Air New Zealand new 787s coming in 2014

An artist’s impression of Air NZ’s new Boeing 787-9 ‘dreamliner’ aircraft, that will soon be flying between New Zealand and Asia.

The first of Air New Zealand’s 787s being built by Boeing has had its engines fitted, and the airline has released details of routes it could fly and some details of what the cabin will look like.

The plane is due to enter service around the middle of next year and will replace older aircraft flying to Asia, Western Australia and holiday destinations in the Pacific.

While the routes are publicly firming up, the airline has not released details of the final cabin configuration, crucial for passenger comfort. The 787-9 can carry between 250 and 290 passengers, and Air New Zealand planes will have business premier, premium economy and economy seating, including 16 rows of Skycouch seats.

United States-based Zodiac will make the standard economy seats, a slim line version of those in existing cabins with less padding to allow for extra leg room.

The airline’s chief executive Christopher Luxon said the 787-9s would be a multi-purpose aircraft operating both long- and mid-haul sectors.

“We’ve put a lot of research effort into coming up with four distinct seating selections that meet the customer expectations across the markets it will serve.”

Airlines fit out the planes according to their needs but Boeing specifies a minimum seat pitch – the distance between rows of seats – of 30 inches.

Luxon said the fuel efficient aircraft will not only replace the current fleet of Boeing 767s, but it opened up the prospect of expanding the airline’s Pacific Rim footprint.

Fuel is up to 50 per cent of airline spending, and the Dreamliner promises savings of 20 per cent compared to equivalent size planes already in service.

Air New Zealand is the launch customer for the stretched version of the Dreamliner, the 787-9, and the plane that will initially be used as a test aircraft is at stage two on the assembly line in one of six massive hanger bays.

Boeing will refurbish the plane before delivering it back to the airline.

Boeing workers are now fitting wiring into the fuselage of the plane for monitoring equipment used in flight trials. The cockpit has been installed and is being wired up. It is due off the production line later next month.


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Foxtel A-League All Stars jersey unveiled

Tuesday, 25 June 2013 11:57 AM

Foxtel A-League All Stars jersey unveiled

Football Federation Australia (FFA) revealed the first three Foxtel A-League All Stars and unveiled the inaugural All Stars jersey in Sydney.

Fan favourites Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Thomas Broich and Brett Emerton were named as the inaugural trio of Foxtel A-League All Stars following the compilation of the votes from fans, players, the All Stars expert panel and head coach Ange Postecoglou.

“This is a chance to showcase the Hyundai A-League to the world, taking on one of the biggest clubs in world football,” FFA CEO David Gallop said.

“With the creation of an annual event that celebrates the most popular players and coaches in the Hyundai A-League it is fantastic to be able to announce Thomas, Nikolai and Emmo as well as unveiling the inaugural All Stars jersey.

“Hyundai A-League fans voted in resounding numbers and as the team begins to take shape under Ange Postecoglou’s leadership there is a great anticipation for the match on 20 July.”

The final Foxtel A-League All Stars squad will be announced on 13 July as the team goes into camp to prepare to take on world football powerhouse Manchester United.

The Foxtel A-League All Stars jersey, made of 100 per cent recycled lightweight fabric, was unveiled today at Carriageworks in Sydney.

“The All Stars represents the A-League’s best football talent and Nike is proud to support them by designing the inaugural jersey,” Nike Pacific General Manager Paul Faulkner said.

“This jersey signifies a milestone in Australian football when the stars of the A-League will play against one of the world’s most successful clubs, Manchester United, and we are excited to be part of this sporting event.”

“To have a brand like Nike involved in the creation of this jersey is another fantastic element in the evolution of the All Stars,” Gallop said.

“As we continue to say, this is not just a one-off match, it’s the creation of an annual event that celebrates the most popular players and coaches in the Hyundai A-League.”

The All Stars will debut against Manchester United at ANZ Stadium, Sydney, on 20 July with the match to be broadcast live and exclusive on the Seven Network nationally.


Football Federation Australia

Broich excited to face his heroes

When Thomas Broich came to Australia, taking on some of the powerhouses of European football was the furthest thing from his mind.

In fact, if he’s being honest, he didn’t really think that opportunity would come around again.

The German’s story is well known, a talented youngster he was considered a future star in his homeland but for many reasons things just didn’t work out for him and he found himself heading to Australia and Brisbane Roar.

Now he’s set to be thrust back into the eyes of the world as an A-League All Star and is salivating at the chance to be let off the attacking leash by a man who has already seen so much success with him, All Stars coach Ange Postecoglou.

“It feels a bit unreal because I didn’t have that (playing United) in mind when I chose to come to Australia, but to have that chance again against a big team is a dream come true,” Broich said at the launch of the Foxtel A-League All Stars kit in Sydney on Tuesday afternoon.

“Working with Ange again, it’s very special, we will go into camp, we get to work together for a small amount of time we have great memories and maybe we can add more to that.

“Ange is known for a very offensive style of football and he is not known for hiding so we will take our chances and attack.”

That all-out attack philosophy could see some magic from Broich but what he would like to see is some magic from a Manchester United player who was a childhood hero of his own, and Broich joked he won’t be making any tackles on that man – Red Devils’ legend Ryan Giggs.

“There are only a few clubs in the world as big as Man United; it’s going to be a tough game but one I look forward to.

“Some of my childhood heroes are still there playing in the tea;, Ryan Giggs has just signed on for another year and it will be amazing to play with those guys. I’m not going to tackle him though he deserves better,” Broich joked.

“All I want is his jersey afterwards.”

While all Broich wants is Giggs’s jersey one man who was with him would like nothing more than to stop Giggs and his cohorts in his tracks, arguably the best defender in the A-League last season, Wanderers FC man Nikoloai Topor-Stanley has earned his spot in this side and sees it as a huge opportunity for himself.

“It’s a huge opportunity to compete against some amazing players,” Topor-Stanley said before admitting no matter what it would be a career highlight.

“It’s right up there in my career. To have the opportunity to take the field against international players who are world class is a dream come true, hopefully I get as many minutes as possible.”


Tuesday, 25 June 2013 4:48 PM

Football Federation Australia

C´est fini-TV Record está perto de decidir o dia da exibição do primeiro episódio de Pecado Mortal-Flávio Ricco volta amanhã às 12h00 de Fortaleza


A direção da Record, depois de rever uma série de coisas, estuda promover o lançamento de “Pecado Mortal”, do Carlos Lombardi, entre os dias 15 e 22 de outubro.
Trata-se, no entanto, de algo que ainda será melhor avaliado nesses próximos tempos. As gravações, por enquanto em externas, começaram na última semana.

Então é isso. Mas amanhã tem mais. Tchau!


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Flávio Ricco faz questionamento sobre Nathalia Timberg em Amor à Vida



Uma pergunta que não quer calar: por que em todas as cenas de “Amor à vida”, se insiste em deixar Nathalia Timberg tão descabelada?


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery