‘Please tell me that wasn’t on webcam’: ADFA cadet’s plea

August 20, 2013 – 6:13PM

Christopher Knaus


Former ADFA cadets Dylan Deblaquiere, left, and Daniel McDonald, centre, leave the ACT Supreme Court after appearing in relation to the ADFA skype scandal.

Former ADFA cadets Dylan De Blaquiere, left, and Daniel McDonald, centre, leave the ACT Supreme Court after appearing in relation to the ADFA Skype scandal. Photo: Jeffrey Chan

A female ADFA cadet has described the man who streamed vision of their sexual encounter to a roomful of fellow students as a ‘‘scumbag’’.

The young woman made the remark as she clashed with the defence lawyer for two men on trial over the so-called ADFA Skype scandal.

Daniel McDonald, 21, and Dylan De Blaquiere, 20, are fighting charges in the ACT Supreme Court related to the alleged Skype sex incident at the Australian Defence Force Academy campus in March 2011.

McDonald is accused of secretly broadcasting consensual sex with the complainant using his laptop’s webcam.


It is alleged he streamed the vision to six other cadets in De Blaquiere’s room via Skype.

The main issue in the trial is expected to be whether the female cadet consented to broadcasting the sex.

The pre-recorded evidence of the female cadet, who was 18 at the time, continued on Tuesday, the second day of the trial.

The court heard she and McDonald had exchanged messages via Facebook and SMS on the night, organising to meet up after a check parade at 11pm.

Under cross-examination, it was put to her that she was wrong in evidence she had given to explain why the records of the timings of the Facebook messages were ‘‘out of whack’’.

She replied: ‘‘You can endeavour to make me look bad as much as you want … but your scumbag of a client filmed me having sex without my consent and that is the only fact that matters,’’ she said.

After the sex, the complainant said she returned to her room.

She said she logged onto her computer and discovered McDonald had accidentally sent her a message on social media.

It boasted ’’about to root a girl n [sic] have a webcam set up to the boys in another room’’.

The female cadet wrote back saying “please tell me that wasn’t on webcam”.

She said McDonald quickly called her and told her it wasn’t, and that the message was a prank by a friend.

Earlier on Tuesday, the court heard the woman went into shock when she was first heard the sex may have been broadcast.

She was sick in hospital, and was visited by a member of the Australian Defence Force Investigative Service.

The investigator told her the consensual sex had been filmed and streamed to a group of other cadets via Skype.

“I was quite shocked. I went into shock,” the female cadet said.

She said the investigator later told her that police believed it was not a crime according to ACT law, and that it was not serious enough for the ADFIS to investigate.

The female cadet told the court she became frustrated that nothing was being done about what happened, telling the court she was “at wits end”.

She said she decided to go to the media, despite her superiors recommending against it.

The cadet called Ten News and arranged for an interview, telling a reporter that she had been filmed having sex, with the vision streamed to cadets in another room.

The trial continues before Acting Justice John Nield.

Canberra Times

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