Kremlin Announces Date of Putin’s Annual Press Conference

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President Vladimir Putin will hold his annual end-of-year press conference on Dec. 14, the Kremlin announced on Tuesday.

The announcement follows reports last week that Putin could hold the marathon meeting with journalists before his annual address to both chambers of parliament.

The address to the Federal Assembly will be reportedly postponed until February 2018, a month before presidential elections that Putin is expected to take part in and win.


Source  :  The Moscow Times

European Court of Human Rights: Promoting filth and insolence

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European Court of Human Rights: Promoting filth and insolence. 60697.jpeg

European Court of Human Rights: Promoting filth and insolence

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) evidently prefers to promote filth, perversion, non-traditional practices and deviancy among youths that to protect children from predators. Why?

Because it has attacked a Russian law which prohibits distribution of texcts and images on homosexuality among minors.

So according to the ECHR, it is OK to send lurid texts about anal sex and for children to be exposed to graphic pictures of males sucking each others’ anatomies? No? Then why does the ECHR describe Russia’s law banning the promotion of homosexuality among minors, people under 18 years of age?

What right has the ECHR to criticize what Russian lawmakers do in Russia for Russians and by Russians? And what right has the ECHR to describe the law as discroiminatory and encouraging homophobia when all it does it protect children from perverts?

Perhaps the ECHR would like to comment on why it did not even consider the following indictment, now that it is getting all high and mighty.

Source  :  Pravda Report

Russian Guard to see enemies behind walls

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A special portable radar, with the help of which people behind thick walls can bee seen, has been developed by the Russian specialists of the Tomsk State University. The device will let spetsnaz special forces find terrorists not only in buildings, but disguised bunkers and underground tunnels.
Russian Guard to see enemies behind walls. Russian Guard

The Radiodozor device operates on the basis of analysis of reflected radio waves and can be used to settle operational tasks by special services, as well as to guard important facilities.

Now the device is being tested by the Russian Guard fighters.

The device may ‘see’ a moving person at the distance of up to 21m and 60cm wide walls will not be a hindrance. Due to the radar, the Russian Guards will not only detect terrorists, but also determine trajectory of their movements. And even if a fighter stands still, he will also be detected dut to his breathing. The radar itself is very compact and weighs only one kilo.

It will be also come in handy for rescuers to find people under avalanches, stones or ground.

As the designers noted, NATO has alike devices, however the Russian radar has a range of advantages – it may detect a stationary adversary and see behind walls.


Source  :  Pravda Report

Swiss man sneaks onto London-Geneva flight and hides in toilet

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Swiss man sneaks onto London-Geneva flight and hides in toilet

Passengers on an EasyJet flight from London to Geneva on Sunday night were left in shock after they realized a stowaway had managed to board the plane and shut himself in the toilet.
Before the plane took off from London Gatwick airport the crew noticed that a toilet was displaying the ‘in use’ symbol, even though all seats on the plane were occupied, reported 20 Minutes on Wednesday.
The intruder was taken out of the toilet and arrested.
Speaking to the paper, one passenger said everyone was left shocked. “We didn’t understand how this man had been allowed to pass through security.”
The plane was subsequently searched, but some passengers chose to disembark, said the witness.
Gatwick airport told the paper that the stowaway, a 25-year-old Swiss man, had a valid boarding pass when he passed through security. However he managed to miss his booked flight to Geneva and tried to get on the next one by stealth.
EasyJet confirmed to the paper that a passenger “boarded by mistake” and said it had opened an investigation to determine how that could happen.
The incident comes just two weeks after a seven-year-old girl managed to get through security and board an EasyJet flight in Geneva without ever showing a boarding card or identity documents.
Source  :  The Local Switzerland

Traffic chaos arrives with first snow in Stockholm: in pictures

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Traffic chaos arrives with first snow in Stockholm: in pictures

Stockholm’s first snowfall of the season caused traffic woes in the capital on Tuesday – and everyone in northern Sweden united in a collective eyeroll.

All buses in central Stockholm were cancelled on Tuesday because of the ice and snow.

“We use all-weather tyres, but it’s just really slippery. Tyres don’t help,” Claes Keisu, spokesperson for public transport operator SL, told Swedish news agency TT.

The buses started rolling again later in the day, but delays were reported.

