot of work to do to get over the line.’’

Dr Glasson’s grassroots campaign in Griffith has been substantial, with his electoral signage outnumbering Mr Rudd’s by a healthy margin.

‘‘We’ve got over 450 volunteers, this morning I think there was something like 40 different corners covered across the electorate,’’ he said.

‘‘I’ve got the ‘Glasson Gladiators’ that I’m very very proud of – they’re hugely enthusiastic and really they’re dragging me along in the slipstream.’’

Prominent Queensland political academics think it is possible but unlikely that Mr Rudd will lose his own seat.

“I’d have to concede it’s a possibility,” Griffith University political scientist Paul Williams said.

“Yes, Kevin Rudd is in danger of losing his seat. Perhaps he hasn’t spent enough time in the electorate – we already know that Bill Glasson’s having a go at him for not attending a local forum because he’s got appointments elsewhere, and that’s going to be a bad look.

“I suspect it’s almost like the John Howard phenomenon repeated. When they felt that there was a change of government in the air, as we did in 2007, the voters of Bennelong thought, ‘Well, we’ll only have to vote in a by-election in a few months’ time anyway if the LNP loses because John Howard will resign’, and it seems like they just made the decision for him.

“I wonder if the same thing is at work, where the electorate is thinking, ‘We don’t want to go to a by-election, we’ll just vote LNP now.’ I suspect that’s got something to do with it too – they know Labor’s going to lose, so what’s the point in re-electing Kevin Rudd if he’s not going to hang around.”

Queensland University of Technology professor in political science Clive Bean said a loss by Mr Rudd in Griffith was “not inconceivable” but highly unlikely.

“You can guarantee there are some in Kevin Rudd’s electorate who are really, really against him as much as there are some who are really, really for him,” he said.

“There will be a lot of churn in that electorate, but I would be surprised if he lost it, and from that point of view, I suspect that poll is probably overestimating the support for his opponent.

“As the campaign has gone on, the gloss has gone off Kevin Rudd a little bit, particularly as he’s felt forced to become more negative to counter some of the opposition’s campaigning.

“In an election like this, anything’s possible.”

Chris Lonergan, the pollster behind the Griffith survey published by the Guardian, has defended his methodology after some participants said they were allowed to answer the questions a second time.

The poll involved “robo-polling” whereby an automated message prompted survey participants to respond to questions, rather than a real person asking the questions.

“Contrary to some comments on Twitter, we keep only one interview per household,” Mr Lonergan wrote.

“We conduct an interview with whoever answers the phone. This methodology alone results in an oversampling of older respondents relative to younger respondents, as older respondents are more likely to answer the phone.

“To correct this, at the end of the survey, we ask if there are any younger voters in the household. If there are, we conduct the survey with the younger respondent and discard the response from the older respondent.

“If we ask for age and gender at the start of a survey, we have a much lower response rate – people hang up on the recorded voice as they are not yet certain it is being conducted for legitimate market research purposes. This may sound wasteful, but we consider it necessary to create a poll methodology which is as accurate as possible.”


Brisbane Times

Canberrans seek dodgy plastic surgery

August 24, 2013 – 6:30PM

Ewa Kretowicz

Dozens of Canberrans are seeking help from local plastic surgeons to repair horrendous injuries caused by botched cosmetic surgery performed on the cheap during holidays to Asia.

A woman, from the Canberra region, who underwent a breast enhancement operation in Thailand 2 years ago.

A woman, from the Canberra region, who underwent a breast enhancement operation in Thailand 2 years ago. Photo: Graham Tidy


Dozens of Canberrans are seeking help from local plastic surgeons to repair horrendous injuries caused by botched cosmetic surgery performed on the cheap during holidays to Asia.

Annecdotally local specialists say they are seeing increasing numbers of patients coming to them to have work corrected that was performed overseas.

Canberra plastic surgeon Tony Tonks has already performed corrective operations on six women whose surgeries in Bali and Thailand were botched.


“Major deformities basically, horrendous major deformities of face and body come out of these places- it’s bad surgical technique,’’ he said.

Dr Tonks said the quality of surgery offered in Thailand and Asia was improving, but the number of men and women seeking cheaper options was also on the rise.

‘‘It was worse 15 years ago but now there are a lot more women going and the problem with it is that they think it’s going to be a holiday but it’s major surgery so they are not going to be able to go out socialising and doing the things you would normally expect on holiday.’’

Dr Tonks advises his Australian clients not to travel to the tropics for two-week post surgery.

‘‘Some of them are not actually bad surgeons but women should consider that this is major surgery and that international travel is not usually recommended and that there is increased risk of complications, particularly for bleeding, infection and clotting.

‘‘Travel can exacerbate wounds and also in a tropical environment wound infection is more common.’’

President of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons Geoff Lyons said cosmetic tourism was increasing even though it was difficult to get accurate figures on the rise.

‘‘We think think the figure is in the order of 25 to 30 per cent of all breast augmentation is going on overseas,’’ he said.

‘‘Increasing there is also more dental. The figures are soft but there is certainly an increase in the number of patients going for this cosmetic tourism and anecdotally we are seeing more people presenting at public hospitals or at private clinics with complications associated with surgery overseas.’’

He said often women spend more time choosing whitegoods than vetting a surgeon who would be performing life threatening surgery.

‘‘The dangers are the dangers of any surgery, cosmetic surgery is advertised as low risk and people think that’s no risk.’’

General anesthethesia, without surgery  has a mortality rate of 1 in 100,000.

‘‘The continuity of what we would consider appropriate medical care is interrupted and curtailed and that can potentially lead to problems, infections, hematoma, wound problems, wound breakdown.’’

He said in some case surgical standards were lower and clinics that performed surgery were no appropriately accredited.

‘‘If people are considering this surgery they need to do their homework, they need to spend some time finding out who will be doing the surgery, what their qualifications are, are they appropriately trained and what’s the level of post-operative care. Is the nursing staff trained to a standard that we would consider appropriate? Is the facility accredited?’’


Breast augmentation
Australia $5990 to $10,900
Thailand $4,690 including accommodation

Australia $5000-$15,000
Thailand $2860 to $5900 including surgery,  1 night hospital stay, 9 nights accommodation

Tummy Tuck
Australia $7900
Thailand Yummy mummy package $7540 includes breast implants + tummy tuck, five nights in hospital and nine nights accommodation.

Canberra Times