Record planeja grande cobertura para chegada do Papa ao Brasil
Contrariando alguns rumores, que sugeriam que ignoraria a chegada do Papa Francisco ao Brasil, a Record está preparando uma grande cobertura para o desembarque do religioso no país.
Segundo a coluna Canal 1, cerca de 65 profissionais estarão envolvidos na produção de tudo que tiver relação ao período em que o Papa estiver por aqui.
Além de inserções de matérias em jornais, a emissora também exibirá boletins e plantões ao vivo sempre que houver necessidade.
O Sumo Pontífice vem ao Brasil para a “Jornada Mundial da Juventude”, que acontecerá entre os dias 23 e 28 de julho no Rio de Janeiro.
Além disso, ele também participará de outros compromissos, como rezar uma missa na cidade de Aparecida (SP).

Wellington shaken by aftershocks

5:30 AM Saturday Jul 20, 2013

Wellington was shaken by more aftershocks overnight following a “severe” magnitude 5.7 earthquake that rocked the capital and the upper South Island yesterday.

People screamed and dived under desks when the first quake hit at 9.06am yesterday, causing multi-storey office buildings in the central city to sway for at least 30 seconds.

GeoNet said the earthquake struck 30km east of Seddon, in Marlborough, at a depth of 8km.

It was followed by a flurry of smaller aftershocks, with more than 20 in the five hours after the quake.

The biggest aftershock overnight, a magnitude 3.4 tremor, struck at 11pm.

GeoNet said the 20km deep quake struck in the same location as the initial quake. It was reportedly felt in the upper South Island and the Hutt Valley.

Other aftershocks were described by GeoNet as “unnoticeable”.

GNS Science seismologist Anna Kaiser said increased seismic activity was excepted in the region in the next few days.

“They will taper off over the next few days – there will be much fewer than there have been today. We always get a level of background activity in this area anyway, so we do expect small quakes for a while.”

More than 6000 people had reported feeling the main earthquake, from as far north as New Plymouth to Canterbury in the south.

Earthquakes also struck overnight on the East Cape of the North Island and in the Tasman region.

GeoNet said a magnitude 4.5 quake struck 15km southeast of the East Cape town of Te Araroa at 11.42pm.

The 57km deep quake was described as light in intensity.

Fifteen minutes later, a 3.7 magnitude quake struck 30km west of Murchison in the Tasman region.

GeoNet described the 12km deep quake as moderate.


The Newe Zealand Herald

Asylum seekers riot on Nauru

10:19 AM Saturday Jul 20, 2013

Reports indicate hundreds have escaped the facility on Nauru. Photo / Kenny Rodger

Reports indicate hundreds have escaped the facility on Nauru. Photo / Kenny Rodger

Nearly 60 asylum seekers have been jailed following a riot at the Nauru immigration detention centre.

Reports also indicate hundreds have escaped the facility.

Explosions, fire and chants of freedoms could be heard coming from the centre from about 5pm (AEST) on Friday, freelance photographer Clint Deidenang reported.

“Sounds of the riot very loud,” Mr Deidenang tweeted from the scene.

“I can see rocks fly out from the main entrance.”

“Police seems (sic) to be holding off break out.”

He reported hearing seven explosions and billowing smoke from the entrance to the centre.

Within a couple of hours, thousands of local men came to support police, which ignited another potential problem.

“Just heard a loud speaker informing the people at the entrance not to lay hands on the detainees being transported on a bus to the hospital,” Mr Deidenang said in a tweet.

He reported that the riot had ended about 9.40pm and that 59 detainees were arrested and taken Nauru jail.

The photographer also tweeted reports others may have escaped the centre.

“Theres (sic) confirmed report(s) of 200 detainees escaped the … riot. There’s also report of unrest at the police station.”

News Limited newspapers reported that at least 15 guards and a police officer were injured.

A Nauruan MP took to state television to call for local men to head to the centre and assist police.

There were also reports of staff being taken hostage for a period of time, News Limited reports.

Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition said the unrest was not related to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s announcement on Friday.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd declared the policy on Friday, saying the new regime to deny settlement in Australia to asylum seekers who paid people smugglers for unauthorised passage would begin immediately.