Buses at Slussen in Stockholm. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

Stockholm police said around 20 accidents were reported between 6am and 10.30am, without serious injuries.

The E18 road at Kista, north of Stockholm, on Tuesday morning. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

The metro and commuter trains in the capital suffered delays because of icy tracks. The Arlanda Express was further hit by technical problems not caused by the snow.

The express train, which runs from Stockholm to Arlanda Airport, was cancelled while workers examined the tracks, after it was discovered a train had a damaged wheel. It was running again by around 10.30am.

In the far, far north of Sweden the first snow fell in August, so northerners may struggle to feel any sympathy for the capital’s snow woes. Although, to be fair, some of the Stockholmers are pretty hardy, too:

Source  :  The Local Norway

Former Caracas mayor vows to fight Maduro from exile in Madrid

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Former Caracas mayor vows to fight Maduro from exile in Madrid

The former mayor of Caracas, a staunch opponent of Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro who fled to Spain over the weekend, vowed on Monday to battle against the president’s regime, warning him to “get ready”.

Antonio Ledezma, 62, arrived in Madrid on Saturday after escaping house arrest and fleeing to Colombia, saying he would help organise resistance to Maduro’s increasingly authoritarian rule which has left millions facing food and medicine shortages.

“We haven’t come here to enjoy a golden exile, we have come here to work,” Ledezma told reporters in Madrid, alongside former Colombian president Andres Pastrana and Albert Rivera, the head of Spain’s centre-right party Ciudadanos.

“Get ready Maduro, because you’re now going to hear the roar of the engines of Venezuelan exile, which is going to get organised around the world to make the truth known,” he said.

A lawyer by profession, Ledezma was arrested and jailed in February 2015 over allegations he was plotting to overthrow the president, and had been under house arrest since August following surgery.

He said he managed to reach Colombia last week thanks to the “cooperation” of members of Venezuela’s military, adding that he would not feel “free until all political prisoners are released” in his country.

Ledezma also accused the Venezuelan government of being “an accomplice of drug trafficking” and of letting “300,000 children be under-nourished”.

Last Friday he said he had fled Caracas because Venezuelan military and intelligence officials had informed him of a “government plan” against him, though he provided no details.

Oil-rich but cash-poor Venezuela is facing a deepening political and economic crisis as Maduro has moved to marginalise opposition forces, which control the country’s legislature, and stifle independent media.

This month the government signed a deal with Russia to restructure foreign debt of some $150 billion after it was hit hard by falling oil prices and sanctions imposed by Washington, which has labelled Maduro a “dictator”.


Source  : The Local Spain

Norway temporarily suspends wolf hunting after court case

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Norway temporarily suspends wolf hunting after court case

Wolf hunting in areas outside of the animal’s designated protected zones has been suspended after the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) sued the state at Oslo District Court.

The WWF’s suit against the Norwegian state asked the court to examine Norwegian laws on control of wolf populations, and to suspend hunting in the counties of Østfold, Oslo, Akershus and Hedmark, while investigations take place, reports news agency NTB.

Oslo District Court announced its decision on Tuesday.

The decision will be put into effect immediately, Christian Hillmann, advisor for the Rovviltnemnda (Wolf Advisory Board) in the relevant region, told NTB.

WWF environmental policy department leader Ingrid Lomelde told the agency that the organisation was now looking forward to further examination of the issue by the court.

“Oslo District Court has taken an important decision by stopping the ongoing wolf hunt. We are now looking forward to the case going to court, where judges will decide whether Norwegian wolf administration is in breach of Norwegian law and international obligations,” Lomelde said.

The court itself stressed that suspension of hunting remains temporary for the time being.

Five animals have been shot since the beginning of the season in the four counties in areas outside of zones in which wolves are protected by law (ulvesonen in Norwegian), NTB reports.

WWF’s case is based on its argument that the animal is completely protected and on Norway’s own list of ‘critically endangered’ species, the agency reported as the trial began last week.

The Norwegian state is supported in the trial by the Norwegian Agrarian Association (Norges Bondelag), which has argued that halting wolf hunting would have adverse effects on food production.

The Norwegian Forest Owners Association (Skogeierforbundet) and Association of Hunters and Fishers (Norges Jeger- og Fiskerforbund) also supports the state in the case.


Source  :  The Local Norway