Fifa questions Andrew Durante’s New Zealand eligibility

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Fifa have launched an investigation into Andrew Durante’s participation in the All Whites’ final World Cup qualifier against the Solomon Islands but it won’t threaten New Zealand’s involvement in November’s intercontinental playoff.

If Durante is found to be ineligible for New Zealand, the All Whites will be stripped of the three points they picked up for their 2-0 win over the Solomons in Honiara in March.

By that time they had already secured passage through to November’s intercontinental playoff against the four-placed side from North and Central America for a place at next year’s World Cup in Brazil.

It’s a situation New Zealand Football will welcome. They asked the Solomon Islands to appeal Durante’s eligibility, through the Oceania confederation, to get clarity over Durante’s status because they want to know now whether he is eligible rather than have it challenged in November’s playoff.

Fifa had initially said they thought Durante was eligible and it was up to New Zealand to decide whether they want to risk it or not. NZF wanted more certainty than that given the high stakes of November’s playoff, which prompted them to ask the Solomons to challenge Durante’s eligibility.

It’s not clear from Fifa’s statement this morning whether they now believe Durante was ineligible but they have asked NZF to respond and provide appropriate documentation.

The Wellington Phoenix captain is a New Zealand citizen after five years residency in the capital but there might be issues around a period in 2011 when he spent a few months outside of the country on a temporary contract with Sydney FC. Individuals need to spend a certain number of days living in their chosen country to be eligible.

“The proceedings will help us clear up the eligibility surrounding the player and we will be working closely with Fifa to resolve the matter,” NZF chief executive Grant McKavanagh said.

Durante made his All Whites debut against the Solomon Islands and is seen to be a crucial member of the squad in the wake of Ryan Nelsen’s retirement.

The All Whites finished the Oceania qualifiers with six wins from their six games to top the group and progress to the intercontinental playoff.


-The New Zealand Herald – 22 June 2013

Rio, bravo! Football Federation of Australia hopes for cash hit from World Cup finals berth

Boon: The FFA are expecting an influx of sponsorship and corporate partner deals following the Socceroos' qualification for the World Cup.

Boon: The FFA are expecting an influx of sponsorship and corporate partner deals following the Socceroos’ qualification for the World Cup. Photo: Dallas Kilponen

The Socceroos’ qualification for the 2014 FIFA World Cup is set to boost sports retail spending by up to $20 million and will line the coffers of the Football Federation of Australia through an influx of sponsorship and corporate partner deals.

The Socceroos’ participation in Brazil will lead to a considerable spike in merchandise sales that the FFA predicts will account for an increase of nearly 200 per cent of their current figures. In monetary terms, retailers can expect to experience a jump in the take-up of official Socceroos’ merchandise of at least $10 million and potentially as high as $20 million.

The FFA is set to experience a surge in mass-market retail interest as a result of the successful World Cup qualification. Products will be sold in national department stores. The news is a boost to Australian football after Qantas announced it would not renew its deal as the naming partner of the national team and will scale back its partnership with the FFA. Australia’s national carrier will continue to serve as the official airline of the national team but will cease to be the naming partner from July 1. The end of the deal worth between $4.5 and $5 million a year may be seen as a blow to the game but the FFA is not panicking yet.

Fairfax Media understands the governing body has already held preliminary talks with two large Australian companies to become the new naming partner, but are not prepared to rush into any new agreement until they have assessed the full value of the Socceroos’ fourth World Cup appearance. Talks with one company are believed to have ended, while the other still remains a potential suitor to brand the Socceroos in Brazil as well as throughout the 2015 Asian Cup, hosted by Australia.


“Football’s best years are ahead of us, not behind us, and that’s the exciting proposition that differentiates us from all the other sports in Australia,” said David Tucker, FFA head of commercial operations.

“Football offers opportunities that are totally different from the normal commercial engagement with traditional sports because we are part of something bigger. It’s Australia playing the world game on the world’s biggest stage.”

With the end of its contract with Qantas, the FFA is looking to secure a new partner that has the financial capacity to assume the naming-rights position and shares its strategic push towards the Asian market. ”This means we have interest from Australian companies who want to have international reach through football and international companies who want to make a mark in the Australian market. That’s why we say this is an opportunity like no other,” Tucker said.

The FFA is in talks with six companies vying for five partnership deals, which will collectively bring the game between $4.5 million and $5.5 million annually. These secondary deals do not relate to the naming rights of the Socceroos but hinged on Australia’s qualification to Brazil.

The negotiations began as a result of the general interest in the Socceroos but accelerated towards the finale of the qualifying series. Had Australia not secured a direct path to Brazil, many of those deals would have fallen in value and some offers would have been withdrawn.

Brisbane Time – 22 June 2013

Disziplinarverfahren gegen neuseeländischen Fussballverband eingeleitet



Die FIFA hat aufgrund des mutmaßlichen Einsatzes eines nicht spielberechtigten Spielers in einem Qualifikationsspiel für die FIFA Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft Brasilien 2014™ ein Disziplinarverfahren gegen den neuseeländischen Fussballverband (NZF) eingeleitet. Bei dem betreffenden Spiel handelt es sich um die Begegnung zwischen den Salomon-Inseln und Neuseeland am 26. März 2013.

Das Disziplinarverfahren wurde gemäß Artikel 55 des FIFA-Disziplinarreglements sowie Artikel 8 des Reglements der FIFA Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft Brasilien 2014™ eingeleitet.

Der NZF wurde aufgefordert, der FIFA gegenüber eine Stellungnahme abzugeben und dieser gegebenenfalls Belege beizufügen.

Neuseeland hat die dritte Runde der Ozeanien-Qualifikation für die FIFA Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft™ auf dem ersten Platz abgeschlossen, mit sechs Punkten Vorsprung auf das zweitplatzierte Neukaledonien.

Damit wird Neuseeland unabhängig vom Ausgang des Disziplinarverfahrens an der im Hin- und Rückspielmodus ausgetragenen interkontinentalen Playoff-Runde gegen das viertplatzierte Team der Nord-, Mittelamerika- und Karibikzone teilnehmen.

Die FIFA wird zu gegebener Zeit aktuelle Informationen zum Verfahren bekanntgeben.

Aberto processo disciplinar contra Federação Neozelandesa de Futebol

A FIFA abriu um processo disciplinar contra a Federação Neozelandesa de Futebol (NZF) pela escalação de um jogador em condição supostamente irregular no jogo contra as Ilhas Salomão no dia 26 de março de 2013 pelas eliminatórias para a Copa do Mundo da FIFA Brasil 2014.

O processo disciplinar está relacionado ao artigo 55 do Código Disciplinar da FIFA e ao artigo 8º do Regulamento da Copa do Mundo da FIFA Brasil 2014.

A NZF foi convidada a manifestar à FIFA a sua posição, juntamente com todas as provas documentais que julgue adequadas.

Nova Zelândia terminou em primeiro lugar a terceira fase da zona da Oceania das eliminatórias para a Copa do Mundo da FIFA, seis pontos à frente da segunda colocada Nova Caledônia.

Assim, a Nova Zelândia disputará a repescagem intercontinental em jogos de ida e volta contra o quarto colocado da América do Norte, América Central e Caribe, independentemente do resultado do processo disciplinar.

A FIFA comunicará qualquer novidade sobre o processo no momento devido.

Afiliada da Record diz que tem helicóptero, mas é desmentida pelo SBT

Fato aconteceu em João Pessoa, na Paraíba; assista

Uma grande gafe aconteceu nesta quinta-feira (20), durante a cobertura de protestos em João Pessoa, na Paraíba.

O apresentador Samuka Duarte, do programa “Correiro Verdade”, da TV Correio/Record, disse que tinha imagens aéreas do local da manifestação e que a afiliada era a única no estado com essas tomadas.

Porém, o apresentador Fábio Araújo, da TV Tambaú/SBT, desmentiu e mostrou um câmera da TV Correio em cima de um prédio.

Quando exibia as tomadas externas, a atração da afiliada da Record colocava um ruído das hélices de um helicóptero. Mas era falso.

Fábio bradou, em meio a risadas: “Pra que mentir pro povo, dizendo que tem helicóptero? Para de mentir! Mentira tem perna curta!”.





Ele não Mentiu não! Se vocês analisarem o vídeo direito ele fala que é a unica emissora que tem imagens aéreas. Ele nunca falou que era um Helicóptero, coxinha botou o som pra tirar onda!