The first group of asylum seekers to be dealt with under Labor’s new hardline approach to boat arrivals could be transferred to Papua New Guinea for processing and possible settlement within weeks.

The surprise announcement was condemned by refugee advocates as inhumane and praised by the opposition as a “very promising development”.

Mr Rudd’s hardline approach means people arriving by boat and without a visa will be sent to Australia’s Manus Island facility in Papua New Guinea for assessment and, if found to be refugees, they will be settled there.

The first transfers to Manus Island are expected within weeks, following the arrival on Friday of a boat carrying 80 people at the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

“From now on, vessels that are intercepted will have the new rules apply to them and it will be a couple of weeks because of the health checks … before the first transfers take place,” Immigration Minister Tony Burke said.

The plan is the key plank of a new regional settlement arrangement signed on Friday by the PNG and Australian governments and better positions Labor to go the federal election with a border protection solution.

“Any asylum seeker who arrives in Australia by boat will have no chance of being settled in Australia as a refugee,” Mr Rudd, who was flanked by his PNG counterpart Peter O’Neill, said in Brisbane.

“If they are found to be genuine refugees, they will be resettled in Papua New Guinea.”

If they are not found to be genuine refugees, they would be repatriated or sent to a safe third country.

The Manus facility currently houses 215 people in tents and shelters and living conditions are described as harsh.

A permanent 600-bed facility is due for completion in January but further upgrades are now expected.

“This is a very hard-line decision,” Mr Rudd said.

“But our responsibility as a government is to ensure that we have a robust system of border security and orderly migration.”

Mr Rudd said there would be no cap on the number of people who can be transferred to PNG and the new arrangements will apply for the next 12 months and be subject to annual review.

But if the plan leads to a “significant change” in the number of people arriving by boat, the government “stands ready to progressively increasing our humanitarian intake towards 27,000”.

“Our expectation … is as this regional resettlement arrangement is implemented, and the message is sent loud and clear back up the pipeline, the number of boats will decline,” Mr Rudd said.

In exchange for PNG’s agreement, Australia will fund further aid initiatives, including redeveloping a major referral hospital in Lae and supply half the funding to reform PNG’s university sector.

It will also support professional management teams in health, education and law and order.

Mr O’Neill said PNG had its own refugee issues, but he believed the deal would allow orderly processing.

“We believe strongly that genuine refugees can be able to be resettled in our country and within the region in the years to come,” he said.

Mr Rudd acknowledged the new approach won’t be smooth sailing and he expects the agreement could be challenged through the courts.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said Mr Rudd’s plan was about processing.

“It is not about stopping the boats,” he said.

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said the resettlement plan was “ruthless and repugnant”.

She accused Mr Rudd of lurching so far to the political right he had “leap frogged” Mr Abbott.



The New Zealand Herald

Stradbroke Island’s indigenous say mine lease extension breaches agreement

July 20, 2013 – 12:01AM

Tony Moore

Sand mine on Stradbroke Island.

Sand mine on Stradbroke Island. Photo: Robert Rough

Stradbroke Island’s indigenous owners, the Quandamooka people, say the proposal to extend the lease of the island’s largest sandmine by 16 years will be a breach of the indigenous land use agreement signed in 2011.

It was confirmed in Queensland Government Estimates Committee hearings in Brisbane on Friday that resources company Sibelco has put an offer to the Queensland Government to extend the operation of the Enterprise Mine on North Stradbroke Island.

Sibelco’s Enterprise mine leases expired in 2008, but were re-activated by the previous Labor Government, who planned for the leases to expire in 2019 as part of their plan to end sand mining on the island.

Sibelco now wants to extend the operation of the Enterprise Mine until 2035.


Enterprise’s 2019 closure date, plus the closure of the Yarraman Mine (in the island’s north) in 2015 and the Vance Mine in the island’s south in 2025, are all included in the island’s indigenous land use agreement (ILUA) signed on July 4, 2011.

Cameron Costello, chairman of the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation, said his people believe sand mining is ‘‘Stradbroke’s past’’ and will challenge Sibleco’s proposal.

‘‘Our view is that any extension will be undermining our native title rights,’’ he said.

Mr Costello said any amendment to the North Stradbroke Island Sustainability Act – which sets out the mine closures – without their permission – would be a breach of that Act.

‘‘After a struggle of 19 years, now it seems it is going to be over-turned with out our consent, without consulation with us,’’ Mr Costello said.

He said Minister Andrew Cripps did not mention any proposals to amend legislation in the single meeting he has held with the Quandamooka people.

Sibelco spokesman Paul Smith did not mention that Sibelco’s Enterprise Mine was working on previously-expired mine leases, but agreed the company wanted to extend Enterprise.

‘‘We can’t really give much comment at the moment because we have put a proposal to the government and they have not yet got back to us,’’ he said.

‘‘But they have put a date of 2035 on Enterprise, which was our preferred date.

’’Stradbroke Island resident, historian and biologist Jan Aldenhoven said few people realised that leases for Sibelco’s Enterprise Mine had expired when the previous government was exploring a new future for the island in 2010-11.

‘‘Most of the key mining leases associated with the Enterprise Mine had expired,’’ she said.

‘‘There were over 20 leases across the island that had expired and there was no automatic right of renewal.

’’Ms Aldenhoven said the previous government agreed to extend the leases until 2019 to let Sibelco be part of a transition from mining to a new future for the island.

‘‘Tourism, education, the arts, the culture, the natural features of the island, that is really the future of the island.’’

Conservation groups including the Queensland Conservation Council and Wildlife Queensland also condemned the negotiations by the state government with Sibelco.

Minister Cripps gave few details to yesterday’s Estimates Hearings, but said Sibelco wanted to slowly concentrate its mine operations to the south of the island.

Brisbane Times



Primeiro ele pagou, com dinheiro público, as passagens de avião da repórter da Globo que foi à Costa Rica cobrir a sua palestra. Depois pagou, de novo com verba pública, passagens para vir ao Rio assistir o jogo entre Brasil e Inglaterra. Não precisou pagar ingresso porque ficou no camarote do Luciano Huck. Logo em seguida descobriu-se que seu filho arrumou um emprego na Globo, no programa de. Luciano Huck.

Henrique Alves e Renan Calheiros, apanhados usando jatinho da FAB pra ver jogo de futebol, devolveram o dinheiro usado. No caso de Barbosa, a imprensa continua quieta. Ninguém quer decepcionar o “gigante” que, segundo o Datafolha, idolatra o Barbosão.

Ninguém quer arranhar a imagem do “menino que mudou o Brasil”, criada pela grande mídia para endeusar o homem que se vendeu ao sistema, que rasgou a Constituição para acusar e condenar, mesmo sem provas, os réus da Ação Penal 470.

A coisa não pára por aí. O laudo 2424, que investiga a relação entre o fundo Visanet, funcionários do Banco do Brasil e as empresas de Marcos Valério, traz uma denúncia séria: o filho de Barbosa teria trabalhado numa empresa que recebeu milhões da DNA Propaganda. Barbosa manteve o laudo em sigilo absoluto, apesar do mesmo trazer documentos que poderiam provar a inocência de Pizzolato – e prejudicar toda a denúncia do mensalão.

E agora, uma outra novidade: desde 2008, Barbosa usufrui de uma bela sinecura da Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ): ganha sem trabalhar. O Estado do Rio já gastou mais de R$ 700 mil em salários para um cidadão que ganha muito bem no Supremo Tribunal Federal.

O Cafezinho, como de praxe, mata a cobra e mostra o pau. Estão aí os documentos que comprovam a situação de Barbosa. Ele deu aula na Uerj normalmente de 1998 a 2002. Em 2003, pede licença-prêmio e permanece até 2008 em licença não-remunerada. A partir desta data, porém, a vida sorri para Joaquim. Além do empregão no STF, da paixão súbita da mídia por sua pessoa, o reitor da UERJ lhe oferece uma invejável situação: passar a receber salários e benefícios mesmo sem dar aulas ou fazer pesquisas.

Consta ainda que Barbosa estaria brigando para receber reatroativamente pelos anos que permaneceu de licença não remunerada, de 2003 a 2008. Para quem acabou de receber R$ 580 mil em benefícios atrasados, não seria nada surpreendente se também conseguisse isso.

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Roberto Gurgel sofreu grande derrota



O procurador-geral da República, Roberto Gurgel, teve nova derrota na tentativa de impedir a divulgação de detalhes sobre gastos de sua gestão com itens como carros e iPads. A ministra Cármen Lúcia indeferiu, no STF (Supremo Tribunal Federal), pedido dele para que não seja obrigado a mostrar as informações para o Conselho Nacional do Ministério Público, que fiscaliza a procuradoria.

A ministra manteve, assim, decisão anterior do colega Teori Zavascki, que já tinha negado pedido de liminar de Gurgel para o caso.

Gurgel alega que o pedido de informações não poderia partir de um só conselheiro, sem qualquer denúncia que o embase. O autor do requerimento de informações é Luiz Moreira. Ele é amigo de José Genoino (PT-SP), e por isso procuradores ligados a Gurgel apontam retaliação por causa do mensalão. Moreira diz que apenas cumpre seu papel fiscalizador

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James Akel comenta manobra de José Serra



Inexistindo a criação do novo partido MD, José Serra tinha tudo pra sair candidato à presidência da República pelo PPS, partido de Roberto Freire.
Agora também lhe foi oferecido o PSD de Kassab para legenda ou até aliado, o que lhe daria grande tempo de TV.
E dizer que Dilma acreditava que o PSD seria seu fiel escudeiro e aliado na próxima eleição e até lhe deu um ministério.
Tudo isto tem data de validade que é 3 de outubro, quando José Serra deve sair do PSDB e entrar no partido de sua escolha.

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James Akel comenta que a REDE TV! adotou um caminho sem muito futuro


Exatos 12 meses atrás eu escrevi aqui que haveria uma grande mudança na RedeTV, que eu até chamei de golpe de estado.
Contei que estava em marcha uma estratégia de enfraquecimento da então superintendente de artístico Mônica Pimentel e a toma de poder do cargo por Andréa Dallevo, filha do dono Amilcare Dallevo.
Passaram-se exatos 9 meses para que uma situação insustentável fosse criada dentro da RedeTV e Mônica Pimentel pedisse pra sair.
E o mercado se movimentou com nomes consagrados em disputa do cargo.
Os que acreditavam que a disputa era verdadeira ficaram no caminho.
Novamente neste tempo eu escrevi que o cargo estava guardado pra Andréa.
Então seu pai, Amilcare, comentou dentro da RedeTV que sua filha havia recebido muitos emails de cumprimentos pelo novo cargo e ele estava muito feliz.
Agora, hoje na coluna Outro Canal da Folha, Alberto Pereira escreve que Andréa Dallevo deve ser a superintendente de artístico da RedeTV, praticamente garantindo a previsão de um ano atrás.
Esta mesma estratégia de colocar filho no comando da emissora aconteceu há anos quando Silvio Santos colocou Daniela Beyruti no comando do SBT e muito antes disto, em 1964 quando Paulo Machado de Carvalho colocou seu filho no comando da TV Record.
Paulinho só teve sucesso no começo de sua administração porque montou a famosa Equipe A, com Tuta, que era seu irmão, Manoel Carlos, Nilton Travesso e Raul Duarte, equipe que foi originalmente montada pra criar o programa da Hebe e depois assumiu a criação de todos os principais programas da casa.
Quem comandava de verdade a TV Record era a Equipe A.
O dia que Paulinho desmontou a Equipe A, achando que ele faria tudo sozinho, acabou a TV Record e o final todos sabem.
Lembrem-se que algo igual aconteceu com a Seleção Brasileira em 70 e 74.
Em 70, Zagallo foi colocado técnico mas quem mandava era o quadrilátero Pelé, Carlos Alberto, Tostão e Gerson.
Na copa seguinte de 74, sem este quadrilátero que mandava de verdade, o Brasil perdeu a Copa e demorou pra ganhar de novo.

